Interview: Lane Casadonte (9-4-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, September 4th
CBS 6 reporter Lane Casadonte talks about the Hokies' impressive defensive performance against Florida State his takeaways from the offense and what still needs improvement going forward. 

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Welcome in west macro Roy joined every Tuesday at this time by laying Qassam Donny and CBS six and later you being governed Virginia Tech along that I had need to be covering bud Foster longer than I have. I'm trying to put into context I think with what he did last night with the young crew that he had going into Tallahassee on the road. I thinks that at the top ten performance by bud Foster from what he was able to do last night in that opening went. But I got a text in the fourth quarter from a friend Ed article or this that they should double the salary and that may not appear in. We've we've everything that there was so like about that game last night there's an awful lot to work counters so it's probably. The best of both oral forcibly like but were you can say yes you guys play well. And then point out you know a lot of missed tackles some blown assignments. So it's probably. You know they're gonna come in with some with a great attitude great feeling about how they play to make sure it and there are also. You know if if you can Gates's. But also this team they're also going to be extremely. Interest it and tried to fix this stuff there. Didn't go so well also. I did not know what we get last night I thought Virginia Tech through coaching Justin Fuente along with bud foster's show me enough in two years and I knew this is going to be game. I do not think Virginia Tech but when I I fear that maybe they would be worn down by the moment worn down by the humidity worn down by cam makers. It would be too much in the end that was not the case they were the ones doing the wearing down. What specifically impressed you the most last night by this young crew. You can control that just seen in general defense. I'd defense what impressed me the effect it. Just especially in the fourth quarter and 85 your quote that Galilee down inside the seventh and then they just come right back and make another goal lines at that. You know. Viewing it from. From a neutral position in Florida State did more than their fair share of helping out that parents. In only you know holding them to 3.2 Florida State offense Cruz. While it showed flashes of brilliance it was incredibly inefficient a lot of times also the urging tech got a lot to do that to be very active. You know hands up all the time. They play well in their coverages and I I really think the fact they even win Florida State managed to have a positive play. They would turn around and come back injured there okay next one will be ours in more often than not atlas. I thought going into this year at a front we talked about what they haven't Vinny mode a limited last night the snaps even though we begin to turn over. Yeah did Ricky walker out there who's the bilk out who's this died but I thought a lot of guys stepped up last night and Hewitt was big last night Bill Maher gains. And that was so important for this young secondary is to get pass rush and animals Seattle plays out over the next couple weeks now and have. The September of which they can they can build on things. The Florida State's O line DNJ France Bachmann back from that injury and young man he better be prepared to run possessed Columbia long long season for him. Well and it didn't hide and I hit it but it is important that a college student at a critical all or something like so we're. Are being outside Orlando. On him but it's. It. You know and I believe they'll secure throughout he has been forced the first mobile. In the first quarter last night so. You know. We say you know we were surprised by the way they've played these kids who works in all they want a better opportunity. Figured out there and do something unique out Atlantis going in for the most or took a period which. Yet they jammed up cam makers last night. Ashby especially because what he ended up with we were looking he had the the 84 yarder on he ended up with netting 82 yards in the night that's that's a pretty sensational. Stat for young front seven like they have he's Lancaster donning of CBS six brought to you by Elkins sports performance who dvd ESP player of the week. I also knew you were in Charlottesville. For the debut of Bryce Perkins and I know was he gets an FCS opponent but they are it it we can see what breast Perkins can doing that is he can open up an offense. Yeah I can and he provides. A prevention that they maybe haven't had in quite some time if ever. And again yeah well it's against the urged the defense urged defense bit. Give up a lot of points last year. That's a little bit slower than anything ever face C this year why. It's had a lot better in the opening minute ago against her church contains so if you were to create great acts absolutely take. Everything you can get. The one thing to worry about others you keep it meant helping because there's so much behind him. ECB needs to work on and from his passes and throwing security through a lot of polls. Across his body I don't. And against that you don't faster defense that we get away with that it. Our goal order. You create one absolutely ticker performance like that. Later you got your Super Bowl pick were taken them for the next couple days and putting up and our big border predictions about to go wrong. At so in the Steelers are a go expert by Jeanne at a news that I don't they don't let it but it order right down. To who they beating now. I would ultimately beating. But in the year. Aren't being very little probably be. And the Packers. How second Packers prediction within an hour. Europe on the board vacancy Lancaster Donnie every Friday night on final score Friday can see in every night on CBS six but he and John Roberts in 1115 on Friday as they break down all the high school football action. We will see you again next Brian I'll see you in a press box somewhere soon minor. All right let every week the sports. I will not I appreciate it now. He's brought you by pelican sports performance let's give you our ESP player of the week and it is GA didn't. Pay ute from LC Byrd at the Virginia Tech commit. Wide receiver quarterback he led scouts when he 32 Tony come from behind win over Thomas daylight ten cares for 154 yards. Three touchdowns and pleaded his only pass attempt for nineteen yards he is your Elkins sports performance player of the week brought you by Elkins sports performance. Outs work gum ball.