Interview: Leigh Cowlishaw (6-22-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 22nd
Richmond Kickers head coach Leigh Cowlishaw discusses more upsets in the World Cup, how its happening and the state of soccer in the United States. 

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We got soccer in the RVA we got the World Cup by the way ratings very well here in Richmond. We also a soccer tomorrow night and I've action at Richmond kickers taking on Charlotte great to welcome and on the Leo I want to talk about your guys than regular soccer perspective here were Tom Argentina get upset which are about Mexico beaten Germany that. It just the first week of the World Cup yet any theories or thoughts and by the smaller. Lower ranked countries or hang in with some of these big countries in not only hang with and beating some of them. I'm not the question I think over time. You know twenty years ago these. What would resort to performances wouldn't really happen that much but they are again able to all corners of that of the globe. All content you all of the broad top coaches. On. To target and actual seeing the players improve all the players are now playing around the world straight in the domestic league. Masters produced the most sophisticated talented player when you put that together so it more about the scene. It is about the individual I think you certainly saw about. Yes today with the Croatia or into the game. I'm actually got stuck on plastic gave their direction it's seeing. On the road. To beat Germany was a great result in generated play pretty well did not match and a B that supplies that they don't recover and qualify so. The played in about that small Coke so all of that has been so. So equal and the performances and the clutch in getting that have been played have been radiate detaining and I think you're seeing now across. Apostle the argument he trichet based soccer match ups. I know you have your own team to coach I don't know how much you've been relax a bit of all the matches but who's the most impressive country you've seen so far. Each except it's real that's a really tough question I think fronts how a lot of talent they've tried that. Not been that that that sort of follow that qualified already I think that a real danger. You know I've really enjoyed watching Peru that you're not apple but I think they'd like to marry. Good gangs I would lose very unfortunate boat matches but to not take that from the beginning. Belgium. I think that while some world class players. I'm still out there throughout Betsy. There in the pretty weak group waiting then. One win away. Against in his vehicle from all the Fords though it might take the public for watching the we have a lot of Taiwan now a lot of confidence American. W in Serbia. The second Satan and knock out stage. Paula just asking this question we are some of the World Cup scoring record ploy by the way you have a note on that woke up scoring record as what. Is thirteen it was set by France's used Fontaine back in 1958. To 1958. There is some talk here in USA today lay about Rinaldo who now has four goals breaking this record. I think it's a little hard to project only two matches in but what are you sink because there's always been this great soccer argument about who's the best player in the world meciar Renaldo. What are you seeing from Renault right now. Tom I think always the difference between an out of matches and not others I'm more prolific goal scorer. You know how full a closer to goal. And certainly can score a lot of goals with the centers well you know it is action. That real joke is phenomenal for the sports on any sports and trying to talk to go that way to get to that number. I would not repent on not to sit like that happened. But they get a get tied it's ceased. They play on improves. I'm ports it would have to go all the way I have to cut some a couple of blowout we remain about a reality so. I would not call it not seem so real realistic goal for them. Yeah I'm gonna take the under on that one as well be out until joining as the Richmond kickers Lee. I hate to be the ugly American who make this about America bit you've played college here in the United States you've coached for decades here in the US. There's the story here in America and not in this World Cup where it in your perspective where we yet right now in America's soccer where we did not make the World Cup. Each and he goes back. You know sent when he is. Meridian in that in the realm that you saw that and how many different organizations popped open comedy. She voted cult. Quote unquote elite sees performing and everybody everybody was that student. You've credited you know a pool of mediocrity because I use the may over the last ten years. The federation has got involved US soccer federation. The court that cricket academies throughout the country. I'm on the port side that stock into really. So really pay dividends I really believe you got a world class foundation in place now that's only gonna improve I think you're gonna say. Such. Major improvements over the next flight to ten years of the type of play is that US so is gonna create. I think you hit solo a little bit with the World Cup the U twelve cups and how they youngsters went on and so confronts. On a couple of weeks ago there are a lot of good players playing. All over the world like now I'm bitter Americans. That will be considered for the national scene and action out alternatives. You're the site on the idea. You know. A kick in the seats and this woman certainly lost to shoot him out of them and send and ready exchange everybody involved with it and certainly role model so the the next generation but there is strong foundation has great. US you'd players in the country than my question about it. I don't agree I don't have the specifics the way you do but there is that reaction is that. In sports where the Yankees watch the Red Sox win the World Series and there is that reaction there is that. Point in sports where you get embarrassed and it's I've yet to reevaluate what we're doing here on. I'm curious to see moving forward because it feels like with the progress that we had in the first the past two World Cup's. We've we've definitely had had a setback here I wanna see where it goes moving forward leak out so when this is a couple more minutes on fox sports night and they're home tomorrow night against Charlotte. You guys are about a halfway through your season what it what have you learned about this team at the midway point. We just got to pretty cool results on the road that is that not a black. But that that's pretty good that the potential that played very well I'll. I'm so we need to get back to winning ways it's really do look like grows of this policy and we've got to pick Kyle wins. On ties and that wasn't so. That you're gonna say specially. A very troubled area very attacking approach to regain. Well a high price. Chocolate cheese and as much. A much pressure as possible without a good nation that for the regular on you gonna get very open gangs and usually high school and get and so on it's certainly. How in bed it's straight initiate it I'm 100 and the political. Such a low about control. Opportunities to scroll sort of always consider for the regular fumble. W city stadium tomorrow night you can get tickets at Richmond kickers dot com or walk up and we will you know tomorrow night when you walk up please bring your twin and twin excel sheets and blankets to city state and if you have any that are left over. Clean them bring him out as they will be collecting them tomorrow night for the sweet dreams drive. To help out to read this and secret waters bring them to the kickers game tomorrow night getting extra blankets or sheets laying around bring those out to help the less fortunate. Leo wasn't George August soccer Woody Austin like I learn something when I talked yeah I appreciate your time early morning sir. You know again you've got leaked out show with us. On the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline once again that's Richmond kickers dot com buy more about the action tomorrow night. And about the sheet and blanket drive.