Interview: Jesse Dougherty (8-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 15th
Washington Post college sports reporter Jesse Dougherty discusses Maryland taking responsibility for Jordan McNair's death, how the staff missed his symptoms and why DJ Durkin shouldn't be the only one in question.

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Jesse got a pretty of the Washington Post covering the story joining us now on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Just how did you look away from their press conference yesterday. Ugly eight. Against the biggest emotion was there are so weird sort of shocked to. I think a lot of those eyewitness stories that they're in the paper that there was crop there was probably you know. The Marilyn mode called best practices intrigued order McNair. Particular demon Evans say that they think they'll cut off funds to treat such a patient Doug was suffering stroke. Even though we sort of knew that and expected to come out here here that. He said about nineteen year old who's out there like it there like a surreal aspect to it took Olympic urgent almost got my first emotion that it just felt. You're in shocking. And add a turn at bat. Just because there was there was so much or could it be done this paper like the men admitted that would bet. I think that. The clear and heard there is that Maryland this is squarely placed in the way of their training staff and there are even apply appropriate also lost out themselves stumbled a bit. And there are training staff are coaching staff made mistakes here and I think that. Very important. Or how Marilyn can handle it from here it shows where there. Sort of plant wide out of how they approach it. And disciplinary perspective that beat third attempt to say purple balls that I don't know that pressure in it he W a Mac computer could survive this. By that language was sort of interstate. Yahoo! in your exact list but I was my follow question because they. They did paint a very clear line between the medical staff in the football staff before they got and talking about the football staff being investigated. Jesse I know you guys have done reports on this do we know of DJ Durkin was at the workout session in question back on I believe may 29. Was yet to him and then and to my understanding most of that coaching staff one's better. Ugly people were asking about ninety violation especially not if there's no all of our practice to work out. Settle out to be there. Watching well to rub work out a coach you can watch there's no football Bob thirteen year old awaiting a few years ago so he's eager to once he attributed that. You bet they did not come out right away at the first press coverage all important step it becomes whatever they think they're a bit later procedure since it got exactly what it worked out. Because the question here is was this culture that ESPN reporter was this part of the work outs it was as part of the over the line environment. That led to this to his death or or is this a tragic incident because Jesse it's hard for me knowing what I know about college football. That there head coach doesn't know what's going on even though uncertain terms he can't beat there but it's hard for me bleed head coach doesn't know what's going on with the strength and conditioning coach. Absolutely and in that he'll do future can now add a note stopped to grow old quotes of people in. And an imperative and go back on the work but that's why at Columbia public record and he softens their product tenure in the record my purse higher. Trying to conditioning coach and echoed to be in lockstep if they're not locked but the bad thing if they are a lot of good things he's made it very clear that. Distributed encoded a major part of this program was when he you'll. To be very a lot of it so it could import the group were torture or at least get the airport we only got tomorrow bet. Verify accounts or brought new incident polite about the records and the and the culture there. If it proves to be true it it it it seems likely based on a compilation of according. But yeah I mean the question becomes how cold always echoed her quarters but at Coca. I think the decision walker and coaches are. Damon Evans I know he's just become that AD but he was the administrative overseer of the football program they talked is about this yesterday. That is going to be a four person independent investigation committee. They are looking at Damon Evans because I do have to wonder league. CO Coulter did he not wanna see something is he going to be part of this investigation. Met Darren Darren boot up really odd sort of entity admit you get what you say though that the connection the football program for his role he has been you look into the athletic director land. Tournament where died I don't think we can say if you got hired that there is a rare moment yesterday about the demons and do this by. He he cut he got to create a little bit of what I was partly true. I don't know what you destroy this they're like that's what my team here started because. That's really true you lose you can charge from. October the people that he was second in command. And also you're accused of overseeing the football program from the administration's standpoint so he would heed the odd one here and I can't imagine not partly investigation. The they'll look in the apocalypse because he is. Part of it. And no mercy toward an independent investigation the company and that is independent. You know is a utility grid itself because. Maryland to choose who's doing it he can only people independently they do not speak bigger mistake there. I imagine that but when you have one department of the last nine months we ultimately stepped lamented that MP order as always god he's definitely could be part of an investigation happens here. Jesse darker he's governess the Washington Post Jesse appreciate the time saying good work by unions are opposed team we'll hope we'll probably have you on soon because they wanna turn this around quake and football season in this September 15 deadline not too far away thanks Jesse. Nor are my god thank you just die pretty on the.