Interview: Leigh Cowlishaw (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
New Richmond Kickers Director of Operations Leigh Cowlishaw discusses his role with the Kickers, the reason behind the new job and the World Cup.

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Joining us now. I still can't call on the former head coach of the Richmond kickers he's the recently retired head coach of the Richmond kickers but still the director of soccer operations. Easily count shell witness on fox sports 910 joining us on the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. You're news happen allows our vacations on the first they congratulations on your coaching careers are great to have you. Yeah thanks you very much stood tibia it to be its fighters inside the body aren't there. But do other things now by I don't find that hard. A believe now you still have the role of directors soccer operations but from the coaching standpoint after you've made the decision one of which you said you were very comfortable in doing. What is the weird part what was the transitional part create he came into work the next there you came over to the fielding what. What just felt different were you realize I'm not the coach anymore. I'm honestly I'm not not fire the guy is so much all about those other things. It probably took me about a minute it was a little emotional additionally and he got it all and the players knowing that that was. That was the end of this journey. But the good thing and they haven't been true to job. You get the problem under virtual soccer that I charged positioned me calendar go to the second time. Fortunately for the club in the in the stole ultimately. Big. The condition of the groundstrokes so big that it's just impossible to debug sucks really popular and buckets full. Energy and tension on the lecture Osaka and we look forward saying. And excited stated view putting a lot of success. When you say you ought to focus on it. What are you wanna do with that role what what what would you big picture big aspirations as a director soccer for the kickers that what's on your agenda now do. But he can spend some more time on it. Well that's what we start level that silent when on the table. Your year. I don't like the opposition prepared you'd seen about the 67 holiday so that's 67 outcome but when you're on the bus straight I was without the comeback. We talked about you know continue to grow the club. On the grassroots level to the professional scene. The jury in addition to me still to saint. The Richmond kickers in and I and the new. City stadium. Some 5000 gain great atmosphere successful team. And this being not a real. Real part of the community that's that's what you always been about the man. I really feel refreshed and energized and have going to be able to spend a lot more fine you know trying to sell the idea. I'm working with a stop to continued access to grow a lot programs and forced they had professional team that won't. No Leo pushing the best and I've said this about you after John and I got back on air I'll say to you is I always believed to be a great ambassador soccer. For a guy like me who's not embrace soccer Tilly moved here and start working here. I think you've always and good job in. Getting people to enjoy his sport not forcing it down their throats and I I've always said personally I. Every don't have you ought to feel like I learn something about the game so I think you know perfect person to be doing it for the kickers congratulations on that. Very much when you've got leak out so this director of soccer operations for the Richmond kickers. I do notified today about the international match up that is coming up with the kicker is the first I've got to ask yet. We got France then today the country that you're familiar with England and Croatia. We got today and the second semi. All the World Cup. Dot com. Let's try this like is speed. I don't want to know like I'm in England play in that setting up the World Cup. The last time woods about what it did you know outside of it's a little nervous in the and so unknown territory. And then as. Well formed an oblique and it seems that shouldn't say Croatia or Gannon had been let them up and and and probably have a little bit more talent in which sealed. I really don't wanna got pregnant today dig itself say yeah right on the border. They look for a pillow for receiving that well and so local files Sunday. I would redo the lines here I'm gonna say that their heads going one way and the heart is going another direction. Exactly. Been that supported him and try to follow. All right what are you thought overall because they'll get this discussion of weeks back. I into the conversation was about more about the United States and about the World Cup. The ratings have been really good the interest and seemed to it to continue on I don't know with the level of the US not being in there. The ratings have been good to you guys some really big surprise is what are your overall fall's bin on the World Cup the final four and now the three teams that we the three countries that we have left. Setting a a couple of weeks ago and really. Let me come and another over the last that said that it is soon. So made them back woke up at and that there are several reasons all that the draw not. Some of the gangs. We did that bella gentlemen backing in Egypt and the overtime matches the penalty kicks that really captured the imagination. Fatten the big men spoke the play is the next as the right now that have gone out pretty early. The expected change to win it in Germany to Spain to Brazil and gone I don't I'm. Leaving England Croatia in the semifinal maybe were sold lots Clint stretch imagination. The gang have been so open. It's that it sort of must talk about the go to guy been hiding it in which it played into the I'd. He's deeply date that would let. So yeah it's it's been fantastic and hopefully. We get a good game today and we finish strong with the local bottler a rocket up because it's it's certainly good. Intrigue and like you said the elections have been very good even though the US have not caught took to play it's that pose a lot about. About the format and excitement that said the storm on a little small. Lee your soccer guy we got enough arguments about this when it comes at the NFL and college football but a lot of discussion. About the amount of penalty kicks in situations in matches that it ended with penalty kicks. Are you a penalty kick guy and if not give a better way for overtime that ended in soccer. Tom looked out the side. And dropped and they itself and entertainment the penalty kicks in by all the way to go I wouldn't change about your dog. I'm certainly. That's from the church is stumpel the play some porn. Actually the last. The last place you wanna go to the side. Much especially when it's been so close it's so difficult because it's the only way you can get ready to continue to supply about Reid's sudden things open ended. But they are are never the other way to do. Two outs it will probably can execute and entertainment. In settling gag everyone now is that you're not gonna score you know gonna get the winning goal and that is what's gonna happen inside you make your decision alone. Maybe. I'd that you. Guise of marriage do this every month of July you always find a way to put together a special event. And you guys have your international soccer match what's coming up on Wednesday July 25. So you know we actually about the pregnant again so lots or see them. You know in respect to making that come and this yeah we've we've traded out really believe almost. To have a scene from luckily got. So that civility bet Real Madrid player bought athletic and that you read all of your great. The strongest league in the world where those teams playing here were up spaniel who actually a ball floated up also on the this is libel or not we dog comment that's now and and my humble opinion that small bitty. The strongest. She's become so Richmond. The city stadium to the original ticket there's a lot of quality of the play in the league we can leak out. I'll tell you everything you need to know about that the quality of the calendar in the video shot went in July 25. Rich mean Tiggers Dak copper ticket information Lee congratulations again look forward to our next conversation. What oh what kept you guys leak out shelled the Richmond kickers.