Interview: Mike Barber (07-09-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, July 9th
Mike Barber of The Richmond Times-Dispatch talks ACC Football with Wes.

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It all is good now all is clear and Josh Jackson night I think we. Knowles Gooden all clear because he'll be representative next week in Charlotte Mike barber joining us on the head deed Mercer wrote cleaning hotline. Surprised or expected that Virginia Tech would select Jackson to be its represented next week. You know Russell little of both of they had an easy out because you mentioned that people usually brings seniors. Have they brought but a senior on the offensive side of the ball. I don't think anyone would abort I don't think we would have thought oh they're hiding Josh Jackson because who would ever happen. So what kind of an easy chance to avoid all this. At the same time he if you ask me all of that stuff aside who they should bring to the so that. I would have said. Ricky walker on defense and just checks on offense so. He is in that took I think David the right call they do they want to get that story line at the way. Babies prepped and ready to try to deal with it and they thought. They let's do it let's do it early. Not have a distract from football or maybe they simply feel. Fate he was cleared he's on the team it's not storyline at all. What question do you when asked Josh we need to get chance talked to next week. You know it's too but I'm curious obviously what happened which I don't think he'll share with us. But he admitted that I'm curious. Sort his reaction to this story lines being out there. I don't anticipate him being particularly open would that answer either. But it's such registered part of college athletics and you'll so much of what you do. It ends up being a big story and we talked about that before would would kids who didn't get in trouble and didn't do something wrong and juncture was cleared but. You know think about kids that had minor arrest should he eats in the newspaper on the radio ads on television. That don't understand how kids react to that when. They know that their classmates who don't play football. Or don't play this or like. Probably have some of the same things happen and no one ever talks. What do you wanna see from him early on and that I would only get so much to see if cam but and it's it's a tough. Litmus test to go up against Florida State first game that year but what do you wanna see early on from Josh Jackson. To get a sense that he is grown this offseason. Yeah I think just increased comfort you got to remember too that I was about big just checks and defender. People are always talking about and the brokerage Quincy Paterson and the Virginia Tech that's something good adjuster eclectic we saw. In that West Virginia game. I think he has supported and a calmness about him I think he has. Competitive spirit about him. Brokaw all I'm looking forward you know is there another level of comfort. There are a lot of times last year that you know plywood some young players with. I just Jackson was doing the right thing in the guys around to maybe work quite fair. Let's talk for young quarterback you know you you learn OK if you get in trouble here's Lugo both football. That he looked there may be nobody's there. That's a tough spot so. I'd policy continued. Development at how calm he is what that offense how comfortable he is maybe some rhythm with somebody like. The beach on Savoy. So Patterson from his receivers you can make big plays. Is there chemistry developing and that's a nice thing when you click kid yacht. Young quarterback young receivers. Eventually they're going to be old quarterbacks of all receivers and they should have a rhythm and the chemistry that that's really hard to match. He's my barber covering Virginia except for the times dispatch of Richmond dot com. I have the current. Or updated odds from Vegas this from the LB super book on the odds to win the ACC Clemson at five in nine Miami five to two. Florida State 92. And Virginia Tech eight to one you you you agree with the odds makers on the top four. And I think the order threat I think that it's about right that I have a hard time to Virginia Tech and the sound like a cop out answer but. There are so many questions I have about the football team. It doesn't mean that they're not gonna be good. And they could win the coastal division they could be the best team in the ACC. But they can also not a minute so many questions on the defense as five football. What you think about seeing that doesn't have a linebacker that really played a game linebacker at the college level you think about a totally rebuilt secondary. And you think about a defense supply and at least talked about how great is because of one can be. What injury. And who they bring here. So it's been up front inexperienced linebackers in the secondary. They're good players there to help that they were good recruits they could be excellent but it just really hard to predict what would any certain. If I gave you Clemson for the field to in the ACC this year. We take it. And I'll take your club some I'm in love with the program and you know I went down spent two days there what would dabble in and so other practice and in their facilities and a repayment. I just think yeah the guys they have coming back when it's a good just from virtual include Ferrell and that entire defense of line it's a little players that. Really would have clearly did NFL draft pick and decided to come back. There's a desire their way and not just an ACC title but a national title. It is based senior driven and a player driven program at this point. There's so much talent so if I had to have that would get into the territory where it was you know tiger burst of deal that for so many years engulfed. I think we're looking at it it compliment and I would check on some. I'm mr. Bob before you go veteran topic go on this morning. Tiger Bruce Phil Phil talked about this Friday this could be done mono a mono eighteen holes ten million dollars on the line. We're asking this morning what is the dream match up you can come up way that you want us the you've always wanted to see a night. I felt this conversation. Lean more towards being creative in college football with a nonconference match jobs. And college basketball where you get some times as big nonconference usually neutral sites wanna make gains but. I'm giving the floor is there a dream match up maybe even a home and home that you would love to see happen. OK so this is selfish and I'll start by telling you I love when when Roger Federer and Nadal played. On a sports surfaced tennis court. I thought that was one of the coolest thing let's say it but mama the Goss selfish and it's going to be football and it's Alabama football. Against the Cleveland Browns because I've heard for years people talked about and I'm serious here I've heard for years people talk about how Alabama could be. The worst team in the NFL and I think Al that was a great program. They could not there's such a difference between an NFL roster cult roster. Even Alabama and they put what. 71 round burst the last two years 21 draft picks the last two years. Great program taught in medical talent. I would love to have that debate settled I don't begin until he would struggle even the bad in the book in the struggle at all. With a college program even one has deepened Alabama so I'd love to see that settled but putting the Cleveland Browns and Alabama Crimson Tide on the field together. I love that I would expand this idea what do we did this annual NFL college football challenge. You have the defending national champ take on the team with the first overall pick in the NFL draft. I think that it's a novel I think you can replace a hall of fame game in cap that is but that doesn't have a Trout coaches and so they wanna pre season game there you go. This is spent that we're working on some of the big year I called caller lower let's get to stop right before somebody steals it does. But you are you looking newspaper I work in radio we need a quick retirement plan bunny. I'm absolutely do we absolutely do Obama to get working on it right now our buddy Ozzie in Charlotte next week thank you Mike. Specter out of it as Mike Barbour the times dispatch.