Interview: Sean Doolittle (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Nationals closer Sean Doolittle joins Wes to discuss being selected to his second All-Star game, getting a Twitter shout-out from Smash Mouth, his foot injury and the big workload the Nats' bullpen has carried thus far in 2018.

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Yesterday as part of getting trade turner voted in two fan fest in the fan vote for the NL. Digested down to a bushel on duel before he was put on the ten day disabled list. Is the nationals closer the Virginia cavalier and member of the NL all star squad here show on doodle joining us on the the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Congratulations man how aria. Thank you very much some doing great thank street picture have. All right so honestly more excited to see the official announcement that you're an all star or more excited that smash mouth replied to your tweet that you are an all star. At election. I think I was a little bit more. Excited when I first found out China before the in a shot dead. In that they've they called it a team meeting in the locker room and DVD eighty. And announce that accent and bright girl star sent an eight he kind of like pretended like. Like he forgot about me has to go out like silent. I was kind of like around him like that you know planted a pretty good case and everything in that you'd probably have a organic. Throughout. We have a bottle of. Nice rhetoric you think I like closed up 2223. And then he says they're Wren knows probably everything I think in the same exact thing like wait a minute what not now Brenda you're not bombs anymore but Rendell was bombed. I wish we had I think there's a couple more guys I wish we could have had more guys hit it into sometimes sometimes they. This year the hometown team some love. In I think that's why it's really important that we get Sherry and random seems to be ex. One of the guys. You know he hasn't been able to sit two breaks through there and get elected to the game even though he's been able to make you they've been able to make a case for every year. He's just so quietly consistent and not. So hopefully we'll see if we can get cherry there. Not load tell you how to get straight turner helped get trade turner to win the fan vote we'll do that with Sean Doolittle joining us of the Washington Nationals. Which by the way you did get the shot up and smash mouth so that was a nice cherry on top. Yeah who they've had the we have dinner my wife and I ended up interacting with them greatly several times such order. Including including the daily adding gauged. Which is there really weird story. It. And that's that's a really weird story and then they'll really ended up operate to play at our athletic. So every special occasion and I feel like we try to China smashed through the circle backs did they end up playing letting. Now they did not there is so that the morning before. I proposed that had been planning on proposing that day or. Quite awhile. And I had the Reagan everything. That somehow iron and another friend of mine or joking in and national was in the conversation. And it's rational says they checked me in between this and hey did you. Did you buy every year. And like you know took a look like here is that something funny and they were like chocolate to you by entering into you know kind of you know. Yes Michael we can a natural talent. And I was like oh my gosh what are the chances of us and so like. That night when we announced. We kind of between about that we have got to get hitched. People say we are trying to connect the dots and jokingly made it it it kind of looked likes national had a panic at. I've known you for a long time I don't know you life but you guys just seem like the couple that would make every event fun weddings for various backyard barbecues funerals you you guys seem like the couple that you want it every single event. Such that's probably nicest thing anybody's ever said I don't think I could these Sean belittle this from the Washington Nationals. First and foremost all star game is coming up I know the toe here has been questioned I hope you can play on Tuesday night how is the tell. Should it actually the split I don't I want to clarify let go. It you know it's getting better if you it was I really weird thing that. Kind of popped up on. The second gain. Against the Marlins last series. I really circular or house or look up to garbage imminent afterwards it was she is pretty tricky so you know we get to the children nearly every day and achieve that we champs. So every day like retirement account just debated day at every day like I get there early at. You know we get to treat nor tape it up go outside and and drove it. See how see how it is so. You know let's. I really don't have a definite answer but it it's been getting better and you know spoke hopefully I get to feel today it. Is that the point where you know I can give back in terms. Sean big concern right now this team is the struggling starting pitching how it's taxing the bullpen and I know you're not gonna be they got to throw anybody under the bus but. As a close or how concerned when do you get concerned about possibly being overworked in the season. Because a lot of times you're you're not in the mix of those guys. Are. Better carrying some of those heavier workload so outsiders. That's in the closer role that. They do that they try to save them for our you know possible I'll have a situation Slater cane have. I'm so it's the guys that that are kind of bridging that gap neck and that you know getting a lot of work in. You know it ecstatic Palestinians become that way it's. What year earlier eat your