Interview: Ryan Wilson (3-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, March 13th
Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports breaks down the numerous deals put in place during the tampering period in the NFL, what the Browns are up to and what the Bills are attempting in the draft.

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Let's bring in Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com he's brought you by plumber like plumbing and I Iran let's start here while you were sleeping case skiing and to the Denver Broncos thumbs up thumbs down by John Elway would he think. I'd like I've mentioned last week or so that that could be possibility it could cut them loose. Either too much too much money for what John Elway their team wanted to pay. Ortiz at sighted somewhere else and clearly as far as we evaluate cousins haven't gone anywhere just yet but that they would seem to be. Minnesota and Deborah certainly limits but also the jets and the car also sort of wanted to support the sound alike have paid Kim makes a lot of sense. It's sort of the thing is I guess and I was guessing that he would probably get something. Around twenty million Mike Florio PF two probable talks says today that is probably eighteen between arrangement sound about right for guys that are fantastic. So one year flash man and whether he can. Do it again we'll see but I think he's certainly an upgrade. Don't question that over the record record of the struggle so much last year so now the question becomes darker cousins. That's one team can pick up your list about what's next so I suspect. I don't like people will start to move and the like it is similar situation by select favorite word on. Timber ever probably come back ineptitude got so they have some decisions to make because. With a quarterback there's two bowl team without a quarterback. They can't keep it didn't Broncos a 27 day. I know the vikings reportedly reached out going to Tom palace Errol reached out to Drew Brees which bank doesn't hurt to make a phone call. And ultimately we all believe that Drew Brees will be back in New Orleans and I think this has to be done by 4 o'clock tomorrow. So that's stated. He did timeline is floating out there do you anticipate Kirk cousins. Having a decision on Thursday on Wednesday do you see him doing a trip to Minnesota doing a trip to New York IDC is gone now. He's gone back and forth there their ports to come back for the wedding you can visitor not that I'm I'm would you I don't imagine Drew Brees go anywhere it's similar to New Orleans and if given the choice political climate in the short of New Orleans source forwards mostly under which is a year element in New Orleans and I think Drew Brees probably. You know in the short leverage as much he can settle the question becomes a pay cut and forced him what he gonna do. I don't he doesn't necessarily have to go anywhere but hey you need to make sure you know the last guy standing when the music stopped could only so many. Teams in the quarterbacks and I can't imagine not fill up without him. But there's going to be a situation or he's not fairly forced quote unquote to go to the jets who don't want their support to take a pay cut to go to the cardinals vehicle to play there. So there's some sort of jockeying going on I think that people start to move pretty quickly. And you know by tomorrow at 4 o'clock on this thing jumpstart officially quote unquote. I would be surprised if he's he has maintained. Mornings of macro Roy Lewis McIlroy fox sports night Tim Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com witness Charles Robinson had a piece yesterday Yahoo! Sports. Saying that some around the league executives and agents. Saying cousins could get a short term fully guaranteed contract that he may be looking at three years but all guaranteed money. I imagine it's an option on the table Ryan the correct me if I'm wrong I can't seem GMs and owners willing to do this because you just. You're setting a precedent for down the road your opening pandora's box and start even if it's quarterback you start guaranteeing contracts. Yeah we have that conversation piece there about Russell Wilson before he got his second contract about what made it look anti illegal short get a short term deal. And I think one of the sort of stumbling blocks is is literally a financial one in that. The people that don't have that money on Hannity can't keep it and there's some sort of financial rules where you have to have it. So there's no. Com. Understand what the upside is firms for owners and GMs to do this and certainly they understand that that that's why we don't have guaranteed contract right now in the lead. Even though the utopia completion port. But I. That would be it would be curious to that happened or not only because it never happened before. Element that propelled into the good correct medical record rep for the reasons you point out that press man and then the next thing you know. Everyone who wants. All their money up front and fully guaranteed so. Maybe happened but I think that would be outside. The expectations of you know how these things were being Buffalo's contract in and sort it. Did at that but I don't suspect that a team will be that it's short term with with problems. K I'm looking here at the Buffalo Bills making moves yesterday they trade to tackle. And they move up and 41 to twelve. And I start to think here that there may be looking at the Philadelphia Eagles two years ago with a leap frog up. I think the Eagles moved up from thirteen to eight and then from eight to two. If you're doing that you got somebody in mind you're making a movie making the move for a quarterback but he you're doing it you're doing strategically. You're thinking about somebody which one of these quarterbacks. Could you see ending up in a Buffalo Bills uniform. That is the million dollar question. I have to point out that contractually that Shawmut terminally McGrath so. Clearly whatever he's doing is going to be top notch but etc. twelve. You're sorting and they and depending on you have Josh delicate public twelve they can make the could follow the twelfth. But you talk to someone else those guys are top five picks seem don't seem to be the safest pick Eric King deep throat when buffalo that's solid dependable children more but that is. Because the draft and plain cold weather sent Arnold obviously the USC. A Wyoming. As cold weather some may be Allen makes sense there break tomato played Oklahoma so we don't know and I have no real sense. The building done a pretty good job of being tightlipped about what their intentions are even counting what they've done so far. Into the living up to draft board. But yet they did not look at not that there's fights on on a mix up for example there again the quarterback they have to have a quarterback and didn't wacky fun to watch this long to break. The Bret that the bills they observed have something to hold onto the what the playoffs last year now that people that are running. Economics say economic coaches get to see you know what they want and you know that's sort all that. What's New York has been asking for for twenty years so wolf seem to really have no explanation is for the been so good about how you their intentions. Oh it's so much fun because you can go around in circles with the Cleveland Browns do what they're trades you bring in Tyrod Taylor. Do they get a quarterback who want to they wait to afford to get the guy that they want it line. And all of a sudden other teams move up now I got Denver they're not gonna pick a quarterback of five they're trade partner I. I think the bills trying to find their way into the top four but that quarterback that I still wonder who it is I've gone back and forth between Allen and may feel alleges. It's going to be a fun next month Ryan Wilson CBS sports dot com I got thirty seconds left with yet. Give me a free agent or to your paying attention to the next point 448 hours. Welker got obviously only get this on the record this is a middle that the minute. Hijacked this thing. Feel the outlet in a worst team in the NFC west what you think about that are second to clean out. The part of the court who want to get one the rest of that division in the 49ers and GT. And then of course the ramp and what they're doing those three teams bought up or so. Fiat flat place you heard it here first what sort of horrible. It's a lock Brian Wilson CBS sports dot com thank you Ryan. He's brought you back home right plumbing when union plumber and someday you will remember the name plumb right. 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