Interview: Steve Gardner (7-25-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 25th
Steve Gardner of USA Today discusses if the Nationals should trade Bryce Harper, what they need going ahead, the Yankees getting Zach Britton and what players could be on the move at the trade deadline.

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Mike Rizzo says the nationals will not trade Bryce Harper they're gonna do. Ending by any means to win now and in years to come they're not good shape Bryce Harper Steve Gardiner should they trade Bryce Harper. Taylor I don't think so I mean this system. Good team that has gone all in for the playoffs after winning the division offered for a couple of years in a row. Under Dusty Baker they changed managers because they couldn't get out of the first round of the play out. I think if you trade Bryce Harper you basically admit it made a huge mistake and that it's time to blow up the same. I don't think that vessels can do that even if they have the what would they get from Bryce Harper Republicans a lot but. They would loot I think. Even more in terms of public opinion then and support from the of the abandoned the city. I don't think sevens and possible to make up into month is gonna be Iran and they're gonna need distraction. While mathematically not impossible Steve like I keep looking at this team and you and I keep talking about this team there's no consistency. There's no urgency as demonstrated by Bryce Harper two weeks ago and trade turn the other night. There's there's the starting pitching is lacking lake. I really I wanna know I can't wait to see Monday they come out of a bad series against Miami and where there that. A lawyer I know are are you going to be are you gonna be hires at this point. Yeah I think they need to be and that's one of the things in other nationals have been very protective of the prospects in the air their farm system. They they traded Brian Goodwin who look like an extra outfielder to to Kansas City. Tom that was the outlook okay that that worked out but some. But still I. I really think that this is it seemed that that needs to make a run that can't make a run but they're gonna need to get. Another starting pitcher or or something to infuse the team with a sense of urgency because. You've got that that's that's really I think what it seems like this team is lacking right now at that fire that. You know that bright partly usually provided. You know but it's a sea trade turner trying bought and then not even run it out. Mean that's that's something that just can't happen and something needs to spark this team whether it's a trade whether it's another team meeting. Or or what I don't know. But found yet that team that is really struggled they've gotten gotten passed by the Pittsburgh pirates of all teen who won eleven in a row so you know those lengths street can be done. But it's gotta start somewhere. Yet it it's a great point America's. You people would look at this and see okay what the Braves doing what the Phillies doing but look at crossing you see the tires who. You said eleven in a row Colorado got on a hot run there. The Dodgers may be hot for the Diamondbacks are right that the guys light outside this division and let's not good for the nationals either. Yes yes but I mean there are there other teams the more pain you have to jump over the the cardinals to redeem over 500 you know that this national team is today. Games under 500. And we'll win them that via the situation in front of you and having to jump all. Those teams it's not like everybody can lose on a given night you know so these teams are going to be playing each other end is they're gonna have to win. How much the cardinals again last night it is this another call a pitcher who took a no no into the seventh inning. It up another 22 and two well. Guys in their first Major League start go and throw at least six no hit innings. It's pretty amazing yet if your card also like hey where he's then all the these that. What does it Alston gum Byrd gone Barrett is that I. Now he's now the vehicle left hander and Daniel Ponce de Leon the what the right hander you know couple of you know they. It's for the all name team I think for so far this. I thought about ever this guy last night had a Great American Ball Park a fire alarm goes off the delay of the game for seven minutes and their seconds while he's the middlemen known now. He gets through one batter and enjoy about a breaks up is no nowhere in a crazy. Eyes baseball crazy things can happen even on back to back nights Steve Gardiner covers baseball for USA today somebody else up in last night Zach Britton headed to New York. Which I I guess you have to look at this Steve as a as a triple when they get in the new York and they keep away from not only the Red Sox but they also keep him away from the Astros. That was huge and that is something I think this is defined that the Peter Angelos the air. May be a fading a little bit because there's no way that Peter Angelos would have allowed his team to trade anybody. To the New York Yankees back in his heyday when he was pulling all the strength. So yeah this is that. I rebuild for the Orioles certainly and and a huge win for the Yankees. Don't talk about the starting pitchers on the market and then whether the national have to make a move the Yankees needed to do something with pitching. And they did didn't like the guys that are that are on the market right now and the opposite yep went when you don't like what's happening in one direction. They let the other direction and bolstered a strain that they have in the bullpen canal you've got. Dave Roberts then you've got their oldest Japanese ad that Britain took that next and that the yankees' bullpen is just what people now. So. If you can't. Pitchers starting pitching you know improved at the trade deadline. Improve the back of the the bullpen and you know it's almost like it did the same thing I think it's it's important for the Yankees. You've by the Yankees excuse on Gary Sanchez heading to the disabled list. I I I. I am I mean it it was not a good look thought about not hustling you know where he didn't run into intent to pat all. And the guidance to bases and score and then didn't run out of play and that's the bottom of the ninth inning the other night. With the winning run or tying run on third base. I have to think so and you know like Gary said as a got a horrible he's and so far. I think injuries are part of that and when you have been nagging injuries like he has this season. I think it does get in the back of your mind and unfortunately it cut the Yankees the game the other night. I'll let you out of here on this one give me a neighbor to that you're watching here over the next six days it could be on the move by the trade deadline. I'm looking at. And they've evolved these other two that they raise the guy that throws close to a hundred then came back from Tommy John surgery looks pretty good and these actions so far this season so I think she could be a guy that will be on the move. And keep the Mike was stock as of the royals. Power you know power hitting third baseman pretty good defensively. The team that maybe we're looking at Manny Machado and and we have to. Maybe EMI and the stock has will be. At night and up consolation prize. Steve Gardiner USA today covering Major League Baseball you can watch and any new Dodgers Phillies games the past two nights. I didn't stay up late too good to see the end of the last letting them win however many innings that went with the walk off home run up DJ Hernandez pitching but. That's a good count. Yeah yeah and it kinda had. A little bit of a post season field too and Dodgers hot Phillies look like they're trying to prove something they've that's been a fund two nights of baseball Steve though it's always fun talk and yield. We'll talk to you next week. Steve garner on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.