Interview: Ryan Wilson (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
CBS Sports Senior NFL Writer Ryan Wilson talks the NFLPA's grievance against the league's National Anthem policy, the LeSean McCoy situation and the Supplemental Draft.

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Let's mackerel or fox sports night and now joined by Ryan Wilson of CBS sports dot com has brought to you each and every week but plumb right plumbing. Located in mid low the end serving all of central Virginia plumb right ink dot com. I don't that we started here with the NFL PA following their grievance yesterday they're non injury grievance this. In I guess retaliation. In response to the NFL owners National Anthem plan and policy. What does the NFL PA wire the following this grievance. So the national open policy the new revised was released in late may. Shifting here to tell explain it to those quote unquote compromise and the NFL PA. Made the point that could not be further from the truth and in the compromise but lacks one was that they the Pope he wasn't involved in this new policy which. Requires players to stand them sidelines or if they choose not to panic stay in the locker room so this grievance filed yesterday about the and it felt PA basically says that. It's a violation the collective bargaining agreement there was the players that are right to protest prior to this. New rule passed in May have to work and that it violates the CPA and that's. At the heart of the issue. So for the good litigation as it appears that we'd like to talk union fell about definitely come to some resolution. Intel agreed we'll see what happens and so this chant his arbitration of the chances at the PGA win. Which means that it reverts back to the previous policy what we all endured last season and that means more ammunition for. Politicians. And including the present as well as keeping the from the headlines much much longer than media via an opponent to rush they'll ever imagined. I was listening this off all the ways the NFL has been so clumsy in this even gone back to the original matter of not having a rule you have to stand like the NBA does but it. Tell me if I'm wrong here. Even the way that the NFL is set this up where they said hey if you don't wanna be out there you can still go to your locker room. Eight that almost seems like the loophole where they can Wear the player's decision can make this about not being part of the CBS. That's right and it's sort came out of nowhere in late may this this new hip and policy because that could stated that the headlines it's not just because we're in the off season. But even by late November early December. The NFL teams fell on some of the players that come to to an agreement on Donna in a lot of money and sort of giving Mac community and getting past. The issues that were sort of misrepresented and the it policy and then out of nowhere and made. They'd decide to announce this policy. Like it's gonna fix everything which makes even more concerned about who's. Sort of the PR person making those decisions because this is only exacerbated things made it much much worse. Potential that just blows up in their face again. Should be arbitration willing to accept Fargo's does against the NFL. I don't know do you feel this way. As a writer but as talk shows that I feel right now I'm a position where there's nowhere to go this conversation I. I have my belief solicitor has their believes we can keep going on circles and the same thing if I can transitions to a football conversation. Because I heard Andrew Brandt of the money morning quarterbacks in this yesterday on the rich doesn't show. If you say and that most times when you get a sport. That has labor the labor deal like the NFL did back with the CBA in 2011 when they get a labor deal done. They get labor peace. Andrew pointed out that since 2011 there's been anything but that it's just. It seems that this relationship has grown nasty year each and every year between the NFL and the players association. As did the relationship was pretty nasty right into the moment to lift kind of he did too back during that summer. There's a lot of back and forth. But I'm not a very nice thanks Fred. But that was a negotiation that I think what that issue is that. The players. Got that went in Hebrew speaking honestly about the Phoebe they signed their name on it today they are to blame. But maybe DeMaurice Smith the executive director and hope that the utopian didn't look pathetic Jabber recipient may be had BK the that the players are pressured him. They wanted to quit making zero dollars a pop so. There are any number of reasons for why he. What the situation has waited now but I mean you have to sort of the players. Caving to the demands of the owners and one of those demands by the way it was bloody body that brought to develop complete. Oversight over all the punishment and that's been a huge headache for the for the players. In the seven years sense and that's something they have to think about making him think about it and Tony nineteen. When the CD is up and point one even need to start thinking about it two years ago circuits are planning for this the issue is that. The players that are played port now will be in the league and coming round to a sort of a recurring circular issued it date they have to figure out how to solve they want to sort of get past this. He's NFL writer for CBS sports dot com Brian Wilson with this on the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. Dealer Shawn McCoy aid this is the so messy. Strong allegations made by a woman's friends now woman's photos about a woman show on NC Graham a home break in in Atlanta suburb. Ex girlfriend a LeSean McCoy she still lives at the home by a film that McQuay Owens however and read more about did the report here that. Date the relationship is over he's been trying to get around the house on Sunday is a home break in. And she's beaten her friend alleges it was LeSean McCoy that he beats her. His son and the dog. Is also a steroid user. It you have Georgia police on this situation is this situation where the NFL's got to dive in or take a step back and just let the legal matters first play out. I think you'll let illegal the justice system run its course. It is such that sort hasn't been such an insane situations on the surface I don't know who to believe. She's got neither weighed in today on the hapless on the court. I honestly can't do some calling you is I don't know that's what you want him doing just because of his history that's sort of easy behavior. I don't I mean it is. It's actually not sit and one of adverse reactions after the graphic pictures you know that was thank god that comic a lot of money because I'm not in this situation working at fort. The people and it in my cap and houses plural and different jury in the afterward but in the back but I don't know what to make of it and I'm sure the builder going nuts trying to figure out it's about and as I know they've they've issued a statement saying they're looking into a network to a belief. But just on the football side of different opinion this sort of the personal side of it. Until you are already in trouble and trouble quarterback they lose their best player on offense. They have gone from a playoff severe go to popped with a working men division. So he played for the just consistent with the run of course he'd been told does usually pretty Serb hands off early on and men. The duplicates here with you after that but it was not from the moment I saw that the first. Consider him and it's continue to be you have got me let crazy in the ensuing hours. On the gate double wrap of violence well ego NFL supplemental draft today it's of interest around here because you have former Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander. Explain how this thing works today. Sadly it's in the case sell lottery so it's based on your record in terms of waited chances that you get at six. But the bad part is that. Seventy minutes total the ministry each round. You submit at the beginning of each round player you would like to draft the league opposite you don't know if you get that player Lee doubled fix all the names reach round. And then that goes down molested based them on which teams have who have submitted names and that's how they select. Determine who gets what pick so that we were relatively quickly you'd think players are drafted because it's what happens is well they're very few players drafted. But could let's say the risk of second player and a third round in the supplemental draft. That in that being their third round pick they can no longer use between nineteen regular drafts but that's that can get some guys Cris Carter was supplement crept into the hall of Famer. Politicos are. But simply gushed cordon and opinion before it went eleven. Troll prior so that you can find guys there will be itching to see. This tent out and the reason these guys are going to let these guys are eligible dished the for the problem drafted because they were declared ineligible for their football season that you are so there. That's what they weren't in the draft and in late April early may and now they're available now. I'm asking for our audience participation today I do this once a year and my sister goes out to Vegas and my brother in law. And I got to send out some money and buy us in money I mean fifty bucks mr. ten dollar bet himself over here. I do my five the way too early NFL over under predictions. Isu looked into this last night is there a team that you're feeling the over the under on. They get to euphoria that the giants are six perhaps the last I saw. Lay over. Way over they won three games last year I think they're much but it seemed that the raiders are eight left SIA gained weight under I have no faith in Jon Gruden at all. And I feel like he would stay in the team back to the ninety's and that's not a good way so giant sober six you have raiders under eight. Thank you Ryan. Brian Wilson CBS sports stack on on the.