Interview: Jake Russell (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Jake Russell of The Washington Post talks the Capitals Stanley Cup Parade and which D.C. team now has the most pressure to bring home a title next.

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Joining us now after. What was a just a splendid scene to see Jake Russell the Washington Post and Jake Russell's voice to some fantastic pictures yesterday. A thumb on social media you should as well underscored Jake Russell joining us now. On the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. How can you put into words what you saw yesterday Jake. It in the city we don't get these very often. It was really cool to be running now. Believe the world and certainly the country as it can divide people pretty quickly as we saw yesterday sports and can be very divisive times yesterday was really cool to see. So many different people different backgrounds to the other her basically you know. That would just to get Newt it was really cool Bonilla. Was hurt on the watch. Eight and you'd be right you don't see that and I also thought it was pretty go to the arts has brought the same thing up some of the players brought it up. You know we've we've got Russians and we've got Swedes who got Americans we have white guys we have black guys and and guess what it did I forget who said he you've probably heard this the one player said hey. You guys are us we got we are you guys and I thought that really rang true like wow like. It's very easy to get behind this team because they they make up Washington DC. And they also proved that without a celebrated in the past week like that it I don't know how common that is what other Stanley Cup needs. But luckily they just bought the Stanley Cup so many different places in DC and Virginia it was a really. I think it based set of very high bar for all Kennedy's seat indicates they had to win the championship in terms of how to celebrate and we have setting the standard fare. You know bringing the people who have been supporting them over the years it was. Those of and one president at the top. Felt that that I I had to admit I said it Monday after the weekend I don't remember a team and and maybe just because and in proximity or because I follow. Way more DC social media counsel I really don't remember a team. Partying like this he's Dick Russell joining us take Brussels board's Washington Post you said set the bar our poll question this morning. I call it done there's the sibling effects of what the cast it by winning the cup. What DC team is now under the most pressure to win the next title are people looking at the Redskins. Then that's or the wizards. Country to the right word but I think a team that is most similar to the capitals would be the nationals. They're you know. Seemingly at the division contender every single year and they'll also go to the same round of the year and yet lucked out this thing around every year. And there are also open rightly they're built to drop the doctors mark sort acquisitions. Com the wizards and he'll put up every year but. When you know a lot of teams in the east there won't know how long now but it equality in the east they don't really have a shot. An American. While there better than they have been in years past they're still kind of in the middle of the road type of situation. Arms of Armenia and and that's the most elected there also predicted digital World Series every year chill come. I guess you have to save perhaps pressure to Obey them and let us find out from October. That actually come to actually come to an clutching the cats gimmick up front actually done anything form. And we see this in other towns we've seen other teams propel other teams inspire other teams you know most notably Philadelphia years ago where the Phillies on the World Series and the same year the Eagles and up in the FC championship they eventually win right in the the following year the flyers and up in the Stanley Cup final and then it Eagles eventually win the Super Bowl. I look I agree we do because the nationals. Anyway it's weird. We we we look at the nationals now. Especially the past two years past three years the way that we can deal with the caps the two to three years prior. He got all the pieces he got everything you need the GM went on guy at the you've got. Exactly all the things that make up a championship team. You gotta get it done and they didn't and I I wonder what the nationals will do and and a credit to Mike Rizzo Jake. There is life is Bryce Harper would leave after this year there is life afterwards there is talent. But this seems right now the seems to be the perfect make of it seems to be everything that they need and if they are the team that never gets past the first round. It's a major DC disappointment. And you know. That that kind of a similar situation at capitol they were not split attend this year the losing a bunch of key key to the bunch of similar increases. Who played an important role in election years typically call all our mark your hands and and that categorically guys who are big contributors over the last few years. So. I mean beating crow at the end of the year or so that's what is part soccer leagues who built that the compelling points about that too you know. Loose some of the pressure like a capital in the last year actually. And those make it past the first trying to seed in order to make a World Series drawn. That the capsule kind of emphasis on the team this year with the lack of pressure that it has a themselves. Big error from the media from the outside because to really hear the stack of loaded roster. And eat a second unit in the upper at least contend every year and they never deal this year not much was expected of them. That intensity uttered the words we're not going to be sucked this year and that it was all right Patrick. And I don't know that that's what they'll hopes the national next year or you know either this year with the expected loss surprised our current housekeeping. Feels like that to be to do DC not a new teachers we not sucked this year he's Dick Grasso. Washington Post sportswriter. I do to plug your book you're just the second but since you brought up Ovie and brought up the impact that he's had. DC you have these all time greats you've got art monk you've got Darrell green you got Joseph Gibbs is only now in that stratosphere but those names in DC. Well. He's been that had a strategy here for the last without affecting park wearing we've been beloved bike and took two strapped in and you know he first got yanked everyone's just been taken a liking silk. I think he's up there with the walker got the grim. And that's every ball would be sports history. Who I consider those the bats players on you know each sport in the city's history content. This this has not been remembering the championships to the city's. Put on a whole new level and to top that off just the way. Keep embraced the fans like in this teammates have done the last needs that just create even more electability factor for them and and it is impossible but I think the fans like the more out of needed to cheat and just a week or two ago was just the way he celebrated in the embrace it and at that pure joy and enthusiasm that everyone seemed dominant on its natural popping. Particularly not try to act like he's happy about and it adopted legitimately is there's it's either. But almost decade and a half of pressure just you know getting release problem just with the way you celebrated. And yeah I think he's at least he's definitely very very very very peak top performers and he's he's going to straight. If you have a dad who is a national spend money give you a the recommendation for Father's Day idea the 100 things nationals fans should know and do before they dive bar buddy Jake Russell. Good it Jake Russell sports dot com you still doing copies autographed copies of people order online. Yeah actually be achieved total national team on Friday signing copies at that game. And not actually Jose Canseco also be there are so pretty when you look at it Bert or experiment I'll be there and critic and they're popular. And also won the agent point before the national memorial in the the national parks and are guilty so I'll be signing copies there as well. Jake Russell sports dot com I have Marlins Jose Canseco Jake always appreciate it John thanks a jumping on the man. Yeah I appreciate you guys.