Interview: Tadd Haislop (8-16-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 16th
The Sporting News college football writer Tadd Haislop joins Wes to discuss his feature story on the coaching transition at Virginia Tech, why it was so seamless and the relationship between Justin Fuente and Bud Foster.

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Got a chance to jump on sporting And there is a piece called the transition attack. And it was a story written by Ted he's about Justin went today with Babcock bud Foster Frank Beamer. And I think we know a little bit about the story and some details about how I came to be the Justin Puente and get bud Foster on. But does that really dwell in depth piece done by tad and I read the piece yesterday some things that I didn't even know like the schools that it combat but Boston including Notre Dame this past January. And everything including the writing the graphics I mean when you just click on the story they have the graphic of Frank Beamer wit Babcock and bud Foster in Africa again artistic rendition but as you scroll through the story. It goes from Frank Beamer as you click on it all of a sudden just pointing goes into his place. Really unique look real in depth piece by Ted Hayes look of the sporting news. Boyd who joins us now on the I knew the story and I learned a few new things. Reading your piece. I guess the start why I write the story now why tracked down the story in some of the details as Justin Fuente goes into year number theory. Actually I'd I'd putt that the timing was good because and I don't wanna pay the transition is totally complete but the majority of the story is written electric start. You know the data Frank Beamer says hey I'm going to retire than the speed and all the way through now. Break the what does that the key conversations. The key relationships have been kind of used together. Over the last two years. And the timing was right I thought it was wasn't there because they've had access over the last are the first couple beaten the other. And up when he is able to finally get some of them occurred during their now on the going to be a very young team now so I feel as though the transition that eventually complete. Now you know whatever happens this year beyond the I don't want they are irrelevant by this story at all about. Kind of what happened behind the scenes are when they're making that transition because Blake on the outside looking in at this. It appeared both smooth and I thought how in the world with a dispute. And in doing a story and talking to all the people involved it became very clear very early on. But the common theme here was a black and ego and they re not a penalty is that I fancy myself a fan of college football in general and you just don't see that. Particularly when a program of trying to move on from a legendary coach Wright there's always pumping rock feet something weird happened do you get in the way. None of that happened here because the present the press more than a market that galactic ego. What is extremely unique and I just I just bottle of the story that was were telling. You've got some in depth and he gets an axis here where did you start with Babcock bud Foster Frank Beamer where and where did you start this story yet. Part of would whip. I wanted to kind of get his overview of things and and I wanted him to take you back all the way to the kind. Referring told you gonna retire because that you noted that the navy that put the drop point fourteen. He knows that is going to happen right by content to compete at some sort of anxiety about that like. Oh my god I'm gonna have to media by Kurt there who replaced the legendary coach in the never goes well. Always told me that was never the case he said that when he was working with Greinke never really thought about it it was all about this you know respecting Franken and making him feel comfortable and and that was kind of another scene here too is. Frank Beamer loved working with what about I mean there was never an alternate yes sure when Babcock knew the program looking a little bit. There it went well and a new language like no you know you have to win this mini game by this year for all we gotta make a change or none of that the respect level. Was was crazy in the situation. Ten days of joining us from sporting news wrote the in depth piece that is near Dallas morning the transition attack that goes back. To the transition from Frank Beamer to Justin Fuente and I thought probably the most role and real and emotional parts of the story that. That I picked up on was bud Foster that he'd been pursued by other schools that he wanted this job. The Daytona right off the bat that they were going in a different direction a more offensively geared direction. What was it like to sit down and talk with the blood because I. It still feels like there's emotions there even though him in just in Puente. They got two really good place really quick. I think. Sitting and talking about was my favorite part of the entire story including all the interviews think I mean like this that I got her powers. That we got more than a time obviously. I just you know the humility. For a guy like that who's so well respected nationally and has annual transit leaving and you brought up those those cool that he he's still getting. Offers to go somewhere. And this guy is loyal to a fault he told me that he thought I'd look to a fault because in my early triple treat people mallet Frank Beamer on my question essentially do what are you still here. And Egypt he he truly believe. They're under gotten point eight that he is the coach who can get this program backward BP N and went Babcock may indeed it was though he was just as popular street Pete or just as important to the program and a step beyond that. Very important the program continued success though. Whether that's because with a detailed manner and I don't know what it's true I mean I think everybody knows how important but boxers to this program to the band aid. They can fuel. Well he's an inmate and feel good that frankly but but provide though I mean at some point you would think eagle to get away and he'd say you know I'm gonna go to coaching jobs tomorrow like we get paid. A ton more money somewhere else. What he didn't do it. I just really speaks to his love for the program for Blacksburg. And just. For the players frankly I mean here he is a very loyal person might accessible to all. But again this is another example of the lack of ego that is rare if not unheard of passport like this especially for coach Barry now. There's a quote you have here that point they said within the first five to ten minutes of the conversation he and bud Foster had he. He's telling everything he heard about bug was true I. I would've Soto of the been a fly on the wall for that conversation how it started how I got to be about football and then how it got to you about the people. That Justin Fuente and bud Foster our. REI. And I try to program select at about that conversation because. If the private Harvard based in the middle and I snapped photos but according. Just two guys sitting down and learning about each other and picking each other's bring that didn't necessarily talk about after the nose that it really pop up Obama must they talk about. How they approach the game is villages where certain lines go on how young coaches should handle players. Ideology motivation up like that. Beat to actually bonded as people we're told me that people who recruited each. So I could do it could be like. That situation because their vote going until he got yeah I remember. Old apprehensive because you just think what they've wonder hey is that. You can recorder has been here for thirty years if he can undermine the new coach who got the job that he wanted to. And out but officer of course is wondering is it that the guy that I wanna stick around or below wanna be here is the forgotten that the program back to where do you speak. That these guys went into it not knowing it who's going to work. And what you said and that quote it seemed like Justin knew right away like a man if if if but want to buy into that this is going to be also. And usher now after a few hours. They found a lot of common ground and like I said they recruit each other and out they left that meeting Norman were gonna work ethic or any thing another week or so they couldn't announce anything but. Between the Sudan and that got the news that the it was going to work. That's axle work and like I said regionally or locally some of these stories that we knew already you take is a bit more in depth there's some things that we did not know. What I think is cool about what you did here is you you expose this you put this out and a national level because it is such a unique story you're exactly right. This this is the typical story of where everything should be twisted that they should be ego and things should not work out well you should not have. The successor. Going to the legend and then talking on a morning run are hanging out with the dog and though the long time defensive coordinator stacked like there's just all these things that make it's so complicated and it's so should be so wrong is such a failure. Aides good relationships good people still involved nineteen wins well done dad excellent read we've got to posted a fox with Richmond dot com. And you go check it out sporting test thanks so much for joining us. You're prepared that hazel of the sporting news.