Interview: Steve Gardner (8-21-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, August 21st
Steve Gardner of USA Today Sports joins Wes to talk baseball; specifically the Nats and Justin Verlander's recent milestone in wins

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Wes McIlroy yeah. On fox sports not exactly. 32 pitch soared in advance pays struck a mound and the Braves went up Jim. Over the Pittsburgh Pirates won two enough. Saying. Braves radio network on the call as last night the Phillies were idled and that smirk off. The Braves. The baby braves striking again literally and figuratively Bryce Wilson who got called up and AAA earlier in the day. Becomes the third twenty year old pitchers start in the big leagues for the Braves this season. And young man got it on five innings three hits struck out five walked three. And the Braves and 84 teams gain let's get to little baseball for get back to football as we're closing in on the month of September our buddy Steve Gardiner. A USA today he's brought to you by Hurley is tavern in the shops at n.'s Brooks Steve O joining us now. I guess the nickname should stick they don't call on the brainy baby braves for not been Steve though. Now mentality I thought I tweet I think he went from Brandon McCarthy is always good for a tweet event. If you are young in your you know under 21 and you're looking for summer work. The Braves third hiring process that. They've they're just going to that treasure trove of the young players that they have there and they pull out another great one I mean this this is pretty amazing and that's what happened I think. In some of those magical seasons is that you're able to get contributions from people like. Yes bright Wilson who. That he was going to be a part of this but there you go. It started single aid to begin the season and he gets his big league debut last night in a win where. The Braves now get the win there one up on Philadelphia and this is. I get no indication I'd I think it's the Braves in the Phillies down the stretch but it's just that. Neither one can shaking each other the Braves are coming off before game skid the Phillies a four and six now less than. Both have gone on runs it's crazy it seems like they mirror each other they both of their high moments at the same time they both have their down moments of the same time. Yeah out which should be fun and when they need down the stretch still I think that's going to be. I duel to the finish and I don't know that you can really pick a favorite to tell you the truth that means oh you look at them you know one week in the and the Phillies have and seems like they have the advantage and then. The next week you'll look in the Braves look like they have the advantage it's. It's going to be interesting especially with with Washington kind of made it out now that it's become a two horse race. Okay let's get to that Steve Gardiner USA today joining us on fox sports ninth and our sons you know this I threw in the towel on the that's latest week I'm on dollar them. If they would come back and win the NL east I've got to get a tattoo here on the air. But I've thrown in towel on the nationals they got a big series come up with Philly we got Strasburg back on the mound Wednesday are the nationals. TUR they on life support or they act. Is it dead on arrival. I think they're dead. I actually got wrote about this on Sunday capped that twelve to one lost to Miami where you're just can't. Do that and expect that you know that dropped them below 500. It seemed that has really knows starting pitching other than Max Scherzer. Yeah Strasburg coming back but. To me that's too little too late and that in the bullpen has just been. Abysmal with with the injury is and well nobody's really performing. This is it seemed that that just yet we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for them today to kick it and they've made no real changes that the trade deadline because Mike Rizzo and company thought that they have the horses to go. It's pretty apparent now that they dole and this is the team yet like like US. If they somehow catch fire it's going to be out of nowhere and pretty much miraculous. For me at least. Yeah I've been waiting around for months sear I of I've moved on the Braves the Phillies and the football season Steve garner you can read that column in USA today dot com. Justin Verlander insulin zone our neighbor down here Justin Verlander it's the 200 win club over the weekend. Is Justin Verlander hall of Famer right now. Well you look at the other Cy Young award. The MVP award. Got finally got his that is World Series ring last year. I think he's done everything that you need to you have me you've got that at sustained export. You've got postseason heroics. What more can you ask for a I think that yeah it it's a different club now are at it's a different standard. You're talking about it used to beat 300 wins was the all paint standard now the way that starting pitchers are used. 200. While not city hall of fame worthy it's. It's for you're getting in the conversation so I think so I think what he's done in the entire body of his work. He could be all favor right now if if this is it last season. I'm I'm thinking about this and and I thought Verlander after the World Series I thought that locked up the hall fame spot I think two under wins gets a man. It's funny because you get in this conversation with people I think if you looked up to ten people on the street and said. Max Scherzer 200 game winner true or false they would probably tell you true. But sure is got a 157. Wins it he's also got three cy young's and I don't know if there's another three Cy Young award winner not in the hall of fame. Max Scherzer it hall of Famer right Steve don't. I think so yeah and that trajectory and body people leave at 3230 to read something like that so like like with the Lander. They have more room to add to their list of accomplishments and and their career totals so I think that. That'd help there but yet from from watchers are done I think he's done at all same trajectory as well. In ten years from now are we 1015 years I give a little bit more time to breed. Are we looking at 200 wins as the way that we used to look at three under wins because of the way the game is change the way that the use starting pitchers the way that these pictures in general. I think you're right yeah I deal and adhered the other thing they'll let it I don't know that we're going to look at wins. As much anymore. I think bit we've seen the wind devalued. In other of a lot of high profile people who. Who wanted diminished the value of wind. And I'd see what exactly what they're talking about because it's so much more then you know the starting pitcher who goes out there and basically put the team on the shoulder that's. That's really not happening this you know at this point in baseball history you've got a guy in ticket to drop that's what's seven and seven. And we're talking about him as the legitimate Cy Young candidate. The wins are just not what they what they were back in the day and I think people without better ways to evaluate pitchers. Because. The wind just doesn't really encompass what we're looking for necessarily. We circled back around here one more baseball on the field that's night Kennelly jazz and gives up two home runs Ike comes back from this. Irregular heartbeat if he's got gotta have heart surgery in the off season that's according to him. That's a loss to the cardinals Dodgers are two and a half back you're still back in the wild card race. What would be the bigger disappointment in the end it and that's the make the post season where the Dodgers don't make the post season. Well vote would be huge I think but some. It may be the Dodgers to tell you the truth because I mean especially. Don't know what I just said that the national didn't make any move to the trade deadline of the doctors pretty much cashed in a lot of their chips. And then made the play for the few with men in which Otto and Brian Dozier. That you know that it would seem that got all the way to game seven last year. And and not getting back to the play up after winning the division what each of the last five years something like that. I think that would be an even bigger disappointment than the national. Steve Gardiner USA today and USA today dot com thank you Steve so we'll do it again next week as we joke closer and closer to the final month the regular season. Are right. What sort do less user you guys.