Interview: Terez Paylor (8-2-2018)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 2nd
Senior NFL Writer for Yahoo Sports Terez Paylor joins Wes to talk about his piece on Alex Smith, the impressions he has made on his coach and the effect he's had on the team as a whole since arriving.

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Story around here as we go to training camp Jay gruden go addressed the media at 9:30 this morning the question is. Josh Dotson who went down practice yesterday eleven on eleven red zone drill. Went down on a shorter Josh Norman went down on topping him on top of the shoulder are Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman to a news in our number two. On the latest on Josh Dotson. The good news is in the aftermath is that wiest we've heard it's not that bad for multiple people whether PGA group meets. Spirit exclusive interview with I would grade and it's been hair on their show a little bit. Bart station in DC said it was a article injuries sometimes but it's not a big deal be back a couple of days. Doctor himself tweeted that it spirit. That you stood at any crap reported that upon network reporters well today. That A you avoided any kind of major injuries so we'll see exactly with the injury is today when there's something to the AC joint. Which is obviously the big shoulder joint. Or if it just like a bruise. Up that area so whatever it is it seems to not be catastrophic. And that is obviously very get. Craig often full report is up and available brought you by parking go he confided fox sports Richmond dot com Jay gruden will addresses. 9:30 this morning and yesterday Josh Dachshund not out for a walk through is Craig said there may be going to miss a couple days practice opened today and then they're off tomorrow before fan appreciation day. On Saturday and I appreciated the article throws paler reading for Yahoo! Sports NFL writer mr. got a stuffed it today and had a really good piece on Alex Smith and the senior NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports in the Pro Football Hall of Fame voter joining us now on the Prez I I especially enjoy this piece as we learn more here in Richmond and the area learns more about Alex Smith. If I never I know you've covered him in Kansas City and you cover him on a national level if I never saw Alex Smith player I never knew the person out Smith. At 34 years of age how would you describe Alex Smith to a stranger. All worker. Really good personality lead by example. Been through a lot. Well our respect because of their own teammates. I mean it's so hard ship both labeled an NFL. Especially when it was Republican ballot as well it doesn't bother draft. Number one over wall or rot of all the framework but a lot you know up over combo update out of a pretty tough minded guys. In the dump good real good you'll come back from net elicited. And I think that because of that it to make spectrum after you because let you know great people watch and got to have so much drama over the last but here especially alone the quarterback position of the drama free gotten the drama free black guy. Spent some time in the facility. Earlier this weekend and I got Jerry manage this pain but they really are happy to have and I did it because new leader he leads from the truck and then mattered in football. Torres YouTube and around football and sports there's something about the guy let's go back to that bust label it's hard to shake that there's something about a guy who has the chip on his shoulder and life. There's some about that athlete. There's also some that about a guy who's found peace with who years and he doesn't care what other people think and act that seems to be Alex Smith that he's. He's content with the person that he is right now at this stage of his career. Yes actually. You could think they got a lot of natural juice anyway but a lot of natural motivation but it was Smart person but you don't really have to motivate them. Yep that kind of camp then bound to them getting to ramp up. Epic about 100 no doubt about how much you wanna look the game how much he cares. You know for help you vote you out of the ball hit one of the smartest people ever beat. Good domestic candidate that happy to bring guy. A lot of ways really really Smart guy. Sometimes I think you know with the pressure at all you know who we are people being cheated or any hit up big for handled. It's been about being comfortable who year that trot. Act like somebody not. Could there's copper there's certainly come with a piece of knowledge of who you walk in the man but you all the good enough. President Taylor Yahoo! Sports NFL senior writer when it's on fox sports night and to the trip to Richmond. Sat down without Smith also you don't would Jay gruden and Alex looked into a very difficult situation that was not beneficial in San Fran. It was different in Kansas City would any read. How are here with Jay gruden what did you pick up on the Alex Smith Jay gruden in connection. I think there's mutual like and respect they're mad at me. I tried to convey that in the peace and epic that you know grew into the ball bolster a little bit you know if policy ought. And how would look Arquette got through even though I've been pretty well hope you will pull the fact we're outside the building a bigot that you chemistry. A big advocate no other group of NJ will elect that they didn't call anything you want in a big gala like shape because you by the manually. Well resurrect his career. Arquette think god loves football. And all but the mind to cope and helped put in the position to win. A big bill got burned out so they're not that he has. And to relook that would be period when he moved on but got all that the patent but there's. Part of look at the chapel messed up although article goes too but never head it. A young quarterback they drafted and that cute it's special that's on special. So the point all that in the say but they wouldn't trade Alex and where they organize this trade on the you know Cleveland Libyan wanna go to you know he they they want to go awarded Bob could be a good bit. Armed and can't be inbred beast you HR manager dean wants the net mainly because Jay gruden and the similarity and. Torres and O stuff you guys are hidden can't eat it the net national miss senior NFL writer you guys are doing camp you're here a day your back in the airplane back in a car. And it seems like you've picked up a really good vibe on out Smith would Jay gruden did you. In your short time here in Richmond did you pick up any sort of vibe on this Redskins team as a whole. Yeah you know what. I don't know Obama this year men and oh I don't know about that the other. Comment letters from Washington map a lot of that had to do what the quarterback situation I mean it. Do you cut entitlement facility man like. You've been here to the different. Particularly from the quarterback position I mean I got bill William tell me. He could appreciate the little big about Alex but I knew I don't need the same speed in the UNL. East is what everybody get much. And I bring this up Alec that he does. Think that's what they could beat the other quarterback of that but I think that affect people without being the governor talked about that covered so we'll let. Yeah maybe a cop or change debate that's been the print them the right guy that can right now. Torres a pillar read the story Yahoo! Sports after years of drawn and instability a trip to Richmond reveals while Alex Smith is the exact quarterback Washington needs right now it's up and available Yahoo! Sports dot com. I just tweeted out threats before I let you run that you are a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter. Speech you are most excited to hear this weekend hall of fame weekend is so. Already Lou but I doubt that the reward. What they've got a good Joseph Flacco threw a bit. You never fully. Members of it done you don't know what Rick talk about your gonna deliver it was but. There and well above though Levy would be able bodied guys often that oh I get away for a beer going to be great. Torres first visit on the shell I promised it would not the last invite thanks so much and you're busy man it really enjoyed your article. OK I meant to resonate to Millard Yahoo!'s sports NFL senior writer.