Interview: Mason Foster (8-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 16th
Washington Redskins linebacker Mason Foster talks about Training Camp wrapping up in Richmond, having it in RVA, the closeness of this Redskins team and the new helmet rule in the NFL.

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Right now sticking with the Redskins in the jets pre season game number two before he got his car and got than heck out of Richmond. But today I said Daoud Redskins linebacker Mason Foster. Mason thanks so much for your time and you just wanna get out here. You got home. The couple hours so fill in the blank for me. Thing I can't wait to get home port is. I would say you know to see my kids you know army mobilized. But really I can't wait to get that you know my bed. Diallo I'm very chambers I've been on the missing now iMac and wit though go to sleep in that chamber. You know me read a book complacent vetoed and man and just relax at the casing down the past couple weeks yet they came up here on van de you know had a chance to hang elements into the museum over here. You know see the capitals those nice manual they left full body had a chance to run around and jump through the the little things for the tire so you know eleven man Aguirre go. I'm figure the Jaber in the bed might actually could you may be getting what you staggering that you maybe getting gang tackle you'll need to go to that immediately they you know they they no way you know I mean accommodating I don't facetime so. I'm missing man is going to be fun again big so inoculated they're gonna go crazy. What are the benefits to coming down here it's been a couple years what are the benefits that you find. For the work you can do it away from families making about football what are the positives of going away for camp I think is great meanwhile one of most hug and does say is. But he said it is only Ewing you guys here you know I mean it brings together. You know I mean users Biden you know I mean you know argue whatever you know off families are unify our Brothers fighting argue. But it brings you closer together you know I'm to be next you guys both time and you know there in the room next to our. You know whatever message you there eating together going out you know I mean getting food going over plays together I think is great man just brings you you know closer as a team. Not to bring up fighting amongst the team but the fight here at camp and Jason's a bit afterwards about. The way it was looked up from different angles you guys are protecting your own adjacent something he's not saying that has completed that this is a very tight group. You've been around teams the past. Not other teams they're about this team what makes this team so tight so quick. I would just say you know what guys really care by so you know I mean I think. We care by each other so much dead you know you want the best that I got no matter what it is you know what the best zeevi was the best from me I want the best or save. You know Ziggy you know John yeah we hang out to get outside this you know Jane also. I think you did that closing hole into the count casino he's capable of I know what he has going I know we can do so makes you couldn't tell level in Minnesota's season mighty. You know out here tries my you are you crazy brother going down or anything like that in makes this natural reaction you know and I think it's a reflex. Because we're so tight in it just comes a mere ranks of the you know going out together you know having dinner together Jane I was housing are going to barbecues as he's house on the front seven so. We're just really tighten and I know his kids you know my kid you know and you really. Look out for dinner on an opportunity and makes you play that way on the field. They supposed to kind of be with a cereal box sports night saying you're the dean you're the Ankiel linebackers taking out front got two younger guys they're mad I Knight is. John the now on and you've got see the past couple of days salute or to run game. What are you seeing a front. It's amazing man you know those guys and working their but off. He knows I'm here you know all offseason you know my shoulder is rehabbing and they're all in there Unita mean they're in their lives and proceeds they you know we're all help me to them on. And it's just crazy house counsel hasn't guys playing off each other so well and it is on you know means he'd be a playoff then you know I mean that's osment as much time limits possible. And you know it's amazing that debt that they haven't how far they've come from you know last year and is this is incredible to see how strongly are in. You know how they're closing gaps you know just just distribute physical means aren't you a big dude here but it sits inside the specimen that is derived pain in the league are you really are you even impressed by what you're seeing. Yeah I mean it was a it was a press members today. You know I mean I knew who starts his take that you know first day comes in a squads like you know 55600. Easy you know I mean dudes in the alarming. You know Clinton on bad races he's tops anything kills the next day he's all 400 some beans easy so. You know rough the that he made or press colleges wood is you know physical strength and his stats you know I mean in. It was like you know his crazy see him doing any took on the field and translate that into the way that it plays. It was incredible to see man you know he's like young hope managed to such incredible heights is moving those Google guys taking on double teams and it's impressive man. CN DJ swear just behind him level with me you've got to communicate have you ever had until he did shut up. Not mean it that's how these ahead as these they've played him and I you know more. You're not out say you know DJ come to a lot of fire a lot of passing all the time you know I mean in. On the same way but you know you two guys in the huddle you know you guys he'd be the same way he knocks how to keep guys Tom keep me know get the car and make a level heading you know keep them on the same page. And you know works for us you know I mean those those guys bring that are you not bring my pacifier. But you know he can solve the back in Arkansas friend and we will work like that we work on to the well. Level with me he's a trashed he's the type of guy that you love that he's on your team but you probably hate hippies on somebody else's team right Eddie. You know big time talker beats out competitor man I love it though you know brings up the best and everybody. And you know he's gonna push today Gary time gonna compete as hard as he wants the best from everybody around him with that same type. Attitude competitiveness and you know guys he's my way and you you gotta love that. What do you hope to get out of pre season game number two what do you. Look to get out of it that you can't get out of practice even practice against the jets you know you just wanna get you know a lot situation you know I mean it's a routine down you know pretends that you do. You know what though last week but you know I just Mugabe and his much you know this is live action. You know you wanna go you know get the pads popping you know I mean test out these new pads the new rules in our means is really getting getting on Manny is going to be exciting. Debts that you know we are great people like him great athlete so is there's going to be cool ending to open up back home get a chance the to run around athletics who have. I'm so I gonna ask you this because you brought up the new rules what are your thoughts you saw the video you've heard the officials got to pick the brains of the officials. What questions do you still have about this new helmet helmet rule. And there's a lot of questions you know there's lot of gray area you know there at the ref reason you know pretty much told us what they're looking for in you know what how they're told to call it. You know I mean is still a little you know vegan you know. Gray areas and never the same time and I and I know it's the trying to keep people safe. You know and he just he's got to Clinton rules man you know I mean you don't want to take your money you know one. Wanted to cost you games so yards out their duties are doing in in throughout awaited that the play within the rules integrity running backs and receivers. Within the rules or else you know he's going to be broke our team gonna be losing so we are fairly make happen in on Decatur aspects of their time and thank you man. Mason Foster brought to you by parking goatee training camp report brought to buy parking go to waiting to walking and new wearing when you're flying at Richmond leave your car. Like I do. 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