Interview: Parney (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
Parnye joins Danny Nokes to talk Jose Urena's suspension and the weekend ahead at The Diamond.

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Go back to the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. As we welcome in that today's final guest from the Richmond flying squirrels. Amanda needs little introduction. Party is with us you can find him on Twitter acts tweets horny party how much did you have to pay Wes to make sure that she got the latest interview slot on the show. Look I don't know how to act on the should be anywhere haven't bought mackerel or child that it takes lot of repeat but jobs certainly. Packed up or down you know level where to go this from a back. Led to the airport Schindler heading up the quote we have a five game series this with the store so I. Oh lead. All the people out there that are grateful come out of the ballpark and have some that used to very. Have tried that your time that she surged. For two the first African runner transcription over thanks our crew chief culprits were critical to reach him at a fireworks tomorrow. Published the trade and rotating your crop you'd do harm to train trip. Thomas the train will be there on the instructor so we'll have thirteen home games the project took about politically he couldn't these things go there and spine precedent will report to. Getting back home to remove long wiggle room. Play that's awesome and as usual a weekend at the diamond. Great for all ages with that Thomas the train being there I might just have to make an appearance part yeah I think that. Definitely need them and get up there but you know I want to do I do wanna talks in baseball with a partner because we we talked about this earlier in the show and a few nights ago Marlins pitcher Jose you reenact it prominently and you junior with the first pitch of the game. Clearly intentional and and we got word yesterday that you Reno would be getting a six game suspension. It's got everyone complaining about the unwritten rules of baseball and I just wanted to get your take on this you've watched a lot of baseball of the years it is that suspension enough and and what are your thoughts on. The unwritten rules of baseball. We'll take our opened the suspension first rove actually added that it dinner meeting. Rules granting him to be on that happening in the loans also calls or recently hitting. I think from what I've heard is that if you could recover all the could do it well so. Totals pretty disgraceful that they do I don't know he had to go to golden you know apartment hard to believe she's sort of the locker. And I were ordered drew when the first pitch of the game. So I've added personal thanks experience as a must. But also to open approach to those you'll be curtains are about a renewed co editor. Some sort secondly there are a lot of written rules of the game and I think that's actually one of the cool things about it. As far as the inner workings. I think what you think it wanted to take you to forward sabathia also wrote that. I would bet security news rooted great great story was always talks about. Every week you know baseball needs some good stories reputed it is certainly a good story. Not whether or not this does that magnify it or two minutes is it because she heard all ought to get it's a little less quiet so. Apple pretty bad deal. Spoke great god of this or start. CT scan X rays show nothing if it's negative for rotted Acuna so it doesn't look like it's gonna keep them out. For very long but but yet it's it's a bummer because Major League Baseball I think does need stories I think they're looking to make the game. More exciting and when would take guys like Rhonda Cooney junior out. It's obviously ain't gonna make the game less exciting and it's weak from a team that's in last place you porn if you ask me what a guy that the precedent playing very well. Just fired about I mean that kinda sounds like something at a major week. Well what Leo I was in the meeting yesterday and are talking about it. I actually would move in importer distributor was crucial vote used to work boots and Russian and my work and stretched it. And print reporter said well. February 5 from the third quarter retaliate if their store can you name the moral installer and a look at the public know what hit me in the world storms that terrible well. And I agree with you the brings a lot to play for their great great story great organization in Major League Baseball and it was just little. A pretty good feel for the Marlins to do but I think an hour and silicone moral special look. People expect that kind of thing the moral of the sport calls they're they're they're. They're kind of Obama computer to bureau's computer and disfigured so bad about saying so. But look. What will move won't boot cut that in a lot of there's no doubt about the actual opening capitalize it was really crazy crazy thing. The majority of gotten to a bench clearing brawl with two Dodgers the same rights so. You could tell us all vehicles are what your wolf feisty. No doubt about that and everybody's ready for post season play that that everybody that stinks like the Marlins as is ready to be done playing baseball bat ready. For the offseason sporting look at for a look at for two great weekend at the diamond partner Hartford. For the first three games before a couple against bu we should be a lot of fun. There will be appropriate Monday Tuesday reasonably grateful for Oracle's shouldn't that are that are. Also more those are out there as well. On the Tuesday night to go on the road we're all of the only game season. The following Monday through the following Monday which would be labored so. Lot of fun to will be had a few up and out at all actually make a visit to put up three or four times try to make fireworks six. What will have a great cartons the promotions and weaker brutally fought. With the Orioles fans had abandoned ship before this season they certainly don't have how. After this series Barney appreciate the time today Mandel talked you soon. Or they don't still some jokes. You got it at sporting Richmond flying squirrels we appreciate his time each and every Friday find him on Twitter. Acts tweet party.