Interview: Neil Greenberg (5-22-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, May 22nd
Neil Greenberg of The Washington Post discusses the Capitals season-saving win in Game 6, Alex Oveckin's playoff performance, the Caps improved power play unit and who has more pressure going into Game 7.

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Let's welcome in this guy's sleeping less than I am these days I appreciate you getting up really Geddes Neil Greenberg in Washington Post joining us on the after a game like let that blessed that I could go about 78 different directions but. I'm starting here I said to open up the hour the one thing I thought about when I went to bed last night with the capitals in game six. You couldn't ask for anything more every single person that team delivered last night. Yeah that was as bad as a complete an effort that I've ever seen this team give not only this year but. I China remember a time when I was more impressed by them. It's it's hard the current economy talk about great hope he's getting a big game shut out each up about the power play you realize. And how that skin is. Opel and and and making sure that everything is funneled to the slot that hit just been battling for popped then. It can really making that happen in from the top line to the fourth line. Everything seemed to be clicking and senate before that when that happens as a rare that is that this is that this is a team that's very difficult to beat. And here they are battling back forcing game seven. Went the next should be really interstate. How it today compares him to do but play along with me here he game game one against Boston LeBron James goes out very passive and he's. Look at things over and it wasn't his night game two we knew what to expect from the probably knew he would set the standard. He would dictate the game he would go off for forty points out general Vatican is that a phenomenal post season there's been no need to call him out or tell the raise his game. But what did you see from Obi last night because it felt like he set the standard he set the tone specialist physical play. Yet what you'd be here he struggled a couple of let him know not even getting shot attempts and and so related line has been frustrated by it but what lineup Tampa Bay over the past couple games but. Like he said he what is he was motivated last night at any let us seek and destroy mission. On the typically what you see of redskin teams hit mode right physical mode gonna have to players and that sort of thing. Yes I intend to do a lot of offensive side the last slightly different tact. I cannot hold people as physical I mean Brooks or equity wreckage in deep. He. Mr. immediate physical I mean everyone on the team did exactly what they need to do but like he said that this was the year where out of that can finally put a packet to rest in terms he doesn't do anything in the playoffs he's been back checking it implant solid defense he's scoring. He really doing everything they use you want team leaders do. Make that. Hey do is that it was quite the praise sat down on the post game show because. Children even. Even so that you as a Mark Messier like which is extremely high praise and I'm not sure if we go that far but we certainly have seen out so that's been playing at that team on his back in doing. Everything he possibly can and take them to the next step. The only don't talk about this not Neil Greenberg in Washington Post I don't talk about it enough maybe you guys do in DC and I'm not around Keller there. Mean there's the obvious in the room this might be his last best chance to get a Stanley Cup in. We are we are talking about a guy who if we did it right now dumb I wanted to top if not the top athlete in the world without a championship. Yet there it felt like that last night if Paula there was a legacy night about him last night where he was he was not going to go down without emptying the tank. Yeah it's been the biggest game of his career for the last couple games now right I mean it was the biggest game of his career when they were down to nothing to Columbus that was. The biggest game of his career when he was. Given the capitals are able eliminate the penguins and take it to the Eastern Conference finals for the first. The biggest game of his career to avoid elimination. After taking a 20 lead in the series and he stepped up each and every time. And I don't know right now is getting ready are probably going to be judged and having Stanley cups he has because. This is in the Sidney Crosby out of matched an errant Sidney Crosby has thirty. But I think he's probably the bat and it just score in history that includes. Wayne Gretzky after you adjust for that area that they played and in the rules and and the structure. And he's he's just done everything that he's ever been asked to do. But yet think that their way to deny. Is going to be another Alexi deciding game. And I've no doubt that that he's in Iraq that counts. What do we see last night in this series and each game is a new chapter for what do we see last night when you have a team out hit another team 3919. And only take in total four minutes of penalties on game which by the way they kill off poses penalties. Get a penalty kill was huge because this candidate outlet that we talked about the last it is extremely talented and that might be an understatement. But yet I mean being able to play physical. Also be a little plate there's some physical in a disciplined way is certainly advantageous. And you look at. And meeting usually you look at when it came in and out hitting and that he gave me that they don't have the puck so that would indicate less spending means it means that Washington was sitting. They were putting pucks on net they were playing defense they were getting some odd man rushes they're getting. Some sent a fast break opportunities in the transition in the neutral zone. So there's there really was everything that was working but like you said it means. Staying limiting the power play but then killing those two power players that one point I've sought it was one nothing that everything out of power plant has not made do we get that Wear tight game but hopi probably Atlanta's best endeavor I mean there's disperse shut out of the year. And you know lose it if we know their team can't win if they can't scored ankles so if he's going to be playing at that level can be tough protect the Beijing Games seven. That was his first shot on the year out yet. I thought I you're you're right I read this morning I thought it was just the post season I do not realize for shut out of the year Neil Greenberg a deposed. So we go to game seven and and here we are again who's got more pressure lightening of the capital's. People pressure Evian the lightning pack has had this had all the momentum in this series and lost it. And I need to figure out a way to get it back to Washington game has the pressure like you said literally one player's legacy. On the line. I think that there's there's pressure on both. A couple of Mahan again appealed and asking me for the past couple days that I had a prediction this series then it's really difficult to come up with a prediction because this team DEE television if you'd never know what's gonna happen in terms of which Washington is gonna show up and it's the one that we saw last night as I've. Obviously they have a real good chance of making it to. To the finals for the first time since 1998. But it's. If they plan discipline and they get this topic clicking it could be could be over in the first period. I think both teams have an enormous amount of pressure. But but it is but with the window like he says that at scale public talks a little bit too posh and make a ten but there's going to be around for a while. Not many people get up to 7 o'clock to do this show on normal rest nominee he will get these seven Swanee after a very very late night Neil Greenberg is very kind to kind man redid the Washington Post. Thanks part of appreciate it. Thank you thought he would sit you've got it.