Interview: John Keim (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
ESPN Redskins Reporter John Keim joins Mike and Wes to discuss who he's watching in the first preseason game, how many of the starters might play and what to expect from Alex Smith moving forward. 

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John con of has been that every single day out in the sun in the sweltering in the humidity or John joining us now on the deep Mercer rug cleaning hotline. I'm a man you've been out did you watch a practice for I guess two weeks now what. Interest you about tonight there's a lot of starters are not gonna play but what does John com had his eyes on who'd John come out his eyes on tonight. Well there and Jay gruden talked about this not been pitched in part these games are always the guys scored in four. Some of those last spot that can be end up being cute spot. So on the back of running back where they get do on the offensive line words where is looking into our Christmas tackle how you doing their struggle but saw in one I'm wondering champ how he would he do in the game. I saw him about looked at left guard. You know things like that then could it. It's really that you know the depth of the team is oftentimes what dictates how good they are. So they feel like they are deeper let's see it I think the other thing as far as individual players policy Garrett Scott. Because there's been a lot of talk about him and a lot of it you know is engaging personality potential. Of course he could do. But when you're practice you don't always see what a guy can do that running back because you're not doing a whole lot of Y contract. So how you can handle if there's if he's in the game I would love to see him in the game we started the booklets how does he handle that. You know how how do you as a runner you know did all you know of violence the Asian Sutter so voters some of the things that on what people. Are okay and talking about the running back let let's stay on that. If Darius guys wins the starting role when will we see it in the sites for rock Kelly. Bombs tomorrow some Ozzie. But tailback in the game at the same time. Yeah and he didn't mention that but they haven't really worked with that just yet so. I don't know I think that the possibility because that you know fullbacks in the lead. Some teams just kinda don't view them the same way as others do in abject gluten. It's cut the last couple years it's been a tight and am in that role. Mike enterprise hurt them someplace like the third morning in New Orleans last year weren't given experience Colbert may be picked crowd out. By so and so it could be Kelly could be pure luck I think it's going to be this is your reaction Michael I'll at all all out because. Typically big key for running backs that means dice Chris Thompson and the intent would they keep telling him Cuba and then you'd have we have a war backed. Kinda do a lot of the same thing whether the grinder. I'm first and second down types. Woodcrest Thompson's entry last year I think they may be more inclined to go where it either complete desert fire Marshal. As it back up third down back Chris Thompson if those. If they feel those guys can also help them on special teams so you know it's it's with guys starting Kelly's role of military use the guy aren't gonna. I think you'll beat you get accused snaps a game probably. And then also special teams and would you either be really interesting because they. You talk to the coaches like they feel like those guys removal of the faster because of familiar with the job. So we'll be churches and how they look at night due date are they legitimately quick I mean Q I have a lot to learn last year about running when the quarterback under center. Morning with more patience does embody with better contact balance you know giving more yards after the after contact. Obviously if he's different in that area so but yeah I think that in the interest in seeing if he would indeed mu have one of those guys played fullback when they need. He's John John covering the Redskins for ESPN and John I'm trying to read between allies here it doesn't. Or even other Alex Smith is going to play are not going to play tonight. Yeah I don't I don't know yet and you know I know ridge agreed to partner they're meant the other day that would tackle not somebody that with the tackle bout. Would you be inclined maybe not to play him started out and so I think he's like you know there are the consideration for that I haven't gotten an answer on that. I'm just yet I'm hoping to have one soon. But you know it's he does play can't imagine a lot more than series. And it the other thing to keep in mind as they do practiced with the jets this coming week. Before playing them the game next week I think they are looking at that I think they can get a lot part of that. Put the starters than a series against the patriots. So our but I do think though that he does play it would probably only previous years. John you talked about the excitement and the hype around there is guys in the personality and we wanna see him tonight we don't know if we'll see out Smith or not but the world out Smith is. Leadership respect I mean this guys come in and people just. That they've if it feels like it's a guide people instantly gravitate towards. On and off the field what do you think Alex Smith just your initial first impressions what is out Smith bring to this team. You know it's funny because he's got. As a quarterback people watching for 1213 years now so you know what he's cool years. I think there's that definite but also that I think he has called in the organization down because over the last couple years all Kirk cousins are good situation. I don't think it enough to be healthy one. And I think it would seen that coming here and having the long term deal I think did that help the situation there I mean that helps. I think he'll you know wouldn't talk about leadership and then what does that mean well. You know or how would that translate to an appeal werewolf find out I think but like little thing virtual certainty that include leading in the state that different chair. Each time so we can get towards someone else. Where or movement and other teammates better and feel what you're seeing the mode talking to. The receivers know he's talking to these corporate Oklahoma quarterback quarterback. With a lot of questions so I don't know anybody but can sit there and but that's obviously good thing especially if you can play and I think one of the things that we talk to receivers talked cultures. There're couple things that jump out one outsmarted the line and expecting that they can do maybe because of that I know a lot of the yacht you know stuff. That has now become all the rage you ran there in Kansas City into the well and then. You know maybe. I think you see plays in practice where you'll look for the coverage see that we have the right side. And quickly can work back to the left because you know it will be out of there note where the guy it would be. And knows the cover so an ecumenical apparently who did let the big completion. These giveaways. In doing that plays. That also I think a big big thing into the bill and these guys into yard catch. And help them to avoid collisions are in debt accuracy underneath is very crucial that he's not in the lead quarterback. You know you can argue all you want about where he stands he's probably in the top half somewhere maybe in the middle. But for them he is a professional quarterback and I think. He's pretty much what they need. And I think it. But with the defense and the run game come through he's been very good quarterback the situation not a lighted up guy he's the guy who knows what his role is. At John underscore time John I got one minute left you touched on this a Darius guys seeing the guy. And then when when he's got to go out and play give me one guy who's done something to impress you during camp besides there is guys and you're looking to see if the lights come on tonight. While I think. Didn't that guy I think to look at this as a backup but again it's one of those guys that you know the depth is word that the receiver Maurice Harris who jumped out early you know. Now a lot of times it's. He's but then there's the progression here for guys like Eric do it against the back up first thing you're moving your way up. Is now doing it can you do it against starter types. I think that's what I'm curious to see what how he progresses throughout the preceded them because that backup receivers product they did it once shuttle. And Kim Campbell that can't get open and create separation against. The top you know more about the starting tight quarters to Federer but I think that the guy that that that would that I certainly be looking now. And I think the other there's the two other of the fire Marshal prevent it what kind of what they do in the third down role. Because I think you know if they if they kick a guy as a spec script stopping 21 of those who moved to separate it. John John John thanks for joining us to see out there on Saturday body. Thank where.