Interview: Steven Lassan

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 23rd
Steven Lassan of Athlon Sports joins Wes to talk Virginia Tech, the ACC, and his dark horse picks for the college football playoffs

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Let's bring in Stephen Glass in college football editor for Athlon sports love reading your stuff got my college football guy right here. What do talk about stuff on the field but Stephen is a guy who covers college football I'm sure you are watching Columbus last night. How it all went down what do you think in this morning about what what what went and what happened at Ohio State. You know I was not surprised at all by it. Extension urban fire act. You know reading through the record last night and just the history. Decks that there. On Ohio State that did really. It's really mind boggling. Understand why Urban Meyer so called purple. Keeping him on passable for the last couple years and not to mention. Knowing that he had the incident in the order I think Urban Meyer is actually pretty fortune eat its ski this was a freaking suspension of meat. The press conference was. Not a great look for hard as they and that word was repeat order so I really big is this the kind of bit. Has they probably didn't have it not to fire him cause. And to be able to avoid pain that massive buyout but it's the same time. Yeah this is that you are really bad situation for Urban Meyer and a higher at stake is the fact that acts that. Was kept on that for so long is very little I'd be concerned showed former addict and looked in the domestic violence flat side as well. I couldn't agree more and I do Stephen I want even around covering college football longer than I and I just don't have never seen Hague coach Gil this. This beholden to a wide receivers coach in that. I'm right there with you tacky question it's not like we knew this hot shot offensive defensive coordinator some air to the throne in Columbus. And the questions continue Stephen Glass in college football editor of Athlon sports in. I wanna be human here unlike Urban Meyer last night because we've talked about this a different lengths in different levels but Urban Meyer being out three games there's probably 61767. Schools that can win this all this year Ohio State's one of them. How does this affect Ohio State on the field. You know I think it is certainly been a distraction from a football perspective. You know Urban Meyer has not been there. Info practice. On any not to be here for the first game. Doesn't really change Ohio's state outlook. I don't know that it does because their first keys are working state and Rutgers and they should be able to win both of those. The third game is the one that's in doubt that it's the neutral site eighteen I can't yeah yeah in Arlington. I think on paper heart that they should people who wins Mickey. And bill Urban Meyer I'm going to be there interest continues. Urban Meyer is. Not going to be the eighteen per week one but he can be cracked is following the first game that he will be in ball in the week to week key Klain. Or the second third game but I didn't think if there's one area where can hurt them. It's that thirteenth against each year in taxes. And Ryan debuted the offensive coordinators are in our coach he's gonna have a little bit more on it late but. I think Ohio State is the Reno. Inner bark back I think the big question that if he court or you know they have to play at Kent State at the play at Michigan State. And mitigate this isn't even an Alley as well so. I think down the road patent it catches up to a higher state in Beirut border chief keen that they'll think they're the favorite right now between any. Many keep it on the field and and was I wrong there when I said there's about six or seven schools they can win the national title when the count football playoff do you see that ladies Seymour DC less. Now I agree we used you know I'm really paint is eaten. There's a significant gap between the top news. And maybe in next for your fourteen I mean Alabama. Mean Clinton I think are that they edit the rest of college football indeed it is to that next year. I'm Georgia Ohio State in did he drove Michigan. Washington Oklahoma in there I think there's of pretty big drop off in 92 questions for our purposes is going to be you can watch it in gates is 11112. So it played Auburn this season opener. It and it's clear that eight. And it is not a hard as stated that they in. Is that Wisconsin eat basically ready to step forward so yeah I think you're writing about 618 that they seem to have the edge to win at all. I think we start drilling down that clinic. I think it's going to be out that the beat Alabama Clemson this year I think those in search is that editor audio. Stephen I'm looking in the other day I'm looking at the AP top 25 and last year I like to do is like to compare how the voters did last year in the pre season top 25 and lo and behold there's Georgia sitting at number fifteen this time last summer and they end up in the college football playoff. In a the national championship game. Is there anybody outside the top ten that you can tell me today. I don't know they're gonna win the national title but watch out for this team they they could end up making around the collar football playoff as let's say giddy sleepers for me. Yeah you know I'll throw two teams. In order stated interest in. Everything that could go wrong pretty much ordered state lat and you under different ball hurt in the opener. Against Alabama a fourth quarter in just saw the ear go out of order they see in Indian there was the rumors about him but Fisher. Be protected seen him lately here for a state a lot of good players in the program they're not hurt talent. I think depressed are under Willie Taggart will be huge enacting this program. We'll get back on track they hope Clinton this year equipment lost the game in AT. Equally. Benito last year where that it's Urquhart Syracuse. Maybe they stumble out orders they give them the criminal opportunity. In particular level whining and be extra for the college football playoff. Yeah didn't he they're really in doubt beat and we talked about a little bit I'm fascinated by bitchy in it eat and was one of the best in college football last eaten they have five or six all the Erica caliber players coming back. In the opposite side of the ball is very basic unit had it it is concerned. But then he added that a potential difference maker at quarterback NJ Paterson was not in line that needs to be improved. In view of all the sudden Michigan is still don't eat there's a level one it is the biggest obstacles there is the schedule. The app to play at and Michigan State at Ohio State and make it with constant. In crossover play not to mention the opener at Notre Dame. I think you could watching you do too perky too much help work. I would keep in Michigan isn't he like hear the question is whether or elephant and get. Proud football kicking off this week gang gets in full swing a week from the night Stephen Glass and college football editor Athlon sports and right now on their website they you guys at you and your colleagues need to see you. You guys have released her ACC predictions and you did game by game predictions. Including on Virginia Tech took on the Hokies Stephen. Opt out I'm pretty optimistic that Virginia Tech is than gonna hate our other step back from last season. When he finished ninth or. It may seem crazy date yet but I think you that program. Is at such a tradition and it track record. Extent that Turkey would go to his personal losses on both sides of all. That he'd been put it hard over the offseason. It's it's heart beat you this program. They keep a big step back in this. And who like is that is that coaching staff was just in court eight you opposite route. And of course but our currency and I think at that. Virginia Tech as the strong courtroom when he. Could coaching staff I think he experienced quarterback who's. Just Jackson there has it right out of the gate against Florida State that I think who look down the rest of their medical. I think it's pretty favorable and we keep that matchup against Notre Dame in being played Iran against my team. In November's so there's plenty of time we're just. Aid in but Foster vote. I think it is pretty solid top 25 he. And I think the only you'd better put the course of the season with his young talent in place. Stay united literally have thirty seconds left gave me a name when your eyes and watch list not named Bryce loved Stanford. You know I'm a throughout two an envelope from Alabama you know put through a stand pat when searching each are there. On the outside the may be the best quarterback it makes a good at. I just didn't see keep it in the mix of talent certainly bear. Beat Alabama opens up the opt in or opt out of it either with constant I think that it may watch this as well. Stephen Glass and accountable editor Athlon sports Iguchi got the guy on newsstands now and go check out the website Athlon sports doc not able do it again thank you Stephen. It anytime they taught you guys on the indeed Mercer road cleaning hot line.