Interview: Mike Jones (8-6-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, August 6th
Mike Jones joins the show to relay what he has seen so far around the NFL and to give his thoughts on the NFL Hall of Fame inductions.

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Mike Jones USA today NFL senior columnist joining us as he does each and every Monday brought you by her release tavern in the shops it in Brooke. Josie was there a highlight amongst the highlights of you watching all fame weekend Saturday. But this is gonna sound awful but I did not get to watch a whole lot of it I got it on DVR my daughter was playing in the Little League World Series I would be here. Instead of at. What and the whole pain but this snippet that I have seen you know obviously great news and Randy mall that you guys and happily. Well so far what do you watch and I look now scrap that question more importantly how did you daughter make out this weekend. They do well they lost by one run in the semi finals in them no bond. Finishing third. Well congratulations that's RF proud Papa and well understood spend Saturday night. Watching that's their hall of fame weekend are now author your real curve ball not now make you pay for Mason it eligible for next year's class Champ Bailey. Ed Reed Tony Gonzales he can only vote for one guy who gets your vote John C. I think I gotta say Ed Reed. I mean all of those guys and great. But Ed Reed regimes such a tone setter. Further agreed. You know ravens' defense is that I can that I got to go attempt at that I hair. Open champion Tony can dial. It's topic is Tony guns out you can make the case the arguable case the Tony Gonzales was the greatest tied and ever deflating game but Ed Reed. It's weird Ed Reed go down as one of the all time greatest safeties and a way oddly overshadowed by ray Lewis and he shouldn't be and that's why I have to say other three I'd have to give it Ed Reed is well. You know I mean I would just think it is just what he didn't secondary is arranging. You know. Just Becky says one of the great shape he's in. You know you have the winds to go at the end Tony Gonzales as great years more than we do winning teams. Then so yeah give every just a little bit of another. A book with the other just any always looked ten years older than what he always wants the actors and that's what twenty years older than what he thought its was. What seemed so amazing to it I don't look at somebody. On about. Ed Ed Reed the forty at twenty but man he got was he fun to watch play. Mike Jones what is on the Thursday we got the hall of fame game it was one game we got a taste of the new helmet rule. And of course the questions around it Josie should we anticipate a lot of flags in the pre season because some are thinking the officials are just going to call it. With if there's any question call it and then build a library of how to caught in the regular season do you see it that way. You you know I had heard that from somebody who around the time they first with the rule of play. That they said they expect for it to be a lot of flack in the pre season because that's the point that is the name like it's probably gonna scale back a little bit. During the regular he didn't you know the experimentation and learning on the fly there were officials to. And then go back from the butane and figure out OK where were we were right where were we wrong and they want guys to be mindful so if you're gonna a lot of flak increased he's not going to be quite messy thing got at present the kind of changed their approach. So that way. Hopefully not as much a factor in the regular season. I believe you wrote about this when the rule came out the amount of new referees knew officials because you had severe and class that has retired here that the will named guys that we know and love. You know gene stared tour and I can Leo all retiring how much of a factor it is it's do you have a lot of fresh face. New NFL officials being the ones to have to implement this. Yeah no I think that there is pressure on them and you wonder. This guy you know a lot of those guys you know well respected by players now you have all these new guys that can make more clashes or of these players gonna. Now questioned more. Be more apt to give their bases in and not be happy about the calls or some that. Because they're new coming in here stressful. And you know they're they're just. Kind of trying to be better with the communication and understanding. I don't know what's really gonna make French and dynamic. When things are pretty confusing players already feel like that things are being explained to them as well as they need to be. And then you've got guys who they feel like a learning on apply the same time. It just seemed like it is not a great situation for the everybody in ball. I took actually nothing away lights of one thing away from Thursday night is that the Mark Jackson is not rate to two supplied to. Bad Joseph Flacco anytime soon but other than that didn't take much away that there I look at the bears that John C. And I look at a team that they need comes in and look at the bears the team colleague Ed do the Redskins I don't I think they're going to be better I don't know of their playoff team. But I see improvement can you give me a team and our boys always get asking you who do you see in Super Bowl but do you see your team. Flat out it's going to be better this year maybe not gonna win their division which you see there being a flat out better team. How much he did this several I think the giants are gonna be a lot better they had the talent to be much better than were last year and I like them back to do aspire. I think they've got a picture Ameren there you've got a healthy they'll Beckham. You've got. You know sick onboard video with Eli Manning take pressure off him I think he'll be a lot better. I think the 49ers are gonna build on there in the that he can run they're gonna be a lot better. And I think that the raiders with Jon Gruden are going to be better and see that he is already demanding a lot of the players. Call now more cities Bryant the other day. He's going to demand respect and I gonna have like their own vision and infusion no place for that seems so. I think they're going to be better as well. Do you have a good vibe coming out of camp. Is Eric can't that you're looking around you just he either you salt with your own eyes and you're likely is seeing or your your your liking what you're here. You know I know when I look at the with the Eagles are I wondered how they were going to be. Now they get played with the sad incident the first time that a lot of those guys sitting countered that they have a lot of strong leaders and they also have a coach who. And you know Doug Peterson is not a guy with the story in a quote career but he has seen a lot and he talked about how he'd been the Packers and the ones who won here are expected to win the next year and they didn't. He's relaying the story has gotten making very focused very a home mean they're not buying into their own height. They throw in the occasional last year so I like. What I hear out of them. You know and it will be you know it's still very early on in these camps and you know we're gonna find out. What optimism that you hear from everybody is real and what optimism is just. That early training camp optimism that ends up disappearing when teams continue to struggle. It's one thing suit to believe you're the underdogs and media underdogs and it's another thing to China to reset and recreate that mentality it is totally different might Jozy good bottom on Twitter. By Mike Jones USA today NFL columnist. And you'll be here in this area next week watching the Redskins in the jets' practice at one another. You haven't been down yet to see the Redskins year old beat but from Josie what you're hearing what are you most interest in getting to Richmond and check out about this Redskins team. I'm I'm really latency period guy. I also wanted to see what this defense looks like he's invested in the front the better known pieces put their secondary. It's still a lot of mystery to me who's gonna go out just Norman. In and who's going to be back there was and engagement during. It still sounds from talking to people and from what I more so far probably the same story of late they've got potential but can these people stay healthy. And so we're gonna see is that the same narrative for the red and sort of finally turned the page on that and you click Kurt. And that they can actually start couldn't together and be competitive in years I've been triggered. We'll see you next week buddy we'll talk to you next week thank you Johnson. Put important what he's Mike Jones brought to you by Hurley stubborn each and every Monday on the show GI Joseph Lindsay in U.