Interview: Mike Jones (3-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, March 12th
Mike Jones of USA Today talks about the Browns' trades over the weekend, Richard Sherman's new team and what other trades or deals woulc do down in the near future. 

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We'll check in on the news in the Hokies might barber the times this badger right now adorning his on the good deed Mercer wrote cleaning up trying to go around the NFL and what an interactive and busy weekend it was for the Cleveland Browns Mike Jones USA today joining us brought you by friends that are released aberrant. How would you describe what the Cleveland Browns did this weekend Jozy. Played totally humbled not totally but very much so. Green made themselves. And in a surprising bastion to meet you knew they had a lot of cap money. And so you figure that they would go out there and create new seats and make some noise but I don't. Think anybody expected the trade debate did you get Tyrod Taylor Derek Landry. On you know giving. Starting quarterback coming trading would sign ties there trader with any Shelton mean they'd just. Where. Really really active. They took on salaries but they still have a lot of money to spend. I mean just. They're not necessarily how do you really want to get this thing turned around in a hurry. What do they do and how many different ways they set themselves up at the top of the draft with one in four. Well I think now they have a lot of flexibility because. Yes Tara Taylor is a bridge guy. But they didn't have to go out there in free agency and spend. A lot of money to get AJ McCarron. And so now they've got flexibility so if they want to draft a guy. Early on either one of four they can that they really don't have to do it right then if they say that there's a guy that maybe he's. You know at the top of the second round but they can develop behind. Tyrod Taylor if somebody wants to come up in trade up to them they can move down we get more picks. In the draft if they'd be another guy that's not a quarterback that they wanna take. Then they can do that and they just gave themselves all kinds of creativity and flexibility. At that spot. But 'cause they're not such dire straits. He gets more impact. Players douse the going to be interesting if they pick the quarterback that they want to then you do see a run on quarterbacks in May be. The jets and Denver and buffalo all of a sudden they're draft they're jumping up try to get two and three. And it pushes other quality players back not quarterback players but pushes them back to Cleveland at four or five or six. Mike Jones USA today winners on the deep Mercer wrote putting hotline was McIlroy fox sports 910. The hotel Beckham videos that popped up over the weekend. Not a good look for the giants wide receiver from what you know right now what the giants know and do you know if photo Beckham junior in the Johnson Ian talked about this. Com I don't know yet yeah you're right definitely right not a good look at all arm. It's I mean this is one of the the faces of your franchise. It would be you know a bit. They're working on didn't stop set up there with the new decode new general manager and they didn't need something like this. I'm humbled find out. What the ramifications are mean. It's. Actually yeah it's just troubling because of the guy you know who you associated with. Com where it looks like he was broken you know they use most Logan we had I mean. That's you know obviously they have drug tests and things like that if it passes drug tested you know it. It's kind of hard to prove. But yeah I don't know it's just the Mets and I don't know how this thing is gonna play out but obviously they've got to look into it and address it very quickly. Did you handle a woman in the video and credit card and lines of white powder which I don't think we have to suspend disbelief for. And no luck this comes in the final year of the deal and this comes right after Jones I think you had at the David Gelman he says just a couple of days ago couple weeks ago he was a clean slate he wants to have clear slate he -- yo let's start things here knows everything that's happened before her. And this isn't exactly a good start between you and your star wide receiver in a year where he wants his mega mega mega contract. Yes you're exactly right and so they got to think long and hard about you know strapping themselves who Beckham. And you know. It probably with the new head coach and a new general manager it was probably gonna be Smart if they aid. Condo into this year waited and saw and so committing to much money to on now they have even more reason to have reservations the see how he comes back healthy. But not just that but you know him that the person we all builds up not it is feel kind of stuff that appears he's dabbling in. Jozy Richard Sherman has a new team I'm not surprised by that I'm not surprised San Francisco because of his connections to the area and his connections to Stanford. Or was I getting to me is. He's got a list of potential teams he's going to see one of them being Bill Belichick in New England. And you solid Shanahan. Not letting him out of San Francisco John Lynch Kyle Shanahan making this very appealing rule number one of free agency don't let the guy get to the airport they did in. This makes me wonder about Sampras Cisco has a free agent player they got dread picks they got the quarterback of the future they got cap room. And looks like they got one heck of a sales pitch still. Yeah you're exactly right and that's one of the things that they were trying to set themselves up you and they're not the Columbine. John Legend top Cheney are both when they're asked about the benefit to having Jimmy droplet take care of long term. They admitted yeah and makes its way more stable way more attractive to create in in Donnelly and stamina use them as a pitch man. Whenever I can. To have respect to create and send you just look at. Like you said the resource is that they have. And the Europe freeagent. In either way they finished the season with you know on five and no crop loans that are that makes you Billick okay. There have been NFC west is the situation that it's changing the ram. Jump up and LeapFrog. Seahawks last year and their continuing to both to their roster the Seahawks are trying to retool their roster. Rom and an aggressive way well why how old you know trying to remain competitive and you have a 49ers. That look like they're about take strides. That the good spot should do wanna be in if you are freeagent so you got a young head coach he got a passionate young general manager. And they are under contract for another five years after. You know their first year and though. Yet at the plate that looks like there's going to be stability and you have guys like rich German that are signing on. The credibility just continues to entry. He's Mike Jones USA today go to got a speech today five team's position to make noise is in free agency. While those beings ever Cisco 49ers Jozy enjoy very hectic weekend and I appreciate you buddy we'll do it again next Monday. All right thanks let stopped it and you've got to Mike Jones USA today wrote to buy friends and her released average in the shops at Innsbruck where. The games will be on and there will be wings. The to do and her lowest average in the shops Atkins broke her always Devern dot com connect. Some reason you gotta be studied year old hasn't got a strain they do deliver did you Hoover eats app.