Interview: Rich Tandler (7-31-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 31st
NBC Sports Washington Redskins Reporter joins Wes to talk about how the weather could affect practice, the leadership role of Alex Smith and his level of concern with Da'Ron Payne's injury.

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Sweating in the sun. Bumps and bruises to. Position battles. It's time for training camp uptick. And I surely can't hit brought do you buy parking go in your flying at a Richmond no waiting no law being no worrying leave your car at parking go go to bookmarking Kodak comic and all live prepaid reservation. You're daily rate drops to four dollars and 99 cents. Redskins all yes two day for training camp back added today. With perhaps some weather in the forecast rich Taylor and BC sports Washington dot com joining us now on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline and I know Richie gets you wrote about this are you. You seem to be in super rich Taylor doppler 5000 what's going on what could happen this morning with the weather. Well from what I've been able to get out where it is that the word practice should be OK you know I think they're talking about. Not much happened until noon but then bit the chances go way up after their so. Morning practice which is legal wrapped up about a quarter and 1210 to twelve something like that. It should be should be okay there walking out meanwhile might be a different story. Visit balancing training camp and a bruised up about this before and just in general nature how you treat training camped you wanna protect guys' bodies you also sometimes when I make among comparable. With the exception of lightning you got to get the guys on the field that lightning quick how much does gruden like to get work and when it rains does he like to get sloppy every once and allow as he. Sometimes just saying hey you know we we can do this inside. He hasn't. He really hasn't cut short any practice and be what this is a six year. Where that training camp has been here. And he's he's gonna retreat from a steady. Hard rain is is one thing where it's not like yelled pulling up on the field and big like out repeat beyond that there it's not. It is deciding factors not getting wet is it is appeal. Playable we give it a hit somebody heard on it. Will be rip it up to the point where somebody to get her gonna get heard bar or the next day so he'll go to rain gauge shell that. Hear about when it gets to be either Q are you imagine lightning. Anywhere in the vicinity that described as we have mr. I'd be out in right ever that your name. I like it in the Milwaukee cut short I believe Saturday. You know that they're gonna they're gonna Bolton side yet for the Saipaia both themselves and the spectators. And I say work inside anymore for a walk throughs because there is no bubbles and sometimes you just gotta. Now got to take the rain and raw outside we'll see other Redskins do today 945. Practice for 45 walk through is scheduled we'll see how that goes rich Delaware this from NBC sports Washington. Dale yesterday. Four days in the books things got a little bit more physical as the pats went on Sunday. Richard what do you think you've learned so far about this camp would this team. The LII think that they're they are very mean very businesslike. I think it you know it can never get their preparation and seat in their elders not it is not just the biggest winner in Europe we're seeing. This could be John Hopkins and figure things like yeah. I think there are others not so much trash talking. Except except Obama DJ. There's not a lot celebrating. Are you very much down to business but it did no well look at colored girls standing that owns there. These seem to be we did today. Mike doubt that that now up on not up on our website might down at a mica a few days ago and he got to that day. In Smit in the beer he. You know he got them joking around subside conversation these are very much down to business. Out on the field night big bat the other team has really started to look. You'll look to get both sides of the ball early look met him for leadership. And on. He has is definitely send in the town which is little bit more. Like a kid down to business and not so much a lot more work in the little playmate. Risky if you expand on that it is summer did make it the training camp you've been OTA is you've been to many camp now you've been four days of practice when you say Aleks Maric. When you see the impression that he's putting off when he's setting the tone of practice what are you specifically saying I know this ultimately comes back to. Hey he's doing this incur wasn't doing that but what is it about Alex Smith. You know this is something that bit that. Mr. Wexler and shoots the mean my doubt segments and you'll be hit a lot of that stuff have to get cut out because. Are you anti doesn't want team you know the information going out there that that might help their opposition. You're pretty strictly at the Nike goes up. Two wide receiver docs document dismissive you know after a after play good play bad or whatever. They'll go up sliders here and say hey way to go or you'll say something on the line to head immediately made that China has cured sooner or. You know don't flatten it out quite as much. Things like that yes specific little tips constantly coming route. Then. You know showed their eighties obviously picked up as well. In in a hurry I don't think they're going to be any issues there but yell just just getting everybody on the same page. Rich Taylor NBC sports Washington I guess so for the injured camp is Tyronn pain first round pick out Alabama. He's going to be in a boon for the remainder of this week out reportedly two to three weeks how big of a deal is it to you. It's not a real big deal I mean deeper for his sake he owed it or rookie. Real early in camp is important you know even know yet maybe a defensive line babies aren't critical by the people as. One of those wide receivers not and not getting tips from Alex Smith. Know little things like that but it's that you'd rather not happen that. You know a piece just a group where we could keep recovered pretty quickly I would. Suspect he'd be back more like a week after the result instead of two. I don't they just seemed that first preceding game in New England met. But again could that he should be an easy should be good to go with the jets practice as. And the second pre season game. Give me guy I know it's only four days in a note the pads have been increasing. The gimme guy who's caught your for the right reasons and gimme a guy who maybe. Maybe you thought would catcher irony hasn't yet so far. The guy the good guys a word about what Maurice terrorists. He and you really. To make them some spectacular day has gone up in the air. Now we know he has the ability to do that first ball thrown to him last year you may want to look at the the year Cortes got against the vikings. But then we didn't hear fraud began work at this bird for twenty some one yard some odd yards the rest of the year. You know do you choose to injuries due to. Not getting up you know earning enough playing time and things like that but I think that he could be ready. For wide receivers Bob is wide open and I think he's. I think he is determined to to grab it. It's hard Alicia I wouldn't say dismissal he surprised me. But Kevin Hogan the the third quarterback. And he is struggling you know I saw him. ER this argue this fire to baton down the old. But he had problems executing a a picture out of of about. Where he the other day through the iBook the running back. I just think it's competent to start. Oh start to press is confident there's really there are so. PL IA you know it is going to be a tough road pertinent to make. Roster. He's rich stand there they'll be out there rain or shine we'll find out named 9:45 this morning for 45 looked through both are open to the practicing you can check out out Smith Mike up. Talking basketball haircuts and working with wide receivers it's at NBC sports dot com NBC sports Washington. Osce interview mr. Dana thank you for joining us. It and he's brought to you by a park ago our training camp updates each and every morning bright and early can always find him on podcast by exports Richman. Dot com.