Interview: Mike Jones (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Mike Jones of USA Today discusses the number star players not attending mandatory workouts, Andrew Luck finally throwing again

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But around here felt our buddy Mike Jones joining us from USA today on the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline he has brought you buyer released average in the shops that n.'s brook home. Saturday night of our dollars against diabetes annual corn hole tournament Jozy joining us now we do on Saturday LaBroque portal as a bears. Hang out I could. And we'll approximately. In the perfect we pennsylvanians otherwise I would look in local news and you know you're important when a team I was. My life because you've seen her game me you've seen mine and you know how good she is that's we unity ironically got it. Do you is dominant in the paddock park. He sought and loyal to my and you know. We we hit it probably not restrict ticker now dude I'm scared of her McCorkel board let's not get crazy urgency of our I thought. Pained look you can join us Saturday night and it really stabbed and prisoner of Mike Jones each and every week as we go around the NFL let's start here I'm. David Johnson laid beyond Bel air and Donald Coolio Mac Coolio Johns live like an all pro list of holdouts here no shows for me can't. He potentially has the messy as contract situation on their hands. Then compound. That the good question and I feel like Erin Arnold situation and the cute they care they have that that they will. Whom they want to get up and down and Julio Jones thing. Column could be met here because of the fact that he's still got green more to you grew more years equipment deal or three hours 35 million last. Yeah I mean it it. For them but that when he signed the deal with a great deal and should spend the market has exploded and so. He's no longer pay like one of the top guys on board you figure it it looked at what I aren't. We put agreed to it and I'm gonna play it out. Of my application. Home or you wouldn't put it looked seems to rip up contracts and cut people aren't. I have improved my child be valuable I would pick like I am. That. That could be met here in the when leave him though than other ones I mean it's. It is huge thing to think that there's more guys than ever they're holding now. On but I think that partly because the contract everything is changing the Kuwaiti contractor structure. Big guarantee money. And god wouldn't be brought back a lot of speed on them on par with their peers. Jose I only beat a guy who's a mockery current star in trouble here but down the one thing that concerns Julie Jones junior right there is that three years 35 million. Source of the falcons beat the disguise working out trading it spending quality time with TERRELL OWENS because. Let's and not always a player of convenience around an organization. Yeah almost. Physically and feel like it's a great person in the training room with. I'll be just hope that he's not a guy who did Biden as well on his contract decision let. Although I can you can definitely hear people like Yemen and don't go there you they're more. So. It's. If that's. The luckiest that. Pretty messy situation there hopefully for their sake it can get something figured out of the New England during the training camp cook well being. And who knew all the people would be talking about being no shows a mini camps and O'Dell Beckham junior is the one that shows up in New York Mike Jones USA today Elena get to his peace but he has in the paper this morning. But the engine like situation. He throws yesterday he throws a football it's still not an NFL football as a high school football or college football. What was the one being leased to five being the most what's your concern Andrew Luck is just still not right. Obama I think. Because. It is well let's say you were rich spilled spring not summer it's still a mark clocked up from training camp. I'll put it at the three and a half on that he was not doing any throwing the ball. I'd be worried you ought to just don't know. How much they make you feel great but they're really bringing this at a very slow pace in this is the caved to peer into creating new plotted out. And he's going to be ready by the in the training camp. Old. But they definitely know the record back they know it's important delete and OK you move to quote that. He could have gotten through that during the call he does occur we're now period. Full that we can't fail with no big deal. But I guess this is finally some progress. And you know that over the next what's six weeks at a home until training camp eat. They're gonna be correctly. Ripping up what he's going in you know we'll see how it plays out and we've seen how bad that team is when you have been to look at what they really need them if they need to fully I'll be in the. It was gone the boy or not I'm not being sarcastic. I'm actually forgetting the last time I saw Andrew Luck quarterbacking game I had memories. I know how potentially good to great he could be or somebody guy who at one point had the highest contract in the NFL I just I can't remember the last time I saw the guy play game. That's a good situation. You know what that was not on the game he spent in a long time. And you have seen that in. It's just weird that 2012 track collapsed on them you know quarterbacks he had. Look in the grip of one tune in Campanella Tibetan. This class those guys who have not been able to sustain opting not gonna stay on the field not changed franchises. Well it was anticipated that he would and you just hope. A lot can get back on track here. And you know you know King of the Hill I think there are optimistic that well let you know that. This week could be an iconic guy here and unfortunately injury is Ben pick than me. Mike Jones USA today's got a piece this morning on Kirk cousins now in Minnesota you have peace last week only getting shuttled by don't ask about the current Redskins guy. You wrote a piece a week and a half ago about Alex Smith in Washington I know you attended routier's. From your general perspective how is out Smith fitting in in Washington. On the it looked like he didn't dwell on it just seemed like he culpable in his surroundings. Our own. He'd they're probably some areas where you look let people march Japanese arm and then maybe there late to the better situation for them there's no. Tension there's no you know that the contracts after the blue in the upper he's veteran guys. Gruden called on the smartest guy he's ever been around qualify to get everybody happy in that situation in the air. You know I think that. Probably he would pick cotton he tapped into that situation look like and are happy there as well so. Both parties you know they have their divorce and I think that they probably feel like you know they've acquitted in the situation. Jones he's written about both. Quarterbacks and both their new organizations he can find boat at USA today dot com I can't resolve a good Father's Day appreciate is always body. Are you work thank you and Mike Jones on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline is articles are both posted. USA today dot com and Jozy brought you by Hurley tavern in the shops at and brought.