Interview: Jon Laaser (8-8-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 8th
The Voice of the Hokies Jon Laaser joins Wes to talk Hokies training camp, position battles and what the Hokies have to do early on in 2018 to have a successful season.

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Ladies and gentlemen. He's back John laser. The voice of Virginia Tech then real voice of the Hokies are you can hear on fox sports 910 joining us from Blacksburg where there is a practice yesterday it was a practice. In helmets and shoulder pads. You've seen it double practices my friend what are your eyes first go when you walked upon the practice field and checked out this. Do Virginia Tech team. Allah naturally goes to the defense set the ball just because of where they set up but that's that it would have gone anyway to that answer your question Wes and good to be back. By the way. Yeah I wanted to get a first look at the linebackers and the and the secondary and that certainly whereas focus most of my attention in the first few days along with the the offense because it's it's just a year to year to answer that question last year the answer is the wide receivers and running backs and quarterbacks. And I still wanna see them but of course I think like everybody else and adjusted to see who's stepping up who filled out who lit the weight room on defense all those things. I had questions about linebackers receivers and running backs the let me start here before the Redskins rode into town I had a question about the urgency of the Jay gruden can't they started off. Oh and four in debuts the September's have been five and eight I wanna see what kind of tone what presence I would feel. And I think it's more intensity is business like anything is more intense it's a little bit more as a county and hitting. After just three days of practice I know there hasn't been hitting yet because added full pads but you feel that a certain tone of this camp different than the previous two years. Well I think the tone early camp as opportunity. You know I think that these guys recognize that there is going to be competition for his positions and it's not like. You need to be Iraq it senses to understand that because there's so many players particularly on the defensive set that aren't there so. It's interesting I think one the these younger players are. More mature I think that's just relationship that they've had through the recruiting plot process. But also as you can sense that in granite they haven't been in full pads that Wesley you're right you're not getting some of that as a county enacted similar. Extracurricular is that generally come with that in any camp. To this point but at this point it seems to me like a lot of guys have their eyes locked on the veteran or to their group really coach in their group. And really seem like they understand that every rap has gone account maybe more than it did for the previously or this is their first camp. Then then that misses the obviously most important rep that they have so days a little quieter than. Then you had in the past Reid has some of the older guys who now Holler and and you know haven't funds through the work and now it's just seems like it's a lot more work. John laser brought you buy callon gates eleven attorneys on staff and there for you in any case and there's a lot of cases to be made for Virginia Tech in different positions different areas. The one that we got into an and David teel wrote about this Mike Barbour wrote about this if this team can run and how they ended the season last year with a ground game that was. Starting to work starting to collect and now he just can't ought to macros so you carry that into the next year. But there is the conversation if this team can run what it could do for the defense what can do to help Josh Jackson. Have you let your mind go to the thought if this team can Blanco early on it they can get off on the right foot. Yet you have to remind you that you know we're all fans were all optimistic and my business that's who we want you want the people around is to succeed city it's natural I think today it. Take your mind of the place that allows them to do that and you're right you know having more success offensively is going to be key to that I I think that. The defense is ultimately you know grow up and answer questions more so than people may think maybe that is early. As everybody would like but at the Santa I think this offense is gonna take a substantial jump forward. This year in unity to break now why position by position but it all starts at the offensive line I really love. And I don't say like I say love and love I love this offensive line a lot of new. Despite the fact that you lose Wyatt teller at left guard noses substantial loss don't give Iran when I think I think the way this line stacks up it's it's much more. Athletic it's much more nimble and it's much more capable. Of doing diverse things in terms of opening up not just a traditional between the tackles running game you're gonna want that to. But the way that this offense truly wants to operated and I'm excited west because I think that's the foundational piece. To what we're gonna see and I've been saying it and they showed everywhere else for the last couple years this has been a good offense but it hasn't been a traditional one take cardinals offense would mustard