Interview: Paul Richardson (8-8-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 8th
Wes catches up with Redskins wide receiver Paul Richardson at Redskins Training Camp to discuss the heat at camp  adjusting to a new quarterback and why he picked Washington.

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The other day I guess it down with Paul Richards in the nude speed wide receiver from Seattle and he was sweaty and it was hot and we were on the border of a thunderstorm rolling into our conversation. So here's six quality minutes we'll leave Bynum quality with Paul Richardson of the Redskins. Let's start here click out thought Colorado played in Seattle. So what's it like coming to this humidity for training camp. This is different. The past two days have been very. And we've being gain. We've been given to spend their money were though we've been showing we've been out here been on shows. Compete at a high level in a big thing you know that he and we just once they have the. If you can't they have the as you about that but first you're out there you got the tights on he got them long sleeves on. I remember when as a kid you go out this note that the gloves on and it just gets saturated. You receiver gloves the lake watered down bits by the time we don't practice I was. Was there and then goes I discussing that time thank you thin man you have them air routes though I think. He does for you might as trim as Kevin and that show though I mean everybody is strange things the way it. Jews in their blood this lead did did everything that they've put into practice in their work out for today so we're given you know we got here and. Woman noted that you spoke fiscally talking about this he says there's a balance. Of going all out getting everything out of practice competing but knowing how to practice we are not taking guys out what is that balance ball. There's a very thin line man by a part of being a professional athlete you have to learn how to compete at a high level hampered take your teammates as well as yourself. So I think you know usually when because guys coming up to teach them those things Dan you know is on as fit to do that you know. But I think day I think that we're doing net it is done a good job today here you know guys aren't. You know killing each other out here everything you know is kind of like. You know freak accident scene of so. You know as long as we're getting better and we compete at a high level we're in you know than ours though than any circumstances their position where we're out for the season I think that you know we're doing what we need to do. Borges is kind enough to be where this young bucks what's nights and was McIlroy training camp. What is it like pro wide receiver and and everybody wants to know about Alex Smith but what's it like just broke wide receiver to come to a new team new system with a new quarterback. How do you even start that process of the transition. It's. It's rough you know. But it was good that we came in at literally at the same time you know we may. Our first days here you know so. We kind of started the table get the same time we start to build that chemistry almost immediately so. It was a road because you're come into a new office the other new offense you gotta you gotta break the Tennessee than that and and and lose kind of you know those old terminology from the place that you came from before. And that that's hard but once you get through today it's still ball is just football I think in today's though there's so I was fortunate that there was a lot of carry over from the face I was before. As very as far as terminology and a lot of things that you know barges you know. Bovine general that you can't just re named Marie tags you know a's general folk are. You know that's kind you know where I'm Matt would be I think day it was it was pretty it was rough at first you know once I got down stood outside in the process that we. Just below. Alex Smith is different and Russell Wilson had only compare that to bite from quarterbacks that you play with your career. When you meet Alex made these are working without Smith how would you describe him just being a different quarterback and we played it. I think Alex is. Is a very versatile quarterback. It's hard tonight. It's hard to differentiate between the two quarterback I'm in the progress that I've had since I've been NFL. You know wrestle very versatility makes a lot of plays with his legs and he he gets his eyes and downfield. Alex he does the same thing he just days in a popular little bit longer you know. You know he he he tries to see those in the defense and then he'll move a little bit just to delivered a ball he's. He's not around thinking quarterback he's still a pass various past decade India all right I'll I'll running go make a play. What's your favorite around. Now and I imagine every series got loyally stayed perk up a little bit morally gets called what's Borges and stayed around. My favorite route is through unopposed I think. I like climate there in defense spending going over to middle you read a post you've got to give the quarterback freedom and delivered a ball wherever he wanted he wanted though you cross the field to give you to pull away from guys became. If you want to throw you up the filthy did you away from now I think he can so I think that you know like I like the post the lighter red is so many different ways. How. How do you develop a relationship and I've heard receivers and quarterbacks do this you can talk to your eyes and how long does it take to do that and he developed that yet without us. Yeah there's a lot of it is we colleges flam ball and so. You know we have a lot of routes and and and you know if the defense stuffs it and you're the main read or they only read. You got to still play ball so I think I think Audi sedan and good with communication you know. Before. During and after practice to where we have gotten on the same page so we know like OK this is taken away so Alex expects me to do this so it's more like. You know I hand. Big guys are more like understanding when we look at each other like hey let it we're gonna go a little awful we usually do on this. And and he makes a happy man he makes to have him. Or just in listening to hear that back at home there's a massive thunderbolt that went beyond all eyes on their rafters of seen getting get a shower this is very general question. After financial reasons why Washington what what did you see here when you have choices to make what was it about here that she wanted to come to Washington. Not big is being and I decide to come here will wine. It was away from home. So it was good for me like yours like maturation growing. Felt like elevated B models in the years. And so I felt like I was coming to a room now. You know I can really help with with meeting. I came to. Two I came to a team where they didn't have a guy. In the role that I came to feel. You know use the they have guys you know China should all these guys trying to fit in a row and it can be a get it to work competitively or it could be destructive. You know I came in I'm in a position where is. I'm the only guy you know so to speak you know in my row so I think we have a room for the guys who law are different types of receivers so everybody knows their role and maximize than me I'm maximize my maximize viral as the speed guy. As a guy who can run across averages around Heidi since. The forcing us to value before you start by lightning than de Paul appreciate that thanks man HER. 101 with Paul urgency and wide receiver of the Redskins who I don't know if we'll see you tomorrow night we're not that question still remains. But if you would like to check out one along with Paul Richards into 101 was Ryan Kerrigan all those interviews are available at fox sports Richmond that dot com.