Interview: Olamide Zaccheaus (8-30-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 30th
Cavaliers receiver Olamide Zaccheaus talks the upcoming 2018 season, his offseason and his addiction to video games.

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But as we get ready for the cal football season Virginia Tech Florida State coverage begins 630. On Monday night on fox sports ninths and if you missed John laser on yesterday's show go check it out fox sports Richmond dot com. The game and I'll be attending Saturday night 6 o'clock he'll be Richmond. And Virginia and a couple days ago to sit down with a wide receiver of the Virginia Cavaliers. A lot of days the keys. Is accused joining us now on the idea Mercer rug cleaning hotline. And by the way a nominate you you have one of the greatest most creative Twitter handles I've never seen. I heard her Lama today that's pretty good Natalie back. Great differences it is an ultra conservative. But the main us out and about that appeared. So I have the lesson of McIlroy so some people go. Mr. and Indochina Lleyton like the faded out of character I imagine if you're the doctor's office of the bank somebody tries to say your name is probably the easiest way. Lama day with. Oh in the beginning right. That's the news or at best. He pat Lama dad loved it allotment is accused joining us in the UBA football team. I know you guys are transitioning right now from camp to game week but circle back with me here house can't go on Ford. Soviet dissident. Dissident who the Khatami the competed each other and none of them got better and progress. This forward in the right direction each day and I doubt folks in our Ngo and different on an announced each other Richmond. So we're just excited for those ten days and it went on to it right. You have this incredible Virginia education a fantastic vocabulary how would you describe a Bronco Mendenhall camp in the fall. Total effort at that but you know some superb broke capital there. This is. The best way to describe it like you have to use your own. I eat and I mean if you don't he's just gonna bring it out of you know heart peace. Practice in the short run a Tom here Earl bodies disappear so. Our our decision to it took a proper medical practice whose total effort. A lot of this team got a taste this program got a taste of success last year but then it it tailed off at the end of the year there are players who will say hey last season's last season. Then you have guys who say hey last season for whatever reason is motivation. The following year. Which one is it for this team is that remember what we did last year or is it hate this is a new year. I was says more so a new year but also remembering what had at pat has happened in the past. Are we can't forget about you know patent opulence garden and he. Went in one day after. So far you know resist taking a lesson that our martian climate disputed. Ought the biggest I'm hoping it's like you know motivation or. But arts course those basis you know our base knows that you will look and do this year. You said taking what this team learned from last year what do you think this team learned about itself last year. This I've been saying it plugged through adversity and non accomplishment need to be on the same boat or their corporation and an off. Our commitments you know the cross that off so that once we start and a little bit become so at all. And don't you mean you can you can tell that narcotics or just being you know you can you know staying consistent process preparation at. Everything you wrote in awe accomplished anniversary will be big sister. He's a Virginia cavalier on days appears with us on fox sports 910 and by the way I don't I'd just use of wide receiver is it H back because I've seen it listed both ways. Outlook is that more so our receiver but I mean. I'm although it was so it doesn't matter. And that's that's a little folks because he's gonna be all over the field this year bronco. I was talking a bronco and ACC kick off when he mentioned that that they're gonna use you in so many different ways. But he noticed and he said your training this season you talked to another level what was another level what what did you do to get ready for this year. Has been in better shape arm. And religious as really just cabinet different mindset and an on field. And they Vietnam RC oh cheer coach against a large areas like. There's another level. To my game that I just haven't tepid. And as early as mob mentality. So the biggest thing moments this spring and all season there's no oaks and on that and of course other things are technique and they've well. Out of the biggest thing that we move the focus on you know getting in the right mindset in this film like on the post there sooner or arms in the plain X. I read an interview you gave with USA today they were doing a feature on video games and you you said that you had to give up fort night because you said it was back at that addictive taken up that much time. There are more I've that I couldn't are them lose the but has have reviewed it at major when it comes. Video games so. I've been given a video games and our views known for progress as a player and there. Prop person. Student. So are this. You know one is that going to start to play book that the definitely chart to be the best that in would have consumed a lot of time that I could put into that they. Art should it be better player and person out billions of if I had I couldn't it couldn't get into of that but at least those he people quiet. I'm right there with the men I don't have much of an addictive personality now I go back a couple of years more than you but I do have an original Nintendo down the basement and legend of Zelda I can lose hours. You'll see you're familiar with that. I. There are that great story. I'm lazy kids alone but you deal wholesale and on video against overnight. Let the major tonight are part of this offense. You're gonna be targeted as a major part of this offense and so is new cornerback Brice Perkins give me. And we say this I do a movie trailer like there's the brace Perkins show we're about to see gimme tees. What you've seen from him on the field and where we're Virginia and ACC fans going to be excited to see him. Or you called and spoke with phantom so. In this playbook but I think that I'm not much of black and I'm also adamant about it this you know it is. Like I guess to Alter unity tested it or did it. So I mean you could just abandon some arm mask and then. You know you read it and take it off and you know. So the world is on agenda that's that's really what you're year to. Ease photographers. It's a pretty good cheerleader dude calls himself the fan and I'm intrigued and an idea. How high Def and that's pretty bad arsenic name. Let Iran on this one you guys usually teams will say one game at a time but you guys have owned the monster beat tech oh in the state you guys haven't shied away your coach hasn't shied away. That's the last game of the year is is the philosophy. That everything's about getting better every game is not getting better and that is the main event of the year. Wouldn't necessarily Saito are they every year. And we are equally as important vocal putting more emphasis on the Virginia Tech in this year because of feel like. In order to progress that the program and the organization that we have to beat you know the teams that we play in state. And that hope was recruited in Ohio went in a lot of different vision and a if that this is every entity gluten corn ball release and besides it's a. Virginia started all Saturday against Richmond and Melamed is accused of here you're enrichment stop battle plan a legend is out in your downtown. Aren't. Who you may thanks for the dot may appreciate it. Are they cute that's captain what do captains of the Virginia football team allowed and is a key is kind of joyous couple days back wanna bring that to you before there kick off. 6 o'clock Saturday night against the Richmond spiders.