Interview: Russ Huesman (08-03-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 3rd
Richmond Spiders Head Coach, Russ Heusman joins Wes as his team gets their training camp underway in preparation for the 2018-19 season.

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Coach to get Reagan back door calories that are. I'm doing good you know what I'm doing good reader college football in the end it makes it makes me very excited I'm I'm curious for someone like yourself. Going into last year compared to going in this year how how is it different houses similar. It's well it. It's a lot different. Because I think our guys are very familiar what we're doing all essentially in defense and we we know damn band costs. I did I just think we're so far ahead. No more work last year. And it's Goode weed in we've got good players to go work to. When I know we think LA training camp some certain. Days and we think about his seminal like opening day in baseball we think of a grand celebration something new. But for you guys can't should be almost a continuation spring football you that's what you do these guys have all season workouts you guys want. You want these guys walking in the door raider rock and roll right. Yes it's what he differed because. It settles like they're not report per camper here all summer. Everybody is going to summer school now so. We have a mall some we know what they believe it used to be in the day works they'd be gone and you have to come and haven't conditioning test this morning and figure out there in shape and then yell at everybody gets such a good. You know if they're not in shape right now than we need to get loose during coach. I was reading about speaking of your strength coach I was reading about some of the new set up and renovation seven million dollars going in to the you're part of the Robbins center what are we talking about here what do you guys added to the the. Well a new strength and conditioning. Area for us. That is it's really really nice all new equipment in there expanded. It's going to be able to fit more people it's got that three lane dirt tracking in there were really excited about that are new locker room we moved into. Which is state of the art. Our our players love it it's it's a beautiful facility. And then our training room. That was expanded in in and maybe into the one of the best training rooms. At our level for sure and probably. A lot of the FBS levels to soak those three things on the bottom floor near the Robin Sanders has been to. And domestic trucks. You know as a coach of the program year also the GM you'd be ambassador here you are so many hats as a coach especially the FCS level. I'm sure that was part of UBS which is you were the coach but do you. You can't and you know this Dick do you marvel. I mean in your history in your your history with the game do you marvel at the way facilities. Are now used it's I call it an arms race to recruit do you marvel at the sometimes of what you have just have to have to keep up with the joneses. Yeah I mean obviously part of its recruiting in in what you can show recruits. You know we we had a bunch in this summer in and we showed off our facilities. But you know what it is sometimes. People. You don't need to eat talk about keeping up with the Jones is true true recruiting but I think the good thing is what it does for our players that are in our program. You know had the opportunity to have a nice locker room. You know way you have. First class strength and conditioning center. And it ended in a training room that it's gonna get a helping quicker and in just it is good reserve has so I think it it. Sometimes it gets overlooked. When it does for your football even when everybody talks about what you're gonna do for recruit you know game in Raleigh is big recruit no question about that but it. I'm just happy that it's somewhat better guy's got the opportunity being entered. In the seniors in the fifth year seniors have been waiting a long time to get some to my desk. When was the last time you look at the player instead backlit IA dot dot dot. It probably. More ready made a guy get a nice day nice yeah you know you talk about it code you're just my job I was. You know and everybody was your went to the locker room to make sure that you know the lockers were. You know. Don't wait we ask them to be his followers. To meet this other thing and things and I've got about ten guys have to practice that we're gonna roll a little bit because they didn't have home of the way we want them so where oil we're going to some lessons learned today. He is the first one in the last one out rusty Eastman and a coach that it is but it is. How are yours I want you there. And so we're gonna have some conversations in August and September obviously coach but that. The atlas for from here I know people were looking. Everyone says the common and media reaction is Richmond's got to find a guy to replace Kyle let it quarterback you're not gonna replace Kyle that if you know Kevin Johnson can be his own guy quarterback. But for fans at the agenda item is always the quarterback. What's agenda item number one for you was you start off camp what do you need to establish here in the first week or two. Well I. Thanks so you obviously Kevin to see how he progresses we we think he's going to be really good. And and I don't think there's a question that. They didn't he'll have a lot of leadership qualities about him he's got a great arm. I mean really good arm strength I think he can move with the Pope on this thing and so you know his skills such a little bit different than towels obviously but. We think he's gonna bring some other things to the table little really. Help us to. The wide outs we get so many good wide outs how we're really deep ball all those guys. You know we got four running backs that are just really good players. But I think I think the one thing offensively is just you know. How are all sorts of lines. You know what combination of fiber and use. Whose numbers 678. Eat you know it at that spot. And so open lines of big a big spot we got to look at this year. And then being sent I think just clinics. Continue to do we did towards the end of last year with the football team differently and you know. I think will be pretty good on defense. Will be way better reward as you know that. Last emit less want from me coach you can accomplish everything in year one but you try to put a footprint on it but. What are you hoping somebody your veteran returning guys it's on the younger guys hey this is the Waco she's been does things this is the way camps going to be. Well I hope they're kind of also in that and and I don't know if there's anything specific. I do think there's there there's kind of a bad taste in our guys mount. You know gold section five last year and I think the older guys need to tell the younger guys did that's unacceptable. That the universe you Richmond hasn't been that way. There's great football tradition here in you know if we just do this a little bit better or if we had just finished disk drive a little bit better or finished this game you know we probably here in the playoffs last year. So I think. I think we've got to we got to really focus on finishing in everything we do. The seniors talk about that last spring will it mean in that was kind of one of our deals we wanna finish every rep every practice every game. Every meeting and you know finish it there with the way it should be finished. And that includes get your locker right to some guys a run in the day. Seeker double and I want crawl rule and under role. Keep what are the pollen is that leg literally because that was the worst when we step to do the line and rolls in camp. Who's swayed in humid we used to do these gold monkey Rosie jump over roll push up. Back. These are you just immediately underground and you just cannot just roll away. Well CEO and I. They had a very JC breakfasts coach I will see a lot of practice thank you for your time in the first day camp. Thanks go into would be you know you guess I'd say thanks coach he's been joining us on this indeed Mercer road cleaning hot line.