Interview: Sean Doolittle (3-21-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, March 21st
Nationals closer Sean Doolittle joins Wes from spring training to discuss his first full season with the team, World Series aspirations, his new manager Dave Martinez and his work off the diamond.

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The third. The ultimate bad as a Hollywood movies you can vote on its McIlroy as movie madness. In today's pairings John McClain of the number one seeded digging on the on the solo. Currently 57%. Going with the man from diehard. And we got Maximus the succeed gladiator taken on Doc Holliday of tombstone 53% as close. It PP percent right now going with. Max in this go vote of the two matchups of the date will Whittle it down to the elite eight to the final four we'll get a champion crowned. It is not guerrillas movie madness go to fox sports Richmond dot com or on Twitter atlas. Fox sports 910. Next guest not bad it is good dude governing college and got a chance sit down a couple days back. But from now live but I got a chance that amicable days ago from spring training with Sean Doolittle the nationals closer. He's a byproduct of the University of Virginia and that's where I truly enjoyed covering his collegiate career I love now that he's up the road. He is the closer of the Washington Nationals shoulder a little witness on fox sports ninth and on the first of all I've watched made your professional baseball achievements congratulations on your personal achievement so they got married in the offseason how how's married life treating it. So far and a good man I am. I have already realize that that is my sparkle in my my biggest accomplishment the one I'm I'm definitely most proud of that are shared I am not very happy very. You should be and I think it's pretty cool Kazaa I folly of social media obviously none. And how do you say your your wife's first name. Aaron Aaron it is just it just the look Irish way that you properly spell it you know like. Just add my add more valve you know more more about slow look from a guy named McIlroy anything more Irish is better and bus back into the. I do love you guys I hadn't a noticed on the social media doesn't bode very fashionable. But a very socially active but I also do notice and I'm not sure it's if you converted her or she was one. But you so you both seem to be very big Star Wars fans do little. I I don't know if I can check and murdered her because dom dot churches are horse fan I think she she tolerates actually that I was I think. But we've we've had a lot of fun. Over the years go to the movies then and now when we were at California we got you know Lucas well a couple times. So I'm very lucky that she. Indulges Lee and and puts up which. My Star Wars geek chic geek Dem. It's all right he adds it's just now I'm right there with yeah I just I I applaud you that not only do you dress up to go to the Star Wars movies. But you get your significant other to do it as well he is Sean Doolittle. The closer of the Washington Nationals and and look at all seriousness. A Seneca urging college and still one of my favorites that I covered and I am watching you now and it was ten years ago that you and I were lugging around Charlottesville. You don't think you're married I'm married with decayed you've been in this league for six years does it feel like six years Sean. If you keep it yet does not. A man in in in some ways. It shows like. Just yesterday that words. You still need pitching and so trying to say here figure out. Kind of where I fit then and and going through about learning process a month. There are other mornings are evil out of bed get ready for spring training and you feel like this you know you're sixteen year. So. But now I mean it's it's. Been such a crazy ride that. I feel like I've I've created a lot in Q not a lot time. If you can look at your career in stages what is coming to Washington bin like for you at this point of your career. Oh man that standard. And it's been great I mean it this has been. Such today I had no idea what to expect you know it it and it was kind of scary in traded I had been vocal in my entire career in Europe and Asia or China cheers. I was going new. And immunity you come over to eighteen that's such a good. Better presence is that she has such a good track record of winning it being successful and you know and party that the CEE or. Shake things up too much in the clubhouse or or not live up to the expectations on the field but. This is such a good groups fear that when I came over. I've felt really comfortable. Really quick. You know they they welcomes. Matt's and I when we got traded over the chancellor came shortly after our and you know I feel like I've been here for a really long time you not only played. In a two and a half months or so international uniform I feel like I've been here a lot and have or shall arched. The vibe here that the team vibe here the way that Gaza will hold each other accountable and and take time out of their schedule to come out and help guys whether it's watchable profession are. Where are our key and in our employer pension illogical all filled with CR PI I feel like. I've learned so much here that I have a chance cheer kind of