Interview: Gary Myers (8-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 16th
New York Daily News NFL Columnist Gary Myers talks the quarterback situation with the Jets, how he believes the Giants will fare in 2018 and his book on the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Let's start though football right now is one of my favorite people. Longtime NFL writer columnist author Gary Myers got books out Brady verse Manning my first coach and he's got a new book out. Yes he. Even though it's on the Dallas Cowboys were still gonna talk about Gary's new book coming out about Dow's Gallagher talked about that and more. Gary Myers Willis on the hit deep Mercer rug cleaning hotline. To speak with galleries there. I'm doing great work cited good we've had a New York invasion down here in Richmond the past couple days with the jets being in town and I was thinking about this question you covering the New York scene for such a long time with the daily news if I were to sell a paper if I want to sell paper or now it's 2018. Gay cliques in New York City what I've put Sam Donald on the front page or that puts a Kwan Barkley on the front page whose whose get more talk up there in the Big Apple. I think right now are scams and Arnold is because. If he's cornerback and it's just kind of relative to. You know the importance of the position in. Oh we all know that pork we could start and if you states helping you ought to. A really big impact on on the giants' offense but. You know it is still an issue with the jets and whether. From Kabul was gonna start. Donald for the season opener and a few weeks or not. And with that to a degree the mediation of training camp for a Bjorkman giants and jets it is you know how quickly to get it quite accurate. Gary based off where Todd Moses and I know we get a small extension last year but based on where he is where the jets are should stand Donald start the season there should be set to start the season. You know I I think down. It really depends where the weather in particular are not on you don't want David course situation. That happens his rookie year with the expansion Texans have to balance or waiting to exact. I mean aren't all that you were recovered from that so I think this project evil they are lying to adequate protect. Donald but he should start because he's shown in training camp. That he's picking up the offense he's Smart kid. He's very forties. And a true believer. That you have to get the bombs in the road the way the rookie year from his quarterback Chris no matter who they are. In 99% indicate pieces. They did struggle a rookie. So the more reps you give them their first year the better opportunity to have this second year at the ground running. And the team can come up and opting. So. If they clearly you know Rick and put him in America and is not going to be damaged by a new offensive line and having me you know. Is hurt or the senate back mentally then I think both of boredom as far as all those contractors concern. Influence in the end of the season the arrow pointing up on this team. And so much of what would depend on how to developed Arnold this year. There are people with good for not the year putters that they go Korean thirteen deep throat and Arnold. Played most of the games and you're Bernard Parker of the there for somebody else and to develop them. And the coaches that will be gone. He's on top NFL columnist Gary Myers witness on fox sports ninths and let me flip it over to the other New York team and that would be the giants' new head coach new GM. And ESP booked some people by the giants and say they're going to be better. They gonna they're gonna be a playoff team some people say they'll be better than an oddity that much better. How do you feel about the giants is they start off this new regime in new season. Well I think there are often will be better and they had such trouble scoring. The last couple years so when me. When they hit the pain there wouldn't you know be Empire State Building. Went up in science scholars. Because creativity to really couldn't get in the end zone. They picked up and don't want to obviously pink or they may change your offensive line. And haven't Barkley who do more running game that they haven't had the sticky barber and people forget that you know although Beckham. Suffered a season ending injury in the fifth game went Hewitt broke a tackle Brandon Marshall. So look for this season ending ankle injury and in the fifth game last year so we. Mean look this is starting receivers to escape the couple of Marshall had been doing much up to that point. But. Two goals fifty distorting receivers or could it be seen and they get have a problem. And then combined that would affect the new crew of the. Wall to actually no offense last year so let me change people most of them the linesman automotive and Neitzel took won't introduce. A gorgeous in the second round it drifted more we consider bringing in the court packed. Salacious score some points on just not sure. The point you know what they have defensively. That you really regret last year defensively and you know they've made changes here and there. But mainly include the coordinator what sort of patent but I think that the Chinese. Are not there when you know three games this year like last year. I'm not sure of their playoff team. I'll probably go somewhere between mutt and his new team perhaps. But you know who knows it may be an open panel and Warner. Can score from first away at the rest of first in the years content and maybe a giant one of those teams. Care or get the book and here but that was as or dumb by the giants Dell Beckham once his contract there's been discussions the agent was there the agent left. Do you foresee we got some weeks here do you foresee this being done before the regular season and if it's not done before the regular season. Could we see this turn Massey. Whoa there he is second question first confirmed before the start of the season we'll get messed. Com I think we'll be I. I think what the giants really want to deceit. Was that Barkley was I mean I'm sorry Beckham was back to a 100% coming off a broken ankle we have shown that. They wanted to see through the second half for the offseason and through training camp. There is grownup. And that. He wasn't going to be distraction anymore. And to this point he's shown that as well that he has he has matured he does have a very very good relationship. With pat charmer charmer when I was away in the offseason to get to go in without or endorse. Then intolerable to them and Schumer who you know who went all the rumors going around the giants which student trading Beckham charmer with basically begging for an opportunity. To coach him and legitimate shot. I try to talk to him and get into grew up in. And the giants you know I don't know how close they came to treating him. I know there was some talks by I notion Arnold also know that he's here or that Beckham spoke here and at least at this point in west. He's done everything that giant that there for the doing it looks great on the field. Although he didn't play the whole about the preceding the first game I'm not sure what they're doing. Respecting anybody. So far he's on a path to get new contract I would say before the first stint at. Gary Myers and lies Rican following him on to a there Gary I got about a minute left but I wanna get today's. How bout them cowboys the next book from Gary Myers inside the huddle with stars and legends of America's team. It is due out October 9. So how how that how did turn out all those years are right and cowboys and giants and Redskins Eagles how to book turnout about how bout them cowboys. We had sent thanks for asking about that it is it available amount of pre order on Amazon for anybody had an interest in doing that. We are covered cowboys for eight years ago where work for the Dallas morning news beauties. I know what writing about their very intriguing. Are a compelling stories for all I sent her lovable don't stammer in either direction. Which really got eye color that's billion with a B. And it just some. Really just keeping it believes the cartel are probably adjusting. Stuff like Romo and Witten relationship been. And the Parcells used Jimmie Johnson use some really bomb on behind the scenes stuff. So whether it cowboy lovers what do we know there then you're probably in her which we know there are many that being the spoke for everybody. Gary Myers and we'll do it again soon before the season stars will do it in the seasonable death Matty on. Before the book comes out October 9 pre order it at Gary Myers of the best buddy. They're sort of put your web access MER oh guest appearing on the the.