Interview: Jon Mugar (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Founder of "The Basketball Tournament" Jon Mugar talks about how the tournament came about, the expected turn out in the RVA and how he established the unique ending to the tournament's games.

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Let's go tie into what we have coming up this weekend here in Richmond it is the basketball tournament it's a collection across the nation of 72 different teams. Made up of former college players. NBA players guys get back together maybe some guys who played against each other forming teams and one team. It's in this for the third year now is the VCU alarms the ram nation team and league playing Saturday night 8 o'clock at the Segal center. And that's welcome Mindy founder and CEO of the basketball tournament Jon you guard joining us on the John if you could we just love this general idea in this whole concept in new. Take it back a few years ago where this whole idea generated from. At each of you got kind of get on it leading yen in the whole idea to create your own dream team of people that you never would have otherwise gotten it yet the play went. As curt order met with a Norma I speak two million dollar winner take all high stakes. He he's gonna win that game you know get on the national TV in the process and then take a modcast. So like we we got beat a lot of alumni game playing like you touched on. Where you have different generations the players who maybe didn't even play with each other while in school the band together all the dream team of the school. We have got to Barack yeah and they're in the neighborhood got news. We were in the same family literally played together another good opportunity it depicts the people you wanna go to war let me go to war. John it's a great idea but I had moments of the show where had a great idea and it's just not formulated. Life gets away from people a day of guys move away from college and moved away from their bodies their teammates. So how was it initially received like how was the initial interest when he started fishing it out there. Those people bought out in pain and the Buick and then. And that I would say I did not the only great idea of ever Aetna Life that I became very that was about it and make it work. But when we partner now that at the half million dollar winner take dot org have been spilled out in 2014. There half the people showed up they it was a whole like they they were not even expecting to get paid. So then we get paid in the first year really that a lot and then we get built momentum and that went on players started popping in and day and then you know everything Groupon itself. West McIlroy Michael Robinson. John you've got the founder and CEO of the basketball tournament on Saturday night. John how did he come to be that determined it is in Richmond this weekend. We intend to AMB deal elect in an effort. Three years and I could not what beat the level support the they had a great sport and the the Charlotte. We knew we had but I think at least 60700. People sell out there are shifting their cheering larger than black and gold. Literally it hit it blew me away though from that point on and we said you know yeah recently that the bring that event actually read a sandbar. And that even a better spirit that well. Do you have any idea of what you're looking at this week and in terms of attendance I don't know if you have a ticket pre sell and and if you won mine take this opportunity tell people how they can get tickets to the basketball tournament. Turkey it in the down part is that the tournament dot com that the ticket like great at that age. Up pre sales we never had a I've read they'll never emerged as though we're I think we're in the mid. Oh don't play around 15102000. Area we're gonna that the venue up that capacity at bank so we're we're planning itself to capacity. Sides we never we haven't had a response like this week they'll war. John and Michael both anti I was talking to Brad Burgess yesterday were set up our interview this morning you need. Rit coach Sharon S ninety's again I don't know how many people are gonna be there Saturday it will last night there was in the single space available at Buffalo Wild Wings and the united BC fans who just showed up to see these guys. So I. I imagine you're gonna get a heck of a crowd Saturday night 8 o'clock at the Segal center. John you guard by the way that the tournament begins Friday Benedict team with some playing games and then a full day a basketball how many games on Saturday had a game Sunday. Eight game Saturday and then run from 8 AM bid is 11 PM so for those you know cooped up either that you know are the stamina and you. I'm all day Saturday the twenty bucks all day. Sunday we afford game and that will be. That's being removed under a planets are around it being on Saturday every game 61 blatant Palin but Sunday ever in the Bible and let. While. All right and and why we're talking about things the U guys have already had an impact on another sport college basketball they embrace you guys have the full tournament you have the the full scene out of Karate Kid and didn't really take your name and as you advance they move you on this big tournament board. And the NCAA is actually adopted you are model. Now some people are wondering about the ending can you explain the Elam I think it's the Elam ending on how you guys and tournament games. Sir yet it's somebody so we had to pick it seven page PowerPoint deck. In the middle school principal in Ohio Cincinnati red round deeper by night. Let the new heat in July 2000 NBA and college basketball game personally DVR the Molly O. Bass organ in the game the policy that down. And it sounded out of out the 2000 game cap but let the root of their trailing in ballot deliberately into the game to prevent game clock running out. Out of those thousand that that only can time it did trailing in the back and win though. And they're having to sit there with a lap and have a spirit that the march rather then having it that there the last minute of the game and take it in that play out there's so much ballot. And then what he proved a bit at the completely ineffective strategy it only works 1% to became public alternate ending. Where what we get down to the four minute mark the game clock shut the opera may not entirely. That a target score was the meeting in war but seven for the first Munich get there that are at war win but the meeting in Malaysia and sport seven point when the game. In the trailing in that the court seven put. It's how it is unique it is original business deltic it is the basketball tournament it is coming to Richmond this weekend. John thanks so much for joining us and look forward to seeing you at some point this weekend congratulations on the success it it may be really great idea but so far so good. It let it sit down and get job you guard joining as the founder and CEO of the basketball how critical moment and that's that's a crazy concert for next because it is painful to watch Sony's games and it is but I mean you view the trailer in your fan of the trailing strategies and our guys come back or if you at the point spread in Vegas your office and everything renegade shot for this it's it's unique in school and I just love the general. And you what are you. I guess in this argument and Michael you know this better than anybody certain guys who. They're fantastic in college and never materialized the pro level. It doesn't take it shouldn't take away anything from their college at and we can embrace him as college grades in college favorites and every team and every school has an absolute but it's the general sports philosophy if I could see this guy one more time and this the toward me give you that opportunity.