seed this year why are we gonna see it. What was what is your personnel finally ram matches what they want the united spread out diversified you have the H back in Dalton Keane who has a year under his spell I think he can't overstate. What he went through action turns to learn in that position as a true freshman year at the traditional tight and pieces you have that athletic offensive line. They can get out the deck and ultimately open up things on either side of the football do you have a much deeper overly don't have the highlight. The highlight name atop the wide receiver Terry had did you have depth that you're able to spread it you're able to spread it in ways and that's and that's ultimately what that offense wants to do I am I invite people to go back and YouTube Miami or Memphis excuse me. From a couple three years. Go for years ago and you'll see them talking about. You don't have the highlight name on the line receiver spot you do have a mystery may mystery name I know you have a little bit more access I have not yet seen them what can you tell us about Damon hazel and he's a big guy in the big guys fast and in as funny there arrest at home Williams about the other day and he struggled to kind of define him probably will too because. You wanna say it's just a big guys of vertical threat that he also thinks he can play inside and in. And work the slot a little bit too so you know I don't wanna over hyped the guy the place expectations too high on him but at the same time. They're very high on a man and I think he Disco. In this season of the season opened today right there at the top of the depth here because those things he's being he's quick he's got a good hands and he's a worker so. But those are all the ingredients obviously the year looking for. Let's go stick around to combat we'll talk about the defense decide the bosses lays brought up the linebackers and based on media in the latest Jason and we need to have kind of a lighten up Francis moment we need to get back to our jackass three yelling at each other so we will bring back lasers lightning round three questions. He does know and I would ask I don't know what he's gonna ask we'll do that next job laser the voice the Hokies broke you buy callon gates. On fox sports 910. And John Lazard report. Broke you back telling gates each and every Wednesday is. Lays Mike Bernard and throughout dread in there and training camp getting ready for that. Night Labor Day Monday the lord has stayed in Tallahassee. It's under is is getting you would even think about that Monday nights can be good and toasty my friend. News gave the rundown their army Mike Andrew of course all back now below one you know one man had just locked in Brandon Flowers in the Johannesburg the Florida State pregame guys. A outstanding. Of course to be here Virginia Tech football here on fox sports ninths and pick up where it left off before get to a lightning round three jackass three questions relays. You mentioned when you got to practice most you'll go look at the quarterback you look at the linebackers why. Well because you have zero collegiate snaps at their positions so I think it's only natural to. Just see what you have physically you know some of these guys you'd use team in spring and and you don't see again and I don't make it habit of go under the weight room too often at least on the football building it can be is somewhat intimidating place Wes I think you can understand that. Mac I'm like a CAC need is want a seat. How things are developing and particularly after I got to spend some time what race chaired Ashby who of course had a career that heated down on the Richmond area. You know I was intrigued to see where he was and I I wanted to get a look at decks holly field also because he looks like a rugby player. And just to see their body language and in you know see the confidence level in terms of leading man units and yeah I again I think that. A lot of times in college football and tech is certainly not in the exceptional last couple years. You're questions are obvious you know last year it was bone straight to the quarterback straight to the wide receivers I'm this year it's kind of the opposite. What does a rugby player look like. Big legs. Thick trees thick yet trump like who's going to have to be bud foster's on the field general. Yes it's going to be either who who's ever starts at middle linebacker whether that be. Richard Ashby you know who has every reason to be at that spot at the moment or whoever that may be. Or otherwise it's going to be one of the safety's. Think and Reggie Floyd I think it is. Certainly taken steps in the right direction don't sleep on the vine diablo but I think you have some. Non traditional positions that definitely are leading in Ricky walker is the leader of that defense but not in terms of what happened in the in the second to level so. And you know as veteran guys are gonna have to step up while those young guys get to a 100% confident and again that's. No secrets no surprises this what does. John laser brought to buy count gates every Wednesday and lord knows we have enough talk about this team over each and every Wednesday at 730. But you'll also have to with a little personality shines so. John lays and I like to do little thing called the lightning round. Three questions between John laser and I we don't know what's coming here so that's