Interview: Rich Tandler (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
NBC Sports Washington Redskins reporter Rich Tandler joins Danny Nokes to discuss his first game impressions of Alex Smith, the running back battle and the defensive line performance.

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Washington Redskins however are won and won this pre season after a fifteen to thirteen win of the New York Jets last night. And we're gonna head over to the say hello to rich Chandler Redskins blogger for NBC sports Washington dot com and real Redskins dot com he could find it all on Twitter. At its handler and BC as rich good morning sir has everything go. Good morning doing great actor have ya again. Absolutely thrilled to be talking with you partner last night our first look at Alex Smith under center for the Washington Redskins. First drive of the game he takes the skins down the field they've got an opportunity there inside the five on third down. Couldn't punch it in the drive stalled but. He looked pretty Chris the rest of the way it's tough to take away too much from the limited action still seems like he's got some kinks to work out with those receivers what do you think. Yeah that's actually that's I've been seeing during training in busy not quite bigger. With all the receivers. You know I don't work the trade Quinn sub. Yeah of that that third down pass them out in the red zone there. You don't Buick and cattle like both of them got it worked well they're going to be a little bit better ask also looks like. Like Creighton got caught in any way. But you know I wouldn't be good that Chris driving incomplete ambassadors to our Josh dikes and all rich and Vernon Davis younger going to be big targets what team this year so it was it was all he wants series you don't know it yet. So extrapolate that out government iron game but I guess something what you gotta say so far so good. Not too bad not shabby at all I think we'll see a lot more of Alex Smith there in the third game of the pre season. We look at the running game though rich obviously concerns after Darius guys went down with the ACL injury he's gonna miss the point eighteenth season. Some ICP Ryan also went out with an injury last night only one carry but it was a thirty yard carry. How do you expect the running game to evolve our coach gruden and the coaching staff kind of trying to pick up the pieces now the ice is no longer going to be part of the team this year. That well you know grit instead he's got that you know he has some good statement that he has now of course what coach says on the podium. And what actually happened green now and we won could be two different thing I think right now I think that's what. No they would like it to work out where rob Cali. And there is guys. Every below right persons second down. Stop and of course we have not seen yet in the portrait preceding game. All might see you next week might not seem that we won all but you know he's he's going to be that being the third down guy. And then. You know I think I think last night he really wanted this seat. You know cabinet and slums some of the 12 punch with telling people how that worked out I think Kelly. Job to restart and I think pea dry and get it will. Going to be given a chance or it still will be unity at the ankle injury was not serious according gruden. But ally. He will be given a chance to earn its slump he's earned some more series and what that. Evolves into a. Running back by committee or involved Kelly yeah getting beat deep lion's share the care can be right just skinny players here there's alum. Regulation in the second set a lot of of true rookie right deter Ernest box. And certainly you'd like to CP right here throughout the rest of training camp. Get back healthy is the ankle injury mention not quite as serious as maybe initially thought and pick it up in practice and and make some plays in the games when he gets that opportunity. About camps in rich he's been an interesting project to this point. The rookie receiver from damage had an up and down game last night dropped a wide open pass ended up being an interception but. He did make a really nice catching traffic and I think you can see a lot of his potential an athletic schism. In some of the plays that he did make I feel like this coaching staff really wants him terror roster spot deal. The what the saying goes you play like you practice and it's exactly it can't be was. There is inconsistent Richmond as it drops tensions in keg that is just like we did. He did last night so yeah well we're talking about it on the on the road construct podcast last night. And yell and there's such loud can really see. You know you keep Brian quickly been around him as never really got anything spectacular and should be as a sixteen year. Trichet the only. Forty keeping it and say yeah but it is more reliable more Krugman you know a little better blocker but I'd argue keep the guy with the potential life. Like him to have you can make this spectacular grab it just we just scratched the sort of exhibit development. Don't consistently. All but gone with it is just repetition of time league so that will be a very interesting he gave he read for McCain. You all about all in and possibly cut that. We've done that ball belting out a darker an interception. To be a guy who made it very very strong case toward convene a grand could create it makes. Or. Last question for rich Taylor NBC sports Washington dot com in Rio Redskins died. I was encouraged by the performance of the defense last night rich drawn pain having a sack but. Tim saddle is a guy that we've heard so much about some training camp began and it makes is getting down here in southwest Virginia warm doing the show today because. To settle a Virginia Tech product. How to tackle though I batted ball down the line scrimmage. He sure is quick and athletic for a guy that big what does this coaching staff like most about settlement and how do you expect them to increases workload if at all. Yeah it is another guy who still it was still learning about this just physical. Our ability let him out newspapers lined up where most the second treatment or bad. Against Spencer along the way the. You know we're a good starting setter last year before he got injured were challenging for the record that so. You know he was going into pretty decent lie and then just just me and handling it he almost got Hispanic. They can wind up as it is a defense of tacked on when the resident what drew orbit for a and he's held that they're gonna have to find snapped formula that actually loved that let them. You know he's he's fast he's quick AO yeah it. Right now of course you don't need to get into the pre season lives let you know but either way it. You're you wonder I kept wondering can't I got lasts until they ran out. Org read it I don't think they're planning on taking him after they. But it got deride and in the first but you know they just they just had to take him it will be distilled them yet and it proved to be a good. Get paid so yes there have been coaches get dump fuel they're gonna have to buy and match for him. I mean Ngo and regular rotation a 20/20 dot snapped a game like they. To take advantage of them that you just peace deal to have it on the bench. Jay you gotta love those late round value picks that guys can. Bring in the National Football League but rich thanks so much for the time today man I'll let you go appreciate it have a great rest Sudan. Are any kind of have a good one. Apartment rich Taylor Redskins blogger NBC sports Washington dot com and real Redskins dot com if you'd like he would need to follow rich on Twitter at handler. And BCS.