Interview: Scott Wilson (6-25-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, June 25th
Scott Wilson of The Washington Post joins Michael Phillips to recap a busy weekend in the World Cup and look ahead to the knockout round. 

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Final game in group play get the doubleheader starting today. And then this weekend would get roll in and the elimination round here to break it all downforce from the Washington Post Scott will say good morning Scott. Good morning. Sue you. For those of you who do not subscribe to this newsletter big to watch imposed puts out a World Cup newsletter and it it's fantastic even for. It did not soccer folksy deeds chock full look at stuff how long have you guys been preparing for this World Cup that the union just stumble and assess. No he didn't stumble into edit and you know it it has been sometime especially our correspondent on the ground I IMAP. I'm on the desk jockey. At the moment for this World Cup and and I directed newsletter that you kindly mention. But yeah they'll quite some time it it's a logistical challenge especially the country the size of Russia. To get around it and also you know to picnic games you really wanna cover the stories you really wanted to do. And you know every elite we kind of look back and they have been I wonder should've gotten out a little differently. There's just so much choice but yeah I it's been it's been months in preparation. The Disco of of the event is just be a plastic covering the entire country of Russian the number of countries involved. I host country plays today Russia already through and in group play the plays. On in their game at 10 AM might I think everybody's watching spurt for this 2 PM game now because it got. Stuff on the lineup Portugal in Iran and and if there's a winner the winner goes through what what are you looking out for it and. Exactly that that's the one bit. That people really need to make time for. It's going to be fascinating. A run action itself to be a really good team. Spain beat them that's stating that you know elect a terrific team at one of the favorites just beat the 10. And and Portugal you know well you know featuring Cristiano Rinaldo. Who's had a great World Cup. Whoops you know. Really this kind of comprehensively outplayed by Morocco. Even though they won 10. So yeah out winner goes through about one and and then Spain. Needs to win their game to avoid some tiebreaker. Anxiety type regular nightmare. But doesn't want to watch today is is absolutely out Portugal. Iran. And that this has been a treat of a tournament no 00 draws a you know I. I do I say that defense is fun to everybody loves defense the goal scoring where it's out and end this tournament has at a. Yeah I mean yesterday alone England scored more goals in the first half and it's accorded the previous two World Cup's compliant can't think it's not a joke of any. So it's it it has been out. It what you see in World Cup's generally ranked so international teams really don't got a lot of time to practice together. Basically. Squeeze in a week or two years there you know in if they're really busy eclipse season. And so you know off the World Cup's and and other international tournaments. The offense starts slowly. And the defense fool the defense is easier to organize. The offense is smaller more challenging to design. But as turnabout where resign he's seen ER cent starting to click. And I think we're beginning to see that now especially with the better cheats end a lot more goals and store went thing to note. There's also been sixteen penalty kick awarded which is a World Cup record. That's partly because that the rest are cracking down a bit more on. On this sort of wrestling that takes place speed for a corner kicks and free kicks. And down and also because of video review which is awarded a couple as well so all that combines Europe a pretty fun you know call fast. But the Indus has been the first World Cup with a video review what's the what's the consensus so far. The consensus is I think generally very positive amid the real. The real contrast that any American sports fan. Will notice is that. This video review takes second in in in soccer it doesn't take minutes that you know it's. It doesn't it doesn't interrupt the flow of the game which which is my big problem with you know the NFL review for example. They do it very quickly my only question is it does seem a bit inconsistently applied. There are some fouls that are you know we inside the penalty box either refuse to. There's some thousand senate inside the penalty box that that the raptors got away on it doesn't doesn't bother with the news he later I was really well. So and if there's still you know that that's referee judgment that's fine but it can be a little bit frustrating hectic especially for partisan stance when it's you know quiet and they're video review of that there was no that's. But that's just sports. I don't certain parts that. At a sports fans complaining about the officiating crew who didn't get the the at a time but exactly we've got Scott Wilson the Washington 'cause joining us the post World Cup newsletter in coverage or Washington Post dot comity and in interesting note in them in the most recent newsletter here that. For folks wondering why. They play both these games at the same time sued the final group games ball both kick off today ended tendon and it too. I you you explain why why were playing simultaneous soccer. And it it's a bomber because so we look at to see you know all four games today unless you have a. Kiki eSATA and your man can't. So yeah in 1982. Stainless hosting the World Cup and answering that last game of the group stage. Germany and Germany west Germany at the time and Austria face stopped. Germany needed to win that moved through Austria just needed to avoid a big goal difference. And Algeria was sitting at second place and ready yet to move on so. Germany not strict kick off the day after that ask that I'll Algerian victory. And day Germany scored early on and they basically just stopped playing the rest of the game. If they just passed the. All around there was booing and hissing for the fans to do exactly what was going on. And the game ended 11 and it was clearly collusion between the west Germans agree Austrians to insure people go through. So as a very actual cup 1986 it's there ground game. Just there is big kick out simultaneously so that can't be any. You know match fixing the Tibet that is that is a bit strong for a third indeed they colluded to make sure that they put them. It but got through so that's why we. So we missed games today which is a bomber. And as I gotta get that second TV gotta gotta get the full setup except. Exactly exactly heads Scotty you know week wheeled drew World Cup teams here. I drew Panama and eat it any shot that that that this is gonna work out forming. I absolutely not the. Not a you you may have picks so the weakest team in the entire field and. As well thinking that took the the American play. Which is even put a hole in the yeah how poorly they purport what is fun about Panama is they they are not out of the tournament Nate. But they scored their first ever World Cup goal yesterday. Already losing I believe it was 51 or even 61 at the time. And the Panamanians crowd vote in Panama and that Russia just went crazy you look at our level tournament. Those certain kind of great to see. But no you're you're done. I'll all I don't take my Panamanian pride in government there can be appreciated Scott Wilson making a few minutes worth the more another big day World Cup action followed all. I Washington Post dot com thanks Scott. Thanks very much.