elevate. My game takes an actual levels. West McIlroy fox sports night ten Sean Doolittle the Washington Nationals whether some of the and you're mentioning guys in teaching and and guys holding each other accountable. And things you're learning you're learning this year to play under Dave Martinez what are your first impressions of your new manager. I Camelot Manning is eighty accusing blue sea case in light. Hughes is he's shown he's not afraid to put. You're trusting guys. An and spring training to get themselves ready to play he's not. Or or not just out here doing so for the sake of doing Joe's. We're not wasting any time we're. ECC he kind of streamline things. To guess what we need and then give the source based due to make sure that we get our bodies are mine George supersede that. I also really appreciate how. You know what question he keeps getting. Is a question about if you know open and again pass first round of the playoffs and and I I really appreciate the way that that he's met those. Questions head on because we think we really feel like. Our goal in the get past the first round playoff so I mean I know. A lot has been made of that but doesn't a team reckoned little World Series I mean if you if you look at the people. That we have on the roster that that. The guys what they've accomplished what they're capable of doing. You know that we have our sights set on something bigger and Nassau I think a lot of guys have responded really well back. If he had shot away from the question and you know he has he has our sights set on bigger better thanks. Alison no you you like the fact he brought candles to practice one day. Yadda you know me. I love animals. You know though. Problems with your brother that's saying guys camels a practice that day. That was the highlight camp for the car that was. That's in return should be every day we have a we have a meeting and I I'm peeking around the corner trying to see if there's like more animals there. There. I've got you to log Sean do little and and tell it it's always interesting I got to lose a couple of years ago when he was at Virginia. Some of the most others say this you can back me up some of the most fascinating conversations have ever heard in sports people think what you guys do is talk about baseball. Where we're the most fascinating conversations happen the club house. In the outfield warming up or in the bullpen because I got a jazz suitable open a couple of years ago and just observe some conversations that go so deep in a bullpen a fascinating. I think yeah I think the bullpen I think. Because I feel like. You'd have to have. A screw us to even be earlier in the first place. It's such like. Just the nature of the job of volatility in the occupational hazard. You know. Getting ready and been shaken in such short amount of time and getting thrown into tiger really high pressure situation on meet. You gotta. Eat you got problems. And that. And start to think like the nature of you know who who's having these conversations I think. You know in the bullpen and you know during the first baby four by critics of the game things cannot think you get pretty weird. But it's you know I've never dull moment. I like I've been in sociology classes I've been in ballrooms I've been in churches support Iowa the most interesting plays and urban violence was in a bullpen for nine innings Sean Doolittle I hit it dot gonna Sears up before I let you go speaking of air and you're now life. Very socially active here in the community you're in the community in places you've played. You guys host events you host to deny the ballpark for the LG BT community you posted Thanksgiving dinner for refugees. Where does echo from where where does that that that is it you listen to her where is that want to debt need to be some socially active. I think both of them both of us kind of like our family backgrounds. They know where we come from. You know my mom mom mom that was obvious self so that was important to I'm block like when they're kids like. Giving back and and trying to find ways to get to help people that. You know there's this Davis district for her English culture such a bad gig at loving family and you know she's in grad school right now that is studying theology at and religious studies and I think. A lot of that ties together a lot of assets ties together really really nice but. You know out there that day like we re just we realize that. We want the most out of this experience that I have playing Major League Baseball ironic beat well I wanna make the most about Somalia. Are still stuck as of the -- they'll stop them and then I realized that. I have a little bit of a platform to you to make your raise awareness so submission is sort. Sorry about the try to let the tractor that just went by me. You know that have a little bit of platform to raise awareness of the she's and a big to have a little bit attack so. We we enjoyed it and. He's got people isn't John he's Sean Doolittle close of the Washington Nationals. Who's who went down with him last week that full interview you can hear it again. But sports Richmond dot com or go to the apple iTunes store type in west McIlroy or interviews and podcast. And shows can be found now on the apple iTunes store.