Interview: JP Finlay (9-4-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, September 4th
JP Finlay talks with Wes about the finals cuts for the Redskins roster and if the team is flying under the radar.

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I saw the Hokies get. Wanna know. In the Redskins do it can they do it for the first time under Jay gruden he's our buddy JP Philly for NBC sports Washington joining us now on. The JP. Chris dobbs and o.s Hokies a locker in the day they're gonna hear the Chris dobbs is gonna hear about it being a Florida State guy. But I figured I'd get bombed soldiers showed just to talk he'd go all. All Hokies all day. The door we got another big story here for the previous two hours and then some this guy there's always time for you GPA. It is far yesterday com. In the locker room all the young Hokies it was. Donna acetylene stroman we're all understand they're talking about like men are really think the defense can do it. I really think they can then I was just got it. Listen until they were excited watching game. Especially like you know. NFL guys. Labor force over an MBA guys that I felt guys really keep track of their college football team. But especially when you're on your rookies are just a year out of the wood out of college in means that much more does he still go all the guys on the team so they're going to be. Very fired up well I'm sure that. It did at the Lancaster house of but I mean last night of a guy crying Houston with 65 Hokies in the locker room I'm going to hear about it today. JBR. Yes there are it's it's Blacksburg north right now JT let's let's get to a guy who's not in that locker room. Ed Hula near out Caleb brain Lee in a caught from Cleveland a guy it was controversial coming out two years ago out of Florida. A what prompted this move and why anything near out today. I think you're cute things that tactic. Ultimately this is just an upside move the Redskins believe Brantley could develop into something. Over time more significant than money here. Britney has up bigger frame is not quite as falls on the airplane got more weight more strikes. Air Kalin Mir was a good to pass rusher in in clear. Passing nickel situations. Like he he really didn't give you much versatility. Caleb Brantley should be good pass rusher in those situations but also can play out first and second down. Whereas Lanier was really as a third down player and I think they just want it. Guys that can do more on the got to remember Brantley was a pretty big deal prospect two years ago before the draft. A lot of people protected him as a late first early second round there. Coming out of University of Florida he had an altercation at a bar on where I believe big woman was knocked unconscious. And he was arrested but he was only charged with a misdemeanor. And that's happened two weeks before the draft. And then two weeks after the draft everything got dismissed all the charges everything. What ever happened I have no idea but I know that that altercation probably cost two young men millions of dollars. Just yet adopted drafted in the sixth round all day at a pretty big fault. And so you look at all that you can look at the size Lester it was twelve games for the browns had two sacks. Thought forced fumbles you know about thirteen tackles I believe. They NC can look at it as hate the Redskins are making an upgrade. It's another big guy that can be in the weight room in the meeting rooms with John Allen to Iran came Libya was always kind of the six. All six. All that's said. Kill Braly was just cut by the brattle. I don't think we can make him out to be Superman and it if you're not good enough for Cleveland. What what exactly are you good enough for putt you know and they underwent scheme changes in the what they got it. You draw our and I don't notice at all we talked to yesterday briefly seemed like a perfectly pleasant young man if during any sort of work ethic or leadership questions any of that I do think it'll try to get get spotted pretty quick because. The Redskins. That I cited in settles that you put to better and they're not gonna tolerate somebody. Not put that all injured console war tolerated either so. Its interest to move it certainly probably not surprised. Live near had to deal with a hip flexor injury that that I think was possible some practice time. And and ultimately they just didn't like Japanese against the run and off. JP Finley NBC sports Washington week one is here. Jordan reed Chris Johnson Zach brown an era to go for a week on how ready are they for a weeklong. You know tomorrow is it will be the real answer that tomorrow's the first actual injury report of the year. Kuerten has been clear that that he definitely think resolved it should be playing and he expects Jordan read to be playing. Exact round injuries is kind of a new one. But are certainly not on the scale of what reasons possibly went through last year. He hasn't practiced much split I'd be surprised if she doesn't play having not element you remember last year west. He would go the whole week without practicing and then on Friday could be. Whatever whatever amount of practice you had to show the coaches that he could play and you played a game Sunday and then. Late in the year are you leaving. You reading stadiums would with like walking boots on just to try to you know take care of his foot and ankle problems. I'd be very surprises background doesn't play he should be trimmed down a bit as well she's that you possibly. All of forgot that fat but not really sure why you need to lose weight but I imagine he's still kind of working in deformed figure out. Where he wants his body yet but it. We'll see yet I believe he's still little oblique injury but I I would expect him to play little ball up more tomorrow. JB you the question was asked and we put the poll question I've you answered by the Redskins flying under the radar or they sneaky playoff team. Or is this not a team on the radars is not a post season team. Not yet I think there's certainly under the radar I think. They won seven games last year with. You know the worst injury situation in the NFL. I think they've gotten better defensively. Significantly. Up fraud and they're they should be. But there are dead last civilly against Iran last year I don't think that will continue. I think Jay gruden offense will continue to move the ball like they have this is a matter of if they can score touchdowns not field goals. It is is just one that I think. I don't pick or worse than last year aside you know that get committed just 88 ended. The margins are so slim in the NFL that is neither couple breaks and a couple. You know. Two minute drill holes and the last couple minutes of the game in 88 QB Kevin six. 88 could also be seven times that we've seen that two putt. What you have a night. When you have met this year. You have to listen to my official prediction on my podcast. Listen and add plug. Then we'll play on NBC sports Washington I. What's your prediction for the we're doing at like we did for the mock draft are about to everybody there so if you want some viewers. I looked up I will Texan over I you have to wait you have to wait until Thursday showed I predictions. I even though. And our CNBC sports Washington is where you can go to hear JP's podcast you can see him on the covered from Arizona on Sunday and saw him up against the break. We'll do it against him bunny and and you'll never be bump on the show. All right good thanks man go Hokies went to the left right. You've got to JP barely on the good deed Mercer road cleaning hotline yes we do predictions on Thursday it will unveil all the predictions. Playoffs Super Bowl. And Redskins. Locks of the week.