Interview: Lane Casadonte (7-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 10th
CBS 6 Sports Reporter Lane Casadonte talks another loss for the Hokies on defense with Mook Reynolds being dismissed and how the team will have to adjust going into 2018.

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But his story and it. The developed yesterday broke yesterday in our 8 o'clock hour moved Reynolds dismissed from the Virginia Tech football team. He joining Adonis Alexander both being dismissed from the team in the offseason Galen Scott. Resigning because of an extramarital affair and you tackled this two teams settled the Edmonds Brothers Andrew the two block of granite basin and Greg stone and all leaving all graduating are going to the NFL. It has been quite the offseason for bud Foster that Hokies deep lane Qassam Donnie joining us from CBS six on the they are you the cover on this program a lot longer than I have the U member and all season like this for Virginia Tech. Now that not want its business said this much. This let's turn over especially on defense you also forgot and the government being the issue right now but the transfer student that they were counting on the play. Our defense quite a bit that that was an injury as well so. That the starters plus. Somebody else that they were counting on quite a bit that they're just not gonna have the pieces go the one thing that we don't know how long. They're coaching staff has known. About Reynolds. Situation so we don't know how long they've been preparing for a because they just told us yesterday that sent his. Suspended for the entire spring. And no one really knew about that either. Ago except they have been preparing for this a lot longer than we've known about. And Jimmy Webb as the guy you were talking about his loss was an Achilles injury there yet and that was supposed to be at least some debts and now you're dig in two starters and debt. Maynard this done. This is this is a lot to Andy you know was going to be a lot to handle for bud Foster after the amount of guys that were graduating or. Going to the NFL to settle leaving early but this. I I right now you know next week we have the ACC kick off ACC media days and usually by now. Kind of have a feel for rule we think about a Tina may now be right but we're saying hey. Teams are six and sixteen were eight win team or overly like that seemed to be a ten win team. I know what to think about Virginia Tech I like this coaching staff I've seen them Max a lot of talent over the past two years. But these are a lot of hits on the defense which then. It makes you look to the offense to you know bank on at least to the defense gets its feet underneath it and there's a lot of questions over there. Yet the Virginia Tech offense for awhile now. You know we they've always well there are reliant defense ability opposite so to speak because they're just it's so much true role especially at the quarterback position. Fortunately. This situation. We've just Jackson result itself and they don't have that concern. Going into the fall you imagine if if you don't he was facing any kind of suspension. And they would have had to have a switch at that position as well. On but yeah you're right this is one of these cases and we have it's. Very often by urging you pick really is going to have to rely on their offense because you just don't know what you have on cents and fortunately. You know this is I believe the first summit before integrity says a quarterback come back respect each year. Jackson played really well last year especially for freshmen. I think he exceeded if you expectations. Of people who thought you gonna be good but maybe god is it is good and consistent news. If he was able to be as a freshman. In your really capital now that he's going to be able when you buy that. Especially we're an improving I think BA CC overall is probably gonna be a little bit better this year than it was last year even though. A lot of programs. Lost a lot of guys studio at all. Yeah a lot of quarterbacks are gone as well Josh Jackson one of the few returning Lancaster Donnie CBS six on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. I noticed fun and sexy to talk about the quarterback. But I'm of the board right now we're Josh Jackson I don't even know if he's in my top three list of concerns what's your biggest concern biggest question about this Hokies team. The biggest concern obviously after the secondary just because you don't you mean there's no doubt expect there. And when you open you know app or state. That was going to be you know a daunting task. With a full team you know you're gonna go to Tallahassee in expect they have ego hopefully SharePoint resting in peace and replicate. Which doesn't always happen by now. When the secondary you know every other team that's on their schedule it's seeing all of this two are figuring out okay. How do we attacked this you don't really young defense now. Where we gonna go in here a lot there to where they've had the most. The most losses there is different for. You know they've lost a few people in their defensive line as well. But really who who who weighs the game is going on and even little orchard quarterbacks and you see I would really think that it. If you're an offense that's gonna go against them you are trying to find a way to be into the year. Main guest die CBS six ACC kick off next Wednesday and Thursday we will be broadcasting live from Charlotte, North Carolina. Blaine I have a series of questions I'd like to ask you before I let you go Paula doing as lane our poll question of the morning brought you Michael federal. Yes so lame this morning we're asking folks. Would you want to be no this is because of AG France's furious over TSA opening up his mother's ashes and spilling them all over his carry on during a flight. So do you want to be buried or creamy I kind of wish she would have set up the question for Elaine I just wish she would advance and thought about it just let. Do you wanna be buried or cremated later. Well. In my debt. Because different stole a warrior when you what do you obviously when he what do you cast Don his last wishes and writes. I don't care to be answered your arm on whatever it doesn't matter I don't hear. But if you aren't making me guess I'm gonna say Perry. Buried that there would be wonderful conversation for first in the morning. You can't really got to pick people I like to review do we. And we try to open inspire McGraw about planning for the future land so we just wanna be is a community service act this morning. I was just always. We're expecting our IM. I don't know I do what I can do and I can do I just I saw this story about AJ Francis and employ and I start talking about ashes and cremation or burial and the guy to philosophies in life I had to police when I when I die. Like take my organs I don't Needham and I don't need to take up space and dead so apple mini ashes Foreman sprinkle Meehan in let me go to the went. Well and it's absolutely definitely very anybody else doing it for American built police looking into it and if you're selling life. Check they'll market your driver's license because that is very important. Tied to the happy your other question today's national Pina colada Deng. So we're asking you what is the drink that you most enjoy that you're too afraid to drink in front of your friends. Let's go man fashion on the show your man session give us a confession. OK the first time I ever got drunk was also Malibu and orange. And and that I I would probably have if I have anything it's going to be that. Malibu run. It Malibu run melting on our. Can you smell suntan oil after that because I used to drink that Inkatha people idea of major are you drink and suntan lotion it smells just like it. I electrical Crimean. A speculator CNN I don't CBI six I appreciate you buddy. I desperately need guys that's great.