Interview: Michael Phillips (6-22-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 22nd
Michael Phillips of The Times-Dispatch talks Barry Trotz finding a new job and the Wizards standing in D.C. sports.

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You know. Do you care about that this morning with a lot of flooding has gone on especially around Richmond airport figure out about. See big bottle water gulf try to be a doping drive through it take time take it easing get to where you're gone safe. Coming up 8 o'clock out it's not Tim Hightower just back in minicamp of the New Orleans Saints got to try to give it another year in the NFL also hosting a fitness clinic tomorrow talking about back. Joining us right now on the Michael we start here I got some Redskins I guess the wizards to get with the of the the capitals. Your reaction to bury trot seeking three days become the new maker of the islanders is once. It kind of look very good for him in the may have been. And I hope the U got assurances on. That the free agents that are gonna sign there could look obviously a big thing in our efforts that. You know he yeah I I think it's a no fault divorce. You know way I understand why the capitals all the way they did and clearly coached a prologue time and talk rear ended normally should go. Is same time understand what reject all the way he felt I used very clearly I hung out to drive by the franchise. And you could go on implement it. Let it agrees not fault divorce I do to protect every. You're here right there don't be a joke but it got like well I try Michael I try to bring some levity in some sense of this program every once in a lot. Her mind there are no fault divorce it and I don't know if there's fall here because I feel like the caps did make a mistake by letting the only had coats and help them. Get a Stanley Cup go. They have been grooming I guess the way that Steelers it's been. It's been coming for so long that we felt this almost the way since November the very Johnson wouldn't be back that almost felt it would have felt more of a surprise that he. If he came back if they would've got a contract done with them then if you would have left. Correct you may remember there's a bit of a stir after the Columbus series and can't cynical line. If they're trapped stroll down toward rail I'm gone I'm not coming back I'm on. Which caused increased terror and it is in explaining that load. I was talking about something else whichever exploration. OK assure them that that's condensate. Think you know I mean that the product is the track at all even I you know I got the sense. It did they wanted to move on mid even bring the curtain and aperture the year and a ride that wave of momentum that a cup which is something that hurts that a couple times so. The fact that the team was so good all year and it's been regrets institute that would surprise. I'm just that it's still incredibly happy for very trot. To lose a class act all the way great guy. It's so happy for him he got picked up by I think you'll be. Cheer and appropriately so it would be I'll return. But he added that the dye was cast. He's he wasn't coming back it was just nobody really thought the Stanley Cup with government. And that guy right here. Did not see that as recently as the start of beat Tampa bailout big experiences so I'd like that certainly don't think you can blame anybody for not being a Billick that your. I think it speaks volumes to bury trust knowing his situation still being a pro and his team do. And not falling apart at the seams but it got a hat in house turmoil Michael folds lists on that indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. You spent a lot more time in DC and I do the wizards last night they pick Troy Brown at Oregon and number fifteen. Which I'm OK with it seems like a sensible pick shooting guard small forward provides depth the two different spots. Then go out in the second round and they get this draft and stashed prospect data Slovenia. And yeah Mike Allen reaction is looking at what's going on in the east and look what's going on with Philly and Boston and having Bradley deal and jumbled together. There's not a lot of time to me for the wizards to say hey let's go but guy that's going to some talents Daschle for a couple years but then again when you have Ernie Grenfell getting your contract extension. He feels like he's got all the time in the world Michael. It amazes me how far the wizards have fallen are are they now number four on the DC sports scene behind the Redskins. The nationals and now the capitals. He had that unquestionably. And you know I eat the capital circus of course temporary that's not a permanent search. Just as the wizard the debt is is temporary if they want people would come back. Up with the capitals are absolutely had to literature Eleanor that he curing their rent out their and interest bear that out that happened even before a couple of I you know the wizards are very known quantity right now and you know wanting to deprive the music. It should be a more. Fun interesting team and it airs eel all a you don't compelling. Characters and and players and if you give Kelly who pray as well like. You know believe it built around stars and personalities and their income to bring it all back Branyan intently on the zones both teams I think. The one thing he. Been complimented for his is keeping the court together in our you know though that's going to be Baxter and there's been. Called over the last few years to create a match didn't you know in and blow it up and start over he didn't. And spent correctly lauded for that on the basketball side it. You know attorney consolidate our beef cattle into orbit what are we missing here that study continues to get you contract extension that. Intellect and the secret contract extension name make public when that happened that. So you know kind of the same approach that it could clearly not working in the basketball. You know I I guess I don't think it's a bad team I don't think it's that bad or that they've made some really. Head scratching decision that it that it cannot let them know where there right now. And Michael you have one of the best stars in the sport you never hear the wizards talked about on national rating you barely see now sports center and looking DC I mean did you go to a game and it's it's a very quiet crowd it's just. It's to me how rough like they're going close to a relevant that there but their team it's a playoff team and they should be better than this yet. It's just. I don't even over another team to compared to a sports where you have superstars where you have talent and you just have this. Kind of politeness in their future. Yet that I compared the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago where they were at their role and I'll although it template. That first round of the playoffs every year. I you know after a lot of like. There have been a worse start on that team and you know Chad Johnson would unmet human that there were some really good players the most team but it but they never got any national run never got to that ever since they took the ill locally. United did edit certain pulling you in any got to do come into effect in. And they're not right now Michael Phelps you can read in the times dispatch Richmond dot com Michael had a good one enjoy run on the ranch earlier next week Mormon. I'll be in on Monday a look at portrait debated term I'm Bonnie appreciate you think yourself. In certain Michael Phillips on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.