Interview: Thom Loverro (6-13-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Thom Loverro of The Washington Times discusses the Capitals celebration in D.C., Alex Ovechkin's place in D.C. sports history and which team in the nation's capitol has more pressure on it to win next.

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To further expand on it because he was there covering it voted 67 the fan he's also fantastic columnist The Washington Times. It's on the barrel back with a is on the had deep Mercer rug cleaning hotline. And a DC sports history that you seen or witnessed how would you put dodges this past week how would you put this month. And and generalize it now would you I guess categorize it in all DC sports history. I think integrated suite. Since I've been copper in DC sport I started. Right where your town a week after redskins' third Super Bowl championship. And 1990 here. The only they had been close it is that the tour Mason run. Even balanced national championship in 2002 I don't think that this sort of impact. A around the area all we've seen nothing like it. You know there's a number of reasons for that let this is it's got to be integrated suite in the past 26 here. Tom you can expand on this and I respect you for so many reasons to want and and and jealous of you Samie reasons because I love the senior podcast we talk about great boxing matches that used to saw. He's the CB you remember a time in sports where it was. It was okay for fans and athletes to work together to be together to go to the corner bar and we didn't have this stand obviously as we didn't have this disconnect on contracts we social media has changed the game. The one thing I appreciated the one thing I loved is that the cavs didn't have this celebration in a suite somewhere they didn't have a an or utility hotel. They took the party do the people and we hear so many times athletes say this is for you the fans. The capitals formally define that. Line. You know and at my theory behind act is. I think they felt already hurt certainly had felt. And shared the pain of those play all failure yet we know the players. You know when when you lose year after year to play all you know how painful it is that. What they would hear from the capped span the criticism and frustration. Instead of lashing out and getting angry about it they empathize with and I think we got like Nicklaus back strip. I got to be in the locker room with him after. I'll play all loss and an early exit against Pittsburgh. And you can tell eat he knew what was coming from the plan. And he understood it. He says he says going and the quote after last year exiting and beat. The penguins I know the same question to commentators same question back up or Goldberg yet. And he intended out of frustration or anger. So I think what these players felt. Let the same frustration that the band they'll be here at. That is why they wanted to bring that cup home might think to Washington. This year with them because I think they understood. What it meant to that span that much it meant to them I think they shared that teen years and they want to share their larger. It's a great answer Tom Rivera joining us in The Washington Times when a 67 the fan also his podcast. A definite listen cigars in curve balls on iTunes. Tom. Alexander Ovechkin would have gone down as one of the greats in DC he's gonna go down one degrades in hockey will be a hall of Famer. But this this changed it this took him to a new level and I was asking earlier feels like. When we talk about Joseph Gibbs and Darrell green and art monk and Doug Williams eight. Oh he's now in that category I don't know if he would have been there without a championship but he's definitely they're now. You know I probably would have put it there in in that category of the past you know. 3040 years it is what are greatest athletes we've never seen it now because it. You're right I mean he thought he didn't need the Stanley Cup you don't recognize. That he would water. That you ordered greatest hockey players up his time. And certainly. We've never seen I think since in Italy and moderate Arab. An athlete Washington sport would like that we kind most valuable player. In their sport and would leave their lead in light whatever what batting war touchdown passes or in this case school scoring second time. So I think we recognize that but you know I think Barry trot. He went he went to Russia this winter. Or a visit with his sign. And he also met with all be like he was there and yeah they have a conversation about redefining his goal. And making some changes. I think that. Combined with you know will be getting an altered those gray haired ready he's here every day. I think you recognize that he he's even being European. Go. Decline in his career by what he hadn't done. As much as he had done even he only hurt them but he didn't win the Stanley Cup and I think he's so I'm running out. I think he he was worried that you didn't want. That to define you know it is time in the league and I think he's made some changes. In his priorities. That helped them win the Stanley Cup and I think you're right it could. I think the guy Michael we all he needed one could stop that conversation. You know because you've got everything else on your way. So I think it stopped backed you up like you might you might hear you you know won't voices saying no he didn't wait to retreat attack. Expect ridiculous. I think I think he changed the confrontation about himself he took away the one thing that people would have. Criticized the war and we're lucky it happened walks in the. I was discussing before I brought you on the sibling effect it's like gallon one brother gets married there by looks at the other brother wondering if he's gonna date is gonna settle down was gonna do is live. I said there's now a sibling affecting DC because people are looking at the Redskins. The nationals the wizards in our poll question this morning. Who does this put the most pressure on to win next that's Redskins wizards. I think they're national. I think I think the national I com. To be a mini version of the capital. With their continuous early exit in the playoffs and 2012. What you heard from the national. I had it on my god they're becoming the app. So I think that perhaps that that kind of beat a natural connection. Moving forward plus they're gonna beat that team. To play the post be that if they do play in the post season. This year so bad debt that will be the immediacy of the comparison. I think. I think it marked as read it and wanna get excited about Aleks Maric I beat you down if it gonna take something to prove to them. That they can you know compete with the capital in terms. Postseason success at this point. And the leaders are are are dumpster fire. You know they're they're different dumpster fires that. That. You know that are there there an embarrassment it's hard to believe that at the same guy who held on both sides. It and in this cab swindle. You know kind of push that back into the corner of KEO. Everyone look at the caps Nolan or about the wizards and would download Bradley believes should be more Tom of arrow. Read his column it was the pain of the Stanley Cup failures shared by the capitals and fans that made the connection so strong redid The Washington Times. And go check out cigars and curve balls and iTunes what do you have coming up next podcast. Well actually the other wanted to try out today we got. Well known female sportscaster flatly that there and get on the pocket this week. Nice I actually got to get the hang out what you and I are together a couple of years ago completely out how to get it down out very letter yes she was awesome if you bail me out of a really boring conference that I was in and she said what do you do and as an I need a ride she is getting your car. I'm like cruising down the road Lesley Visser super nice. I will check it out I accidents dom I hope we connect so we see each other's and I love having you on appreciate Tom's always. Hear what thank