Interview: Steve Gardner (8-8-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 8th
USA Today Baseball Writer Steve Gardner talks the Red Sox historic pace, why the Phillies aren't getting recognition and the Nationals falling farther behind in the division race.

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Steve garner. Covering baseball for USA today joins us each and every Wednesday on the show. He has brought you by our friends at and tech systems Richmond's trusted IT specialist in. As we look ahead to the baseball season going down the road of August. The steamboat. I know is I know is August 7 yesterday but it felt like the national asthma is the big opportunity wearing their first game. Having maxed them out last night and not being able to get the job done. Certainly did and and onion and they're gonna need to have those kinds of big momentum shifting wins. And against one of the team that you're fighting against for that now NL east title it does. Especially since they won the first one and you know had had a shot at their best guy on the mound. It almost feels like you gotta get the next to it felt like going into this series you've got to get three out of four and now you might have to do without killed and her hair and I just got done saying your party without Sean Doolittle. We've got questions going into the series not starting pitching now I gotta worry about the back in that bullpen. Yeah that's tough spend you know they they signed Greg Holland after getting rid of a couple of the guys. That really you know Sean Kelly has been has been pretty good this season but yet he drove his glove down on the mound in the all of a sudden that's that's toxic in the yet. In the clubhouse and they let him go in and trade him away. I don't know they OS that some. It's something now because a year gonna have to get contributions from everybody ends and the national really haven't been able to rely on anybody in the the back about bullpen. Besides undue little. You both teams here Jayson the Phillies and obviously the Braves are a lot closer their game and a half back after yesterday. The Phillies right now you look at their win totals there right there with the cubs in the Dodgers when do we start talking about the Phillies like the cubs and the Dodgers. That's a good question yeah I I look at their run differential though and affiliates there in a plot 39. The cubs are plucked 105 the Dodgers are plus 97. To me and a lot of people don't put too much stock into that and you can't really into you know into one particular thing but it does tell me that the Phillies are are. Not as dominant as. Say the cubs in the dodgers' they're not pulverized in their opponents winning a lot of those close games. And I think both of the things that kind of even out after awhile those you have to take. They're they're good obviously and you know with that 12 punch it Ariana and Erin Noah. That's certainly very impressive in the offense has been impressive but I don't know that I put them on the plane with those other two teams right now on the international day. Steve Gardner USA today what are some bucks forced 910 a thug about a team on another plane the Red Sox. 88 wins after in last night eighty and 34 and I believe. I saw this right through your newspaper this morning on pace for a 114. Games under fourteen wins. Yet it's pay as we haven't seen since the ninety. Yankees and it's one you know there are over 700 they're playing 700 ball right now they swept the Yankees over the weekend. They come back in and win an extra inning last night yeah this is it seemed that is just outstanding in and certainly different. Something themselves from may a very good yankees seemed there in the elite that. The Soviet potential to be in all powerhouse right now I don't feel whole lot of witnesses on the Boston club. So Red Sox in the field thousand dollars and Vegas right now where you put in the that. You know I have to say the field still because. Yes the Red Sox there are the best team in the regular season right now but as we've seen so many times and in a wild cards seem to make in the World Series. That once you get to October. And it's so many different things can happen and you could see teams get hot it's been injury or something like that they could be real Boston. I still think it it will be certainly oppose even worth watching it because you've got to think. You can go talk about run differential the actor better run differential on the Red Sox do and our planet you know 635 ball. This will be interesting once we get to the playoffs so we get to the to the division series of five game series and then you can go to the seven game series. I'll take the field yes even though the Red Sox are favorites right now. Steve on short on time here so let me ask you this event is kicking his conversation around the debut of hard knocks last night with the Cleveland Browns and we opened up. What team what pro or college team would make for great in debt slash behind the scenes reality show. What baseball team of your knowledge of baseball teams and personalities. What baseball team right now would make for the best hard knocks and LB. Well right now. I was thinking the other both of them met probably Gooden and strawberry Arab but. Oh good lord that I. That would that might be some NC seventeen footage down though they would even put that on HBO. Oh dear I don't know. Not that great question. And put on a risky is the great question where's the problematic question because we don't NN personalities in baseball. That that I think you hit it on their I think the way I would go with the with Joseph Maddon and the cubs at this point I think that's. Probably the most interesting because of of what goes on the air some of the characters the you know additional workers and rip those. I think those guys would be very interesting but but yet it does because you can't come up with something right away. It does go to show how you know Major League Baseball may have a bit of a marketing problem. Now I got a couple here I got lakers I gaggle on state I threw in the capitals against them for Alabama football I have nothing for baseball yet. And smelled. Stuff that is stuff that's for the commission might wanna hear that Steve don't. Always love hear from you had a good good legal duty again next week. Think he Steve Gardner USA today brought to you by and tech systems Richmond's trusted IT specialist manage service provider right here Richmond providing IT support. Cloud services phone systems and security solutions solving the IT problems even the ones you don't know you have. And tech ENTCVA. Dot com and sag VA dot com.