Interview: Lane Casadonte (4-24-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, April 24th
Lane Casadonte of CBS 6 talks with Wes about the possibility of a casino in Virginia, what it could mean for the future of sports gambling in the Commonwealth.

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There ripped some of this news story in the front page of these. Richmond times dispatch remove all reporting that. Potential casino being built in new cat. Now we had this discussion many years ago about colonial downs and needing slot machines. Didn't think you'd see a day were casino was built in Virginia. Well I was in the there's one built near where I grew up in New York. It's called turning stone and they pose for the couple PGA events since I left. And you'd never think. It's going to happen until you walked through the front door. I wouldn't say never. It's a long way away and only. I think it once. Want to get built everywhere and purists say what took us along. Your script point yup. Yeah and I. I remember having these conversations before we colonial downs has got to nearing their end where they they missed the window to get slots because there was a period before there was casinos being built. Really slots being put in horse tracks and that's what was save in the horse tracks then expanded to build casinos. Where you add table gaming and and US slots and it. As we've seen here I would say over the past ten years we've really seen the restrictions on gaming. It's got a bit more laid back a little bit more relaxed and open minded. Well and it also if the price of doing business because. You don't what's on time but a hundred years ago in this country the three biggest sports. In America world baseball boxing and horse racing any scenes. You know impossible to believe that now how much everything has changed in the last century my kids came up with a joke basic you know what a quicker years ago. Everybody wrote horses and only rich people drove cars. A hundred years later ever ready drives arsenal rich people ride horses Smart kids go. They'd be you know things could turn around its. The casino I don't. I know why there's only in the hesitation. Because it is you know. You're worried about once you cross that threshold you cannot put the toothpaste back in that two by. It's you know it at least from from where I grew up the turning stone. Now that's there that's run by rape all murder who read it stands though it and being poured in the side would be cheap so that's got back. And who's not really a real Oneida Indian that the district for the thick. It's it's done and if you don't there're there are pluses and minuses to everything. What he really gonna have to do is they're gonna have to the latest sell well at its side and try to feed into the future they should take lessons from where other casinos have open. And where they have run into trouble. With those things but it you know people that people go through all the time there's a form of entertainment. It's you know it expanded threefold. Four times since it's open. I really do think that once they get it there we feel like wow we should go on the squad. Yeah I wrote a story about this years ago back in 2014. Maryland's five casinos generated 82 million dollars in revenues of people are going in people from Virginia are going. They're just going out of state laying gas to dilate CBS six and you brought about prepare for the future I don't know how much you can file in this. But I know it's been going on a New York I know Pennsylvania where my parents live. New Jersey. Connecticut Delaware Michigan Ohio they're getting ready for this. How much have you been following sports gambling and you think if they got it there was a casino in Virginia. It would be a step closer if they won the Supreme Court case and they said state by state you can decide. You seem Virginia as a state that would legalize sports gambling in the state by state basis. Here's what proponents are gonna have to do they're just gonna have to show on the money. If they can come up we have a big deal. Or some sort of arrangement or this state makes X amount on every single bet we are loose. That you're going to see how much this can actually benefit the commonwealth or the state. And that is what it's going to take it in an eagle on a lot of these people if they can see an actual benefits. And if they can see where it will help. Every one and everybody contributes into the same pot which is part of the problem in getting things done around here you know this stadium and the reason you don't the Virginia Beach area doesn't have to really get is part of this problem because now there's there's other of their report contributing. Into the same pot if this will help you back. That's what's gonna move this along. Good story read this morning Richmond dot com Richmond times dispatch a that your role in this one. You can take it wherever you wanna go in three days of the NFL draft. The Redskins must exit the 2018. Draft with a blank a guy ain't poor position to. The Redskins. Must exit. Actually honestly. I kind of wanted to go a little bit vague Redskins but exit the draft with some sort of clear path. To building a roster. They can't go all over the place hit their fair and conceded the front office that Bruce Allen. Have thought this one now. And have addressed different means that a team if they can say OK here we took in all linebackers someone on defense. Here we have another pass structure here we took it off and the linemen to bolster that here we took a running back because. The by committee system hasn't seemed to work so far if they become out of there with some clear definition of a process of trying to fill the hole on this roster I think everybody would feel better about everything you know that'd be together forever rest what we talked about this ball that's all injuries decimated this team last year so. The holes on the scene are not necessarily their Jonathan Allen will be back this year. You know hopefully one of those running backs will step up this year after you know they were certainly go to the waiver wire to get him by the end of the season. If there's a clear path to building actual depth on this team I think reckons it'll feel better about it. You can take about 6 o'clock tonight CVS six laying Qassam dotting every Tuesday joining us on fox sports 910 thank you Leonard. Art weaponry wheat exports outshine.