Interview: Scott Wilson (6-20-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 20th
Scott Wilson of The Washington Post talks about the many upsets early on in the World Cup, what favorite is in the most trouble and what might have been for the U.S.

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Let's bring has got Wilson. Covering the World Cup in putting up the World Cup newsletter for the Washington Post joining us on the good deed. Mercer rug cleaning hotline Scott we're now six days in to the World Cup was been the biggest story to use so far. I think you nailed it which is the upset of the favorites. And you know heading into we've got one around the game under our belts and and they into the next round the games so it's really almost anyone's to win at this point I think there's a dozen teams that could probably wanna. Which is makes it just a lot of fun I mean Germany didn't Germany loss to Argentina and Brazil tied. Belgium is about the only one of those favorites. That that looks really good. Although I do think Spain looks good too but Ed it's going to be great there's just a lot of things that can win that. Who is the the big quote unquote big boy whose one of the top seeds in the most trouble right now after their first match. Germany I think you know I mean as. Time it's one thing he's still got a point you know you can win your next two games you'll get through. It Germany's got to win out basically end. In and and that's just you know a lot of pressure for defending champion that's why you know it's slightest things really hard to defend them and you know any any turn amend or championship is really part of the sense they're they're really feeling the pressure. I think Argentina looks. I think Argentina is in trouble because it just doesn't look that good. In and so that's another they weren't exactly favorites although you know with arguably the best player in the world playing for them they're always it would got a shot that. You know what I think I think Germany's got the biggest. Well he Scott Wilson joining us anchor of the post World Cup newsletter senior correspondent of the Washington Post you mentioned Argentina. We do this with quarterbacks we do this with pitchers guys who who have never been to a World Series or Super Bowl. I mess he's been to the World Cup multiple times before and I've seen the commercials I've seen the stories about this being the last World Cup go around for him. How much pressure is on him with this potentially being his last World Cup. Argentine. And just kind of never fully embraced him in the way they've embraced. Other superstars. Most of that reason is because when he was thirteen he went overseas. Yet Chris hormones. A treatment expensive treatment and has spent almost his entire you know professional career in Spain. So they don't know what that well and he's a very critical customer. As opposed to Diego Maradona whose you know flamboyant. Had trouble making slide that fantastic that they're kind of soccer player. So he feels that every time been in Argentina just isn't sure how much he cares about the World Cup although. He says it's by far the most important thing for him to win this career so it really feels that. I would be the ugly American here because as the World Cup goes on we've got these upsets have seen the stories pop up now this is not a good look for the United States and what. What the US could have done if they were there but they're not this makes things look even worse for the US what's going on right now currently what does it is a reflection of US soccer. It I think that's a really good point I mean hey you know we we couldn't see in the United States run deep into this World Cup if they'd. You know cut passed Trinidad and Tobago in the final game. End it really is an opportunity lost. You know it wasn't as an area wasn't a particularly weak USG. But you know I mean what a certain it's there's a generational change going on at US soccer and and that that team. You know Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey and you know Jozy Altidore that that those guys are done. And and it inside of that ilk. And some of the new looks really promising I mean but by Christian cola six so. You know I if they get it it it does kind of pain you everytime you see a favorite go down and think. I wonder you know I wonder what would have happened. But you know but it's time for a big change and make it that that happen yeah one. Biggest expand all of that we. We all have moments in life were mad or upset or were bombs but it's one thing when you get embarrassed. And that's what it feels like right now as an embarrassing moment for US soccer and usually you see organizations teams respond the most aggressively. After they've been in Paris. How do you see US soccer responding to what's currently going on. You know I I think that's slope but I mean I I think that they are. I think it's I think their soul searching going on right now I know that's a bit of a cliche but I secure trying to figure out kind of the what went wrong question. They felt they had something you know positive and kind of a European based model under under your conclusion that really didn't pan out. They went back to you know to the tried and true that didn't work out. So I I think that they would they have to do is expand their vision for what soccer could mean in this country and could should be playing it who could be playing it. And I you know I I don't think there's. I wish they were more embarrassed. 82 to be honest but I do you think that you know having the host. You know being the host country in eight years. And so that you would want to show well look at Russia back she'd that's playing really great soccer. In their own country I think that you know it's a it's a huge wake up call and they need to get mad at me need to get they need to be embarrassed that your words. Scott Wilson anchor of the post World Cup newsletter. As they have reporters all across Russia and not every single day the Washington Post you were spot on its own and watch Portugal and Spain and also don't miss Mexico Germany. I net next few days matches were match I need to watch what you got. So is Spain Iraq will be fun today. One has been very tough defensive team in Spain is playing good soccer and Emily the pack and soccer so that'll be on. Tomorrow is loaded right so make sure to watch France Korean that it blast. Her with a lot on the watch Francis all the talent and didn't show well on their first game nobody edge got to win. And you know you got to continue to Messi Argentina Croatia it's gonna be a great game Argentina's really gotta limit. Croatia got a lot of starts so those two games tomorrow or are you know on my calendar. Scott thanks so much we'll do it again next week. Felt great thanks so much scatter Scott Wilson make sure you check out the Washington Post expanding coverage of the World Cup.