Interview: Michael Phillips (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
Richmond Times-Dispatch Sports Editor Michael Phillips joins Danny Nokes and gives his thoughts on the offense with Alex Smith, the battle at wide receiver and his impressions of former Hokie Tim Settle.

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We're gonna stay on the topic of Redskins football as were thrilled to welcome in our next guest. It's Michael Phillips sports editor for the Richmond times dispatch and he joins us via the I. Adds Michael PR TD Michael good morning great to be talking with yet everything goes smoothly at the game last night. You tag like you and picking the Buick and let them intently looked like I'm thirty yet to be game docket. You know all you know or in the port open their he was saying the honest surprise to a pepto or LA you know I can't compete with Taylor back at the machine. Duplicate article folic there are swearing up and it's great. I'm impressed with what both of you guys have done beating at the game last night covering yeah and it. What picking up with me to do they show I know it's not easy boy here who's up at 415 that's about it. I gotta get your initial thoughts here on the debut. I'm Alex Smith he seemed to move Washington down the field pretty easily once they got the red zone however they did struggle a little bit. Drive ends with an incomplete pass in the end zone. Stalling in the red zone is something the skins did quite a bit of last year so what course of your biggest takeaways there from Alex in its first. Yeah I would say is if it hasn't been an issue Mercury problem with that attitude that you know art is October quickly. But because it was an issue we we noted again that you know a lot a like amount would. Older it very clearly. You know in the offense took a big hit on the first black maybe not when you wanted to draw that up but it that your your up. I mean he's viewed as advertised. And I will be offense and and make the right decision and keep that offense go and I. I you know I guess my concern to remain in the running game which. With Gary's got it up for the even I do think that rob Kelly brought brought up under the table agreement couldn't have asked eager. Logic here and had a nice run before he left. But I I think that's gonna hit the course in that it keep going to need to grow the ball went. All all at the loser and he just docks and I take it over the middle keep politicking that that it back to date people that it. I you know you bring up a lot of really good points there Michael and I'm my biggest concern right now with Washington still. The running game and you know how Washington plans to Alter their game plan without Darius Geist. It seemed like he and rob Kelly we're going to be the first second down sort of accident Chris Thompson comes in as the third down sort of guy. So I've been seeing Kristiansen yet hopefully he comes back. As soon as possible but. With. Considering their little bit thin at running back it's even more important. The other as a team as it's probably going to need to clean you Alex. You know maybe even get to 5400 yards in here and Chris Thompson brings another dimension that it is. Mean you know benefited that he capped catcher running backs we even use of the games still talk about who but the ball era. You know not curing it Jaeger and seeing if you will be okay. After game but I think for a need for taking them to create assault after Arco round last week with Gary. Guys. You know I I think they need. One of those two things crop Kelly or about pure right true we have merged. And the Bible fortified during the first down kind of options could actually have that disappear from the bought or step out. In order to an anger and second and eight after the panel if they can afford it. Talking with the sports editor of Richmond times dispatch Michael Phillips on the now we look at the wide receiver position Michael and you know you said that Washington is likely gonna have to throw the ball to win games but I definitely agree with you there. And it seemed like they were targeting Josh docs and quite a bit when he was. In the game last night so I expect them to use more of docs in the season I also wonder how Paul Richardson who did catch a pass last night. Fits into the game plan and then a guy like cam Simms whose religious battling. To make the roster a roller coaster night. 24 hours ago I mean he was he he had that drop that led to an interception but he also had a pretty acrobatic catch in between a couple of defenders so what do you think about the receivers. This fascinating browser battle no question who you got your top courier sent yet judge duck and not all Richard and achieved a grounder out of the lot but you're three starters those of the guys trot out. I had the right behind them. You know and they're there is that bit of a drop off. That the those respects are pretty large market. And then after that kind of down. Brian quick in the got a coaching staff likes pretty queen you know on the fact occur quicker turn and last night. I probably positive sign for good chip but to make the right to recruit him for a return that that's another dimension he can bring that the game. That they're looking at taken six receivers you don't or one more in these camps they have you got out of out of Alabama which occurred at one. They want your kid at work out. I had extremely upset developing a back at at her work out. That the spot be prime would've been political Robert Davis spoke you got hurt but now now that opposition been like that. And yeah I I think cops just has that. And the swagger being that I appreciate it you know they played good and up over and it became part of it like collects operative there. But it became that there's a guy who grew under utilized to college you know being sort of about alliances but potentially. Eat you know and Alabama's offensive those that keep you up at that you don't get a chance to be a doubt in order he wrote is not something happened there. And Turkey that happened numbers but he he's obviously got the talent. I saw last night. It can be the most impressive catch camps that made last night. But the one that the capital and get them for the touchdown called back on an illegal formation penalty and they buried there and expect by now. It is what Cabot capital wire up the well being with injury probably open up an extra spot for somebody who want or bad. I'll I'll I'll watch in Sydney opting can't sit there about a roster spot why. I think whoever gets to do is usually an epic whoever doesn't get it should count practice squad. Obligated to it's been a fascinating competition. You go back to the company wide receiver spot Dobson crowd of Richard and let the good lineup predicted that the three go to trotted out. But it huge huge drop off from me listening they need that got to the stage so he would be the work works receiver but these. No doubt and in camps in say they took that touchdown off the board he got crunched on the play really nice. Kind of it kind of shame that they end up having to take it all the board I've got one last point that I wanna make Michael before I let you go and it has to do. With the defense. Thought the front seven was very strong last night we sold Iran pain get in on the action. His first sack. With Washington and Tim settle. Continues to make some noise the big boy at a Virginia Tech I'm down here in southwest Virginia Michael he's one of our own people are pumped up. That settlers having so much early success. You know I wonder. How he can complement John Allen and the pass rushers that are already on this team because the skins were going up against the the first team of the New York Jets for more. Then the Redskins had their first steamers out there. An example would be that it was that kind of settled push her put Spencer won Olympic starter with the right in the let for the jets and created a veteran NFL starter caliber player I've content settled get the job that. Pushed him back at it decreed that description alone like. Got a handle blocked the path with another battle with the mayor in his performance. At the patriot that's ballot into the little pretend settle. There are going to be starter wouldn't even start but he certainly want to play on the roster and a unity even now white guy to watch go forward. Ron pain would now about everything has never done it right there at the first out there. Yeah plowed his way up the middle of the fact earlier. I've got single team him I don't think a lot of national teams are going to be single teaming Iran pain that he's got the output two bodies on campus spoken out. You know the person that skipped or any of that depressed and met. And it's up to another bat to take advantage of the mismatches that there are any yet because Iran pain of the bat and a double team but the NFL level. Michael have really enjoyed talking with this morning man I'll let you go thanks so much for the time have a great day. So. That's Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch you can find him on Twitter at Michael. TD.