the beauty of the game. I'll would you like to go first here to me quite a real person that background music I like it has seen that you expected to drop a little before you lays it. And show. If it came down to it how much would you settle for ownership of your Twitter handle. Cook but working radius it's not gonna cost much but see I have 44040. Followers the principled matter. Now I got do network radio on how much principal and off. Fair. Burnett to a five dollars and forty works well for their four. Error judges hear the forty Lewis you buddy always yield a co reported flat job laser. Merit in the offseason first hard lesson learned of marriage has been life. They're not gonna make everybody happy when it comes to family whether it be mine workers. And yeah one elaborate too much in terms of some of that I think you're aware. But some stuff from the wedding continues the lingers stuff that I wouldn't put in the relative category in terms of importance but that. Welcome the marriage is gonna linger for decades. Wesley Horatio macro way I turned 39. This week and radio. He'll beat me to this mark what do we need to do before we turn forty. What do we need to do not see I did this years ago when I turned thirty you've got across a bit off the bucket list every single year of your life. You know you got declare one thing on your birthday and say I'm gonna do this the next 365. They'll make it as the forty thing to make it 39 day. It's like this year I said I wanna do I'm gonna go to army navy game I vowed to do it I'm already booked I would do show from up there. That's my thing to declare one thing and just go do it correctly answer was. Take over the world. Thank you Pinky and the Brain. Days were done by the Cleveland Browns debuting on hard knocks last night they were to do hard not to Blacksburg besides you of course. Who would be the star of the show what player. Who. That's a good question. We've got a lot of personalities. Allies today. We see who would be the ultimate star of that show. You know I would have been a lot easier to answer Lazarus for the hesitant to allow better to relevance definitely would have been somebody that. One doubt terms of being cared here's those a couple of years ago probably Jarrad Evans. I'm not sure I know that yet with some of these young guys that I go to Ricky walker discus. We kind of we kind of know he's gonna get in terms of being vocal and leading the troops at this point. Hundredth PGA championship this week west Tiger Woods isn't gonna win it that is not a good setup for his game but tiger's comeback make you feel on the scout Dick. Or mortal. Lots of great question because it makes it should make you feel both. Because now report for tiger the underdog and you say that ten years ago he never thought Tiger Woods the underdog. Nostalgic because I didn't watch any of the Bridgestone this weekend but I. I froze in my tracks that Sunday when he was top of the leaderboard the British Open it was almost and I've lacked is a better word it was almost a real it was a it was a crazy flashback to see his name atop of a major because it's been a long long time that's it. It's a great job or because they think it's doing both the people right now and there's also the part of it word that the mortal party you don't know what to expect this week and a guess entirely saw the British even see tiger of what he did at the Bridgestone or what he didn't do with the Bridgestone invitational less want from me. Places like Iran John ladies the boys the Hokies happy national chicken and waffles today. John laser what is the greatest food combination in the world. Well first. Laws feel like we have way too many national does that days every day my wife Renee is on top of whatever that day is most days it seems like it's something we need to build its national Marguerite did its national but it is there was national chicken and waffle okay. And rice and gravy is an underrated one that's probably outweighed the autos in ago the guys who feel good team browse that it they've definitely done Alabama. Have carried with me. Yeah to go that man Bryson greatly. Rice and gravy that's who put teams. Absolutely is actually Arabia different but it works and it and rice. Big brown gravy she really or some chicken gravy yeah I'm intrigued him I'm not just go somewhere else or you don't remember I am not a big not many guys that don't analyze you know you know him butter and jelly against would be. The most popular answer this was family feud what is it for you. It's all personal days usually score raffle and agents or corned beef and how dad and bacon and eggs that's that's. Rice and I'm I'm curious. Until next week my friend John Lazard brought to buy gallon gates thanks buddy. Thank you every Wednesday at 730 brought to buy cow and gate Paula got a favorite food combination. I do like me good played chicken off. Love chicken and one best chicken off those you've had a she's its console exam had chicken and happy Bennett Terrence down here know but I've heard you are known few mile long enough get to Terrence Terrence chicken and waffles Chrysler day five. I'm just giving free advertising out right now Terrence. Fried green tomatoes appetizers. And then chicken and waffles which is tough because they do killer fried oysters the chick who she. Honey regards Jagan wobbles tonight. Recent grave doubt that interest.