Interview: Jim Thome (8-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 15th
Former Major League slugger and now Hall of Famer Jim Thome joins Wes to talk about his feelings on being elected to the Hall of Fame, the shift in home run hitting today, his knack for walk off home runs and his picks to make the World Series.

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Let's McIlroy five schools 910. Right now joy. By the hall of Famer ladies and gentlemen. Five time all star silver slugger. He indians' hall of Famer Phillies wall of fame. And now spot in Cooperstown Jim Thome can be seen on the MLB network tonight at 8 o'clock does it For your local listings. Jim joining us now Jim it's a few weeks overdue but congratulations there. Paul thank you so much well what about what an incredible. 34 days they're Coopers town for. For my family her friends and everyone that came up from Peoria. And just an incredible moment from now or never for media in the end. Could go through watch my daughter get this thing the National Anthem as well it was just so so are we're so honored and blessed. All the pain would would give us give her that opportunity to it would it was a dream come true all the way around so special. It's been said if you win a championship or you go in the hall fame that he can change your life so his life been any different since a couple Sundays ago Korea. Love life could bring Garay yeah I don't know it's changed it's just hit it. For the better no doubt about it I mean you know think about the people that tree you know now you get that chance that call family and meat from the hall of fame. You know from bill that you've of the people that run the hall of fame do. Now that is that great fraternity. You get to go back every year. And that's what I heard about it if you get batter batter as you go in Europe part of this wonderful family I know I know. You know all the way around you my wife and I we talk of all the great people we met at most 34 days we were there are kids. Got a chance to meet other kids it is truly. Well it's a dream come true I mean how do you ever imagined. You have a hall of Famer and then when you get out on merit in your elected to go weird if it's just an incredible feeling and IE. May be I still think man 1 day am I gonna wake up from all of that but it it's just been an incredible right so the actual. He's the hall of Famer Jim tell me where this on fox sports 910 on the indeed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline now that day you. Chipper Jones both going in the hole on there is a mention of our beloved Richmond Virginia Chipper Jones told the story of a flight at the diamond. How he grabbed gent and as the US and if he was done. And he told the story of his is there any you'd like to add to the story about the fight that occurred here first. Don't under the story's pretty good like we don't know what you're at a ball like that the thing you're not demand a fairly rapture guy's gonna. You're gonna look look you're not good enough that you're gonna go look to grab other guy either but you do you're up high at all. Look at we were trying to move everybody out did everything and isn't just so happened. That I came across chipper the story is correct I mean at that it's actually. I think of funnier stories and more serious like oh my gosh here's these two guys trying to brawl. You know now now looking at a years later we get the opportunity to go into the whole thing together. But it it was kind of kind of a funny story. Our number hysterical Larry chambers don't have that spot on eat well. You mean chipper said his spot on and does a fantastic story in which would blue meal way Jim about the whole story was one I didn't know about it into. You're such a good guy yeah I mean you're you're in a way gentle giant. Because everybody loved Jim Thome everyone has as long as the government response towards you and Sean Casey have always been referred to as the two great guys in the game. And I images is a guy who played first base you conversation on your kind who is your favorite conversation when a guy would arrive at first base. All Manuel you've got to be not a guy like Sean Casey. The Mike Sweeney into the world I mean. You know back back in the day when chipper was and enrichment dummy he was always fun conversation because. Chipper was the best player on the appeal. And that. You know I I think that that you'd be up first Bateman yeah you get to mingle Egypt in Iraq a little bit but it's still very serious and that. That's the cool part is they get the fears your personality and you get either. 600 in twelve career home runs the way the game is being played now with launch angle bat speed exit velocity power would you like to play in the game the way it is today. You don't like toward the end of my time where I feel I feel like I was Gupta a got a chance the play a little bit a part of it. I kinda light. You and all I think burst through wind could look at it like it. The information they're given it tremendous. And it. Really showed the valuable. Player how hard the ball comes off the batter. You know would vote for us or means of launch angle. You know like opt out more of a level. Guy you know swing level the launch angle what happened afterward. So I think I think you know like. The book thing I love the body back in our time weird how all this information so it didn't call our brain. And think up opting for more and let basic hitting so I'll. You don't wanna claw of the brain too much so the information is there it would have been great I think that it value helped the value like yes. Well the team more player. But but I kinda like how was where you just went out practiced you didn't talk long chain of late and talk exit velocity. Beat your master tried to master your craft and be a better player. You are great in the moment of walk offs you for those who do not know Jim Thome holds the career Major League Baseball record for a walk off home runs what was it about you in that moment was what was. Was there at peace or isn't about getting up with the game on the line and you ending. Call that was it was it was that was not been better for me I mean I I used to dream about it it as a little kid I mean you know on the speed. Which is very true I use it that rock in the driveway. With aluminum. And I used to play like hopeful it means nine inning game whipped raw. OK I was there ought constantly to hitter and there were many times in the night. You know that I in the bottom of the and I I was the last hitter and I used that likes sitting in my my old bottom of the ninth two out you know your. You know all game winning home run. Thought yeah I don't know that translated later in my career I get having great coaches mentors. Players. That you want to new thing called and I love that you're you feel walk off a in new who. Wanna live in the moment now when you're in that moment there are also times that you say oh. So the failure and also also currently in the freak out. And you know why I I would credit a lot of that he made I had it could be honored for that except because. They put you in that position as well could only as good as the guys revolved around your and that that were appeal. May it may be being in that moment helped. You could think about it before it happened. There's nobody better at the plate game on the line to walk it off the engine tell me the hall of Famer MLB tonight he could see him at 8 o'clock visit Check your local listings a warning ask you for a World Series winner since we're here in mid August but Jim gimme a team that you see that you like. Who's built for the stretch builds for laid out late August built for September. Well there's there are small many good teams right now but don't go little army. I'll root for my Cleveland boy is it beyond I mean your knowledge. Ohio would love to have a World Series and I think I think going out and get in the relievers they got. You know I think Andrew Miller cannot can can be healthy going down into the post season stretcher getting in the post season. And you know it Cooper is and that star power if there are on all cylinders are really like you're off and but look you know you could also make a case for a ball then you could also make a case for the Yankees and Houston and let. Let's not forget those two teams in the well you know Oakland Seattle who are playing in very well the bad part about baseball. Especially this time a year isn't there always that one or two team. They come from out of nowhere. And makes it very interesting for other. For other teams to battle and the bear out same thing in the naturally you'd look at the way the cardinals are playing right now they're make it a little bit of the surged. So it can make a little bit of Iran the fight to get in so. I've got all the way around this is going to be want from me this is going to be one of the better post season because. I think each team could very easily have a great. Jim I'm happy for it I said this before S and I was I was a nobody reporter 2.3 24 years owed a coverage in Philadelphia and you are only so kind and gracious even during polio locker room one day so and get the flu that was going to run. But I'm unhappy Furyk congratulations to you and your family on the hall of fame and will be watching tonight on the MLB network. Look. Forward to wet any time you need you know to let us know we appreciate it and have a great day. Do best and thank you sir thank you. Class act blazing down in Jim Thome MLB network absolute best yup I.