Interview: Mike Jones (7-3-2018)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 3rd
Mike Jones of USA Today discusses which NFL player might have the same moving power of LeBron James and the most important offseason acquisitions for the Redskins and other teams.

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But I stick around before the break. Is there anybody else in sports that could change the balance of power. If they moved from one league to the other one conference to the other. Steve Gardiner of USA today was with the yesterday's in baseball it might be many in the China. We bring in his colleague and FL columnist for USA today our buddy Mike Jones brought you by released average in the shops at n.'s Brooke Jozy is there one NFL player out there that could change the balance of power in the NFL. And caused this much media attention if they went a seed NC or antsy ANC. Com. I don't think so I mean there may be if you had the. I'm trying to think I mean if Tom Brady went to an and that's the team. That team would be better but that the league is such. A team game that one player. Doesn't cause such a shift like it does in the NBA. You know it would definitely changed the fortunes for that team. But it wouldn't just totally depleted conference. Like we're seeing here with the with LeBron leave in the east to go to west I don't think you know I mean. Well I praised the guy that I thought of and it's not so much of what he'd do in the NFC it would media impacted the ANC. Because now you've taken them off New England. That changes the AFC east and I think it ultimately changes the AFC because you've probably elevate Pittsburgh and status he'd elevate most likely Jacksonville just. I mean as we sit here on July 3 if I ask you who do you like to win the AFC this year by default most likely gonna go right to England. Tom Brady believes also that conversations a lot different. Yeah yeah they are definitely right about that. But I also feel like every year there's somebody that's close enough that. You never know like OK the patriots could falter and just missed the Super Bowl you knew every year that the cavaliers are going to make the conference finals. And most likely the NBA final score that's how it's been. So. Yet that would be I think that would be the closest thing to this but still not quite. At least in my mind. It definitely. Do you you know hurts the patriots chances. You know I don't know that there are locks every year. Just like the cavaliers we're locks and make BB NBA finals because they just destroy everybody in the east. Looking back here if I combo free if you combo free agency and the NFL draft who do you think right now. Was the most impact full move impact full move transaction transition or acquisition due to draft in the offseason by an NFL team. I'm wolf we combine and create NC. I think that that movie that we saw the rams do you know kitten. No they already have worn down but didn't sue to go with their line and getting to leave and you know and Peters. I think if they had the biggest and most. Impact full free agency. On the draft lies it's going to be early and staying. Because there's a number of teams that got guys that you feel like could help them right now where it. You know quickly changed. The foot thing and that still think that. You know Barkley at number two really. Hopes the giants did back on track there. And some of the young quarterbacks will be really inching the you know if the teams can put stuff around them but a step to take some time but if we were combined draft for Britain's you have still got the rams. As the people who had the biggest. You know off because they already have a good season and they said they're going to be aggressive and they share effect. We're aggressive and they have just made them themselves even that much more scary come a contender out there in the west. Is Mike Jones and I thought columnist USA today joining us on the had. Jose let me throes do about the Redskins because we've heard a lot this all season about. Cousins Alex Smith there's not this great tradeoff does not a great step back and is also not a great improvement. So most in in packed full acquisition it made by the Redskins in the offseason Al lay out the table Alex Smith Darius guys. Or Paul Richardson. I'm going to say Alex Smith just because yet. Okay statistically. There's not as big tradeoff but. There's something about him on a calm and I've always an ability to cut up freestyle when things break down. That you didn't hear from Kirk cousins and so I think that the Redskins are banking on that Finley he's going to help them. And some of those key situations on third down in the red zone and I think that he is probably. Perfect for what Jay gruden wants. In taking into account the deficiencies. Of areas were yet Kirk cousins would wreck of the stats but. You know the red zone and third downs we're struggles sometimes I think that Alex Smith. Might give you a little bit more there to help and definitely didn't deep threat and and a running back like guys who could be acute steel. There offense. Instantly. They're not so dependent on Jordan reed now objection when I have to I mean he's a difference maker. But if he's injured you have more to work with here. They really helped themselves I think offensively. Sure the hype train is Ryan full speed here for various guys and I watched him at LSU. I understood in the past. Out remorse is a great surprise rob Kelly generated a lot of excitement of what could be and he gets injured so much you. And Jones it's not always the running back we know it's about the O line we know it's about the blocking the tight ends in the wide receivers. But do you think the excitement is justified for Darius guys knowing the Redskins. Knowing Jay gruden with Iran not always a commitment to the run and knowing that this team still has a big question mark at left guard. Yeah I'm I think there is a reason forced some excitement but I do they agree that he got to pump the brakes just a little bit. You know. You we've seen the rookies come in Italy are running back and making an impact. They are also on teams where they really. Pound the football they're committed to the run Jake Burton got a lukewarm. Bum but they commit in a close to committing to the run of bill Callahan has helped improve their butt. It's still not like Dallas. If you know where you live and teacher Elliot. So we'll see but I do think big guys. Can come in there and be a difference maker. But did that cannot say that you might not take a little lump deceit are learned this professional game there is an adjustment period for some guys. But I think if he's that talented kid that can come in here and make contributions it'll be mentioned Q how that competition. Shakes out in training camp in the crease he's and that's we're all really see you know who can distinguish themselves in the preceding games but. I do think that. Note that there is the justification is there are first and excitement that position that. Like you said alpha Morse great surprised by it. Didn't really fit Jay gruden then you know Matt Jones disappointment rob Kelly come a flash but injuries mud appear Ryan. This thing out struggled to make that adjustment so we'll see what happens with guys. I got a minute left here you wrote about this in your piece USA today dot com Dez Bryant Adrian Peterson. I can evil Karl good shot Braylon all still needing homes who was the best case to find a place before camp begins. Tom I think it's going to be a bomb Bryant. I think that. He wants a little more guaranteed money in the contract I think there's interest out there the teams don't wanna give them a huge and you know. Out of guaranteed money they want more incentive latent field but I think it gets closer to camp. Bulls beat him get a job. And some of those other guys who might be wanting teamed up some injuries or get to camp in Cuba they have and then we'll see there must start side room continuance. I know you you don't go average here for the July I was on the go to Martha Jones he household. Com I'd probably. Am going to be smoking. Pork shoulder there's some old port there I'm hoping so if it shakes out that way. My son's got a tournament we're finding out what time he played in morning hopefully we'll later in the states I'm. Get the smoker going around 4 AM and then. Pull it off just for relief for the tournament if I gave you two million dollars to mark stereo restaurant would you leave the NFL beat would you leave this lifestyle and open up your new restaurant because I know how much he loved to grill and cook. I would do it but like if by the freelance here and there that you know just you know. Pick my pick and choose my spots stupid to do the sports writer thing it's I would love to so we got an responses out there. Let's I would have just been gone I got Hurley taverns sponsors they're looking for cook I'll off the area down here this football wrangling as Edward. Work out does I appreciate is always enjoy the downtime training camp is around the corner body. I wish you would go and you guys Mike Jones USA today.