Interview: Mike Barber (9-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, September 10th
Wes and Mike Barber of the Richmond Times Dispatch discuss the Hokies' win over William and Mary, as well as look back on UVA's loss to Indiana.

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Let's McIlroy fax boards ninths and we'll get back to the NFL it's after the hour. But lacks clean up in the second weekend in college football Virginia Tech is John laser on the call on the ING sports network Hokies get sixteen to 6217. Win against William Mary. On Saturday and somehow. If false but back in the polls. Mike barber joining us in the Richmond times dispatch he was there in Blacksburg on Saturday can explain that on the mean that they not hang seven year 75 how they fall back in a poll by winning by. Forty some points. Yeah I mean I'm moved him up one spot mine. It's weird I will say this I think for the first two or three weeks. If people are due in the hole correctly which. I think a lot of people are. They're at a not doable whole week to week OK you won you move up you lost you move down. We're getting a better sense of who these these are. My guess that has more to do with with some people ahead of them in the poll. Some people may be seen it seems for the first started realizing. That seems pretty good. But yet we're look like it that I hadn't moved up one spot. I don't think there are awful were they should be but at that is where they went back convincingly have been moved down. That with a bigger thing is they were on there they want on the short week and I guess if you're much if your Justin Fuente Mike you're you're pleased because your team responds and a short week blows out an opponent early get to get other guys in there. And it wasn't flawless so you start planted talk about in the film room. Yeah I think it's the number one big group of what they're allowed in the complaint about. We thought about it we thought about the vote could be a bit and he kind of had this sort of Walton demeanor about him until he started talking about. And it's like in the life. And he had great quotes and it was like we were allergic to the football he joked about point it's the core cadets to replaces Robin back. If they fumbled with becomes polite when he gets up and to bemoan entered to gripe about so Berkeley yeah there were some things there that. That they can work on and I don't think you know the four week. Although they did rate or later it did right after they it's probable the other thing going on but they really handled it well but. No we too in the sea and they're always going to be compared to work on. You're you're right about that now with some like you coach your cousin and a jump in there's a lot of good things we can talk about we can dive into that but were talking about the bad things the alarming things I think there's two things. Of the bigger picture to be alarmed by here one is Zak a Ryan Hoyt and his snapping issues he's one bad snap in Tallahassee. And then. How could he had that yet Saturday he had about six or 71 and hit one that when sky high but he he got about five or six more if not for Josh Jackson. Yet no doubt just what was craves some plays there and I don't go out there go forward because. You know you know how works over there would react if we can talk to the point this week for stories and and they said you know he's probably not going to be available with. It'll be maybe he's not going to be able lineup either. Yet there have some of versatility there we have a culture Gandhi is sexier Kyle could play. Literally every while all that the line. So they have options they can make some blue but certainly considered but wait wait that plated camp which. We've heard you don't you just release old joke armament that position. That will put supported. I will say this and that's the silver lining I love down I think it was in the second quarter and I love down four consecutive plays there was four different concoctions of the old line out there. You get a game like that and I I don't know if you're gonna see that every single game but at least you know you have that safety net. With guys who complain multiple positions on multiple sides of the line. Yeah you better not see it every game. But certainly. Certainly what was stored on what they were able show was there's a lot of operatives there a lot of guys were able spot at their so look for okay what would that. Figure original five and you know what we're snapping the ball well I think collide at the banquet where it is is the right one starting lineup but that's going to be. That a problem. So wait here before you know you'd law when we're back get away complete turnover. Can kill drives so I think getting that squared away will be kind of decision number one and that target going to be the guys that are. Figure out what work around. Mike the second thing that I thought was concerning and I'm not trying to make him on out of a molehill here but Ricky walker is the MVP he's the most essential part of that defense and to see him now banged up in two games we know how long the college football season is. We know how grueling it is these guys it's not good we see him banged up twice in two weeks. No doubt at all and you know people look at what he didn't come back it was worth the protective boom all of those things. Yeah how do you reconcile that the fact that you know they were with a bit it was worth the matter he probably was illegal in other areas are due. I think we'll see I think they're going to be. Very cautious with Ricky walker really the next two week and portly from what we've seen from their opponents the next two weeks. I think they can afford to be a little cautious. But he combined that with the fact that the people vote it is is coming back kind of slowly. Not quite where they want in the B and all the sudden. You're a little worried inside. What is ironic because we went in the year maybe a little worried about what they had a sense of them a little bit better and now with the weight trademark no way out game goes forward at that we feel pretty good about the edge it. Now that we were looking especially health wise that at walker quote. He's my Barbara covered Virginia Tech for the times dispatch in Richmond dot com as the Hokies get the big win and you're exactly right I. I referred to Saturday they got some tuneup fights here not just Saturday but look in east Carolina who I know one on Saturday but. Beat up North Carolina the team I think wind up being the worst in the ACC. And yet Old Dominion there isn't there's an opportunity to become more aggressive and become a better team. With that stated two games and what do you really like about this Virginia Tech team. But I like the fact they're running the football and it's a bill like that you put I have known each other that's it. Virginia Tech got to get back to run the football alters the game here game there were this is the moment where they are in the quarter but it goes away. About David that are gonna say that they've heard a quarter of their but it up for two weeks I like the way they run the football. I like there operative there are like physical they are all but the line like there there came and in their running yet. Topper there running in the apple Mort is just about. Turn awaits the edge. There was tonight's battle of you know yep though you jet sweep. And our weekly look like it intriguing player get out wide but bill were you between the apple that. That's the number one Sagan and number two for me is. The play of those people at the event I think it reminds me of daddy nick where even if you didn't make that. He just always seem to be in the backfield disrupting the other she wanted to do would. Trade embargo house games. Those guys remind you they just they're kidding around the edge with such speed. They're really disrupting opposing teams but I've orchestra. Hokies will get east Carolina opened up his 29 and a half point favorites for next Saturday's game mr. barber before Iran I don't know about you I was listening on the way back from Blacksburg I caught the last ten minutes of Virginia's loss to Indiana. Looks like they're gonna have to rely a lot I'm Bryce Perkins because there there's that I don't holes on defense Saturday and just way too many mistakes by you VA NN loss. Yeah I though that was normal group supporting based on how they deployed in the opener and I understand the different. About caliber of opponent but yeah we talked and talked all coaches in the league about policy maker biggest jump from week one to week two. I don't know that happened for you gave now they put on the road the better team and they played in the rain but. Bewildered and see how they bounce back the conventional wisdom for you BA right now is. You have to play really well our conference that have a chance to make a bowl game. They let one get away from them it was a winnable games so they're really have to bounce back in that particular is that. In the rest of their arm copper if that forward is the goal. And they'll be at home this Saturday against Ohio chicken on the who's in the Hokies with Mike barber in the Richmond times dispatch thank you Bonnie appreciate. My barber brought to you by our friends at bogey sports bar where you are holding a group outing. 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