Interview: Steven Goff (7-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 10th
Washington Post Soccer Insider Steven Goff joins Wes from Moscow to preview the World Cup semifinals, how we got these match ups and what would be the most interesting World Cup Final.

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Let's McIlroy fox sports 910 and now on the radio dot com. Radio dot com app exclusively. But radio dot com to download the app for free in this in any time anywhere including. Moscow where we go right now Steven golf in the Washington Post joining us as we are now down to four. And the World Cup and today the first semi final Stephen joining us now on the I have no clue what time and I barely knew what time it is here in the morning what time is it over there Stephen. We're or seven hours ahead so middle of the afternoon here and in Moscow and I poised on the its three Swanee as we get ready for today. The we have once semi final is between Belgium and France and I'll get to that in a second it's the end. Yeah we we go through this with the Olympics are one let's talk about the stated the Olympics and how country is handling the Olympics. How has Russia handled hosting this World Cup and in your opinion and your point of view. Very well. I think expectations. Were all lower and perhaps so I feel uncertain. We didn't know what it would be like here that actually I should say you know given how. The government here controls. Everything. It was probably safe to assume that he was going to be well organized now the question became. You know how would it functions in terms of stands and the party's little push around and everything at the World Cup how would that work here where things are all the more. Tightly controlled and conservative but it it's been great I mean it is the party just like every other World Cup site. There's been hundreds of thousands of the huge from around the world. Surprisingly large. Bowl large numbers come from Latin America. I'm not from Europe. Despite the proximity. So it's been great. The stadium years have been terrific. And the quality of play is it and or perhaps the best ever World Cup history. We are joined by Stephen golf for the Washington Post joining us live from Moscow or get ready for the semi finals in the World Cup. One today France and Belgium. You look through the final four. How do we get to you called this unexpected. That a surprising final four and soccer. I mean typically you have how maholm you know you'll this final fours you'll have Brazil Germany. It'll leave me be Spain perhaps France Argentina of course. And you this year we are with. Fourteen. All of you know all high quality teams. All of perhaps on that. On the on the floor NGOs. Being serious contender you know I I think France was perhaps that. Believe most likely want to be here now. Belgium has never really proven itself to get this far despite immense talent. Relations. Has been up been down since going to some of Arnold 1998. And there's England which has been a you know and eternal disappointment. In major tournaments. And you know they broke through so first time in the semis in 1990. So yeah I know it's it's been a surprise Maddon you have a habit you like trade Bulgaria in making that important made the semis or South Korea. 2002. But. And no one you know no these four Miller let's. Over what's unfolded over the past couple weeks or you've had some of these smaller countries they'll lower ranks of beef that countries we talk about this in college basketball where. You get the one and done teams and you get teams that stay together longer and the success that they had sometimes mid major somebody like a Villanova. Is it something globally happening to the game that you can take away from the World Cup by the success of other countries. Now I don't think so I mean if you look at the Wall Street of these teams. You know in Belgium Croatia very small countries but you look at them make up. Of their rosters and you know you're talking about players who compete. That I didn't day week by week with some of the biggest clubs. In the world. You know in England Germany Spain Italy. So. You know it's not the Cinderella stories that you might have like the college basketball with. You know all the booked. You know players who who suddenly come together and make a law went into internment. There's there's there's guys with gigantic salaries and Reza based on these these small teams for sure. I'll let you run on this who only got four countries left rank them form a top to bottom best teams remaining best countries remaining. How much debate on what they've done so far here I think Belgium Warren. It's for him to. Fully should probably. Three and lived for maybe England three Croatia pork. The two best teams are the first semi final two legs Saint Petersburg. Went to Belgium and the level of banking should be a sailor on Sunday what would make the most interesting final on Sunday. Most interest in final I'm seeing perhaps France and England just because of their history. The sporting more lies and political the album culturally. There's a lot of great angle there. You know. Belgium England would be great to a lot of the Belgian players play in the English premiere league. A lot of crossover there. So you know anyway you look at executed. A equity interest in match up although. You know England certainly brings. A lot of casual fans in the United States. To their TV use. To watch the match. Stephen and go enjoy your Moscow I guess it is Wednesday afternoon over there I ever saw a great life I appreciate you doing this. And five full soccer coverage of the World Cup for the Washington Post and by Stephen on Twitter at soccer insider thanks for doing this man appreciate it. My pleasure and Stephen golf where this from Moscow where to. 2.2 o'clock eastern today and that's the first semi final yes. That's France billed as France and Belgium and that is basically. It's almost like your Western Conference finals. For India. I exactly I was thinking. Feels like whoever wins this one is gonna be the winner of the World Cup most interesting World Cup final the one that you wanna see on Sunday it would probably France and England. For all the reasons Stephen just gave. But I had picked Belgium to win with my little soccer knowledge self they win cool. My angry at single by England long shot that lets you know I've been following it when your daughter named London got to buy some wonderful boy in the old United States is out of it. But no one expected England and crews should be this far I heard a lot from Belgium when this thing started maybe one or two peep in for France but. This is a very unexpected. Final four in the World Cup enjoying. One today one tomorrow. Championship match to be played on Sunday.