workload seem to come in in bunches. Early in the season April and may are our starting schaffler has. I think it statistically was the best in the National League I think you'd ever going to going deep into the game seventh eighth inning. In every night. All five of them tents. So. We've played a lot of close games so I have a lot of work early but it was all. You know loose they were carrying us we will we weren't we weren't we played a lot of close games solo. And you know now. They haven't you know they have been able to go as deep into games so surrogate or balance. I mean it's it's kind of just an occupational hazard. But these guys you know that you get their track record is. It is what it is in an independent senator gonna last sentence. You know vote they'll get it turned around and you know will be back. Back to business as usual. Are you suing this to a positive note Sean duel with us on fox sports 910 the numbers shows team is different. When you and so all star Max Scherzer when scherzer is on the mound. How is the vibe different in the clubhouse how's the vibe different in the bullpen the nice the Max pitches. Much I think I think as a group has achieved not just the error such as the pitching staff I think. He kind of heat up Mac and energy. You know I think. You see the intensity that you can see. In a way that that he goes he attacks hitters and any brings the right to announcement. You know it it it's the issue is visible you can see we conceivable. I think I think guys kind of feed off of that energy so. He's in attack mode right from the first pitch of the game let it be offense knows that he's gonna keep the other team. Off the scoreboard read and they're gonna have. You know several opportunities. To find a way to do it puts a roll call suited to help steer away so. It's one of those things where it's like you know Max is Max and all of and abortion. Can. Put a few rounds of aboard it's usually a recipe for success so. We kind of just feed off so often have. Yeah same type of guy all the time but when he comes and I can you see. If if you did know Mac shares are especially that day if he walks in on a pitching day to the clubhouse do you know Mac shares used in different frame mind. Yeah it's different it's different. I mean he's. Yeah he he he gets there anybody you can tell just by the way that he cares about is is she does start very. You know he is. He's very prepared he's very focused. In the headphones or aren't you don't know as here courts it's. We're very. Gupta blinders on not talking a whole lot. So. Yeah it's. You kind of Italian people are breaking down this way and then had to let it let him do at stake in the you know sit back and watching more. I'd Sean Doolittle Bryce Harper Max Scherzer all all stars in the all star game in DC Tuesday night Sean Doolittle on give me the floor. How do you get trade turner to be the all star at shortstop as the fan favorite vote. Yeah you can you called social media everything that social media now so is the hash tag approach today. Trade TRE a on that end. You know who are I really think I really think he deserves. I voted for in a little bit of a player of all rolled around that. He's put together. A really really good season obviously bit the big game he had last homestand by. In what he does impact the game defensively on the based past. If for me it's been fun to watch. In China progression over the last couple years you start really commit to resolve a I think. I think she deserves an hour and we'll see if they'll be out at an accomplish or play shortstop behind me. I think they'll be. We really well initiating a little slow past thanks Blu-ray. Hash tag vote trade. Go to the nationals dot com to help get trade turner as the fourth Washington national into next week's all star game I'll let you go on this one I know you guys of the pirates in the Mets. If you could just let your mind go there for one minute. What are you most excited about next week with everything's focused in baseball focused on DC. Grown men. If I'm excited. I probably excited excited he. You know sort of the game. I think that'll interviews is. An awesome event you know especially for the fans. I have other I'm really excited fruits or accused the CDC and for the fans. The Who have been so supportive of me I'm excited for them to see this event. Yeah they also arguments. If so it's so cool that that the buzz in the stadium is. It because it is an exhibition game it's it's it's unlike anything else so it in baseball and you know I know they're gonna be awesome posts. I'm excited to see what are all hall all important audience all. Just sit. I'm not uncommon. So just. They get about it trying to enjoy that much I can't outing. These slightly off surrogate what thing and you know having an Australian Ian in the in your whole city where they're playing. You but that's really really special so I'm gonna support your. Sean I appreciate it carried out split all the best to your life congratulations on the honor and and look at peace and social media how many wanna get your boys and smash mouth involvement in helping get pets it. It. Sean thanks so much man good catch nobody by. As shown duel and I yesterday morning unfortunately before he went down to rehab this dumped a foot again in the nationals made the call and put them on the DL. Retroactive to July 7 will not be able to pitch in the all star game but will still be able to participate. Trade turner currently fourth in the all star final vote if you wanna vote for trade turner ago hash tag. Vote true today thank you know Sean Doolittle all guest available to listen again. Fox sports Richmond dot com or on the apple iTunes store subscribe to the podcast today.