Interview: Michael Phillips (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Times-Dispatch Sports Editor Michael Phillips discusses the Redskins taking Adonis Alexander in the Supplemental Draft, the team's over/under for 2018 and what changes he would make to the Home Run Derby.

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Michael it's a friend his colleague and he is the sports editor of the times dispatch joining us on a Thursday multiple times to get into including the all star game in DC this weekend. Would be that just mere moments that Michael joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline is the Redskins. Making some news yesterday making a move acquiring Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft. Michael what do you think about the skins using a sixth round pick next year to pick up a quarterback this year. Yeah I think the consensus is that about appropriate you know extra pick you. Think oh. I'm very high upside guy in our Pallet there. I you know a second round or ground level of talent but did you go to be. Rendered their this year than in others all that other stuff. I would say. I don't expect him to play this year from what I understand I think he's a very good candidate the practice squad arrived at beat you to guy who potentially. You give me your closest to meet in the European got yet up well. Aren't so that that it almost is like they gonna draft pick for next year except. I wouldn't expect immediate result but I I had to get an appropriate be able to take the districts around you know he got I have such a band out. I was less than a podcast NBC sports Washington when I select the Byron GM and my answer was no because I've too many questions. About his ability to stay on the field has focused on football but look at the end of the day a sixth round pick I was saying earlier I'm. I've never argued over the Redskins sixth round pick her. So if you're right there is a guy with upside he said all the right things in his interview with Yahoo! Sports the question is if he can stay on the field. See you mentioned you believe and you're right he's mr. routier's he's miss many camps if they can find a way to statue on the practice squad. Do you think this is going to be something where they focus in on cornerback because I read some places that think he could possibly end up being safety. Yeah man that certainly whether it can tap the more immediate need is is not projecting out this roster you know there are certainly some solid cornerbacks then you'd speaker down a particular blast guys man. Are are you now probably. Josh hold the guy you know got like that who've who've been around for a year make your words similar situations like round draft pick last year. It's not the alligator equipment. To them what they're really good training camp but but you look at safety and I've got an open up right now you know there you got to Egypt's workers up top. But if you're gonna take or say you go to the good what you do I've only got three Lochte in the four spot you're looking Quinn blending up from you via a hoot and a crafty guy. He split since it was an undrafted guy last year who's on the practice squad played a couple of games at the end of the year they like you probably the paper there. Above but there's an open up they get their job that you want their. If they want the immediate impact that that ride put them but that the spot or you could play this year feel like a long term as a quarterback and you need quarterbacks in the league in the division in particular you everybody's loaded in the NFC a locker deeper cut the cowboys now but. The united you're going up against the Eagles the giants four times a year he got to win a game. You need good quarterbacks said that the good spot Tampa. Did you were saying earlier about putting him on the practice squad which that's what you envision. I was trying to do the math they kept six quarters last year and this year you have Norman Scandrick quit and Dunbar Greg stroman Josh Halsey Fabian row. It seems like more of a topic for training camp because you and I both know especially watching this team last year. You can never have enough at any position considering the amount of injuries this team sustained last season. Ryan lane looks good on a quarterback there are bank in Orlando Scandrick it is the kind of excited to be used starting quarterback I don't know we'll be starting nickel back at the starting number two but either way. And a feature all of this team. If you're the guy that had three of the blast or even disrupted by injury and ballots that they you know directors there's fluke injury that cost you less than you know that you say. How that but body that we we couldn't have seen that comment. And there are injuries resent you being the planet cook error put a likelihood even at that these injuries are gonna happen certainly if if Jordan reed get hurt the first five games. Jay gruden can't stand at the podium and thanks elect you know we lot that we've nabbed org really that we you know we were reluctant part of our carpet well. You should have expected that you know that that's what you gotta prepare for a tactic would pick Alex Kendrick seem thank. You gotta prepare for the possibility he's not going to be playing football game than pure but yeah you wanna go beep that cornerback position that's for sure. Mike I nose question probably more for two weeks down the road. But as we look off into the distance of training camp most interesting position battling camp right now as white. Well I I think you're looking at running back for shirk it. Wanted to top were all excited he Darius tight everybody's fired up for that each got a lot output but they need ego down ticket there and you know somebody Peter I need you the guy who it was all out last year are not alien certainly got to keep quit competent. YouTube I just named sport we have even gone into. You know you Byron marshals had to go to London. I you know got you know there are a lot of guys who could be competitive. Outpour that playing time there at that position and I think that's gonna be heroic struggle. He's Michael Phelps the Richmond times dispatch Richmond dot com. I have my NFL weighed too early NFL over under is I just dropped on the audience that put up on well Redskins. I was on the fence here. I I believe that they'll be better on offense I can't see them being as decimated by injury this year. But that's a tough schedule the Redskins Signet seven your weight too early over under prediction on the Redskins would you go over under seven. And I've been bigger operating six and a half west side I'm gonna go the better number you're Bob up and play the over on six and a half. I acting sevens and appropriate. I spot to have Nevada I think it was a key that is not going to pick a step backwards this year you know on the quarterback transition hasn't met. But I don't think they're taking it step forward this year reader I think Alex Smith will produce. At a Kirk cousin level CU you assume that you know that what they publicized here that that's kind of the starting point what will be able to do. I think there's so much up and down on the NFC. I like Emmitt a Nate besides some of that take you over on what you got but I I think seven of buried there. Nice job shopping around Michael. Jason Michael Phelps. You know are hopefully going to run a build up in DC this weekend where is the Major League Baseball all star festivities home run derby is on Monday night the field was announced and we've now gotten the point. We Bos one of the big names to do this we got to the point where the home run derby is have filled with guys. We're not even all stars Michael I asked the question earlier. Without forcing the big names to do this how could you spruce up the home run derby I can you spice it up. Yeah you know it probably does is beat at that might hurt attention span speaking today you know it that it that the does that time crap. It'll you know when you got guys up there for a long period of time. I may you find a way to make it make it that you're maybe a little more head to head competitive. I you know. You're already doing it just as whacky thing like archive urgent cutting of one book I don't know that you need to necessarily respect the purity of of the game in the line entirely. Taken out of the net took to the monuments you don't have to do on the National Mall. You know it doesn't set up to pitching station side by side to that. The I figured them the carnival element of it because it it's fun it's supposed to be fun. You know let's let's just go crazy. I am a guy would because I said I want more targets if you could do a fake Washington monument. And and have the water out right field if he could splashed down you get so many points if you put the the racing presidents out and let and in different what's the outfield crowded big nets and they caught that you get so many points I don't want more targets I want more fun stuff out there besides just. Hit the ball and hit a home run. I'd like to watch NBA game governor elect to let you know a lot lot lot of potential here elect or rather I look forward to seeing in DC this weekend barn. It's gonna be a lot of fun at it you know it. You know the popular punching bag are the all star you are irrelevant now literally a play. It's a lot of fun we'll have fun and enjoy it and I'll certainly fired up to be or on a network you know murder you or it could be attorney. I'm Michael catch up there preach anybody. Finally Richmond dot com and at times dispatch and look forward to being a fan fest Sunday. And will be doing the show from DC on Monday prior to the home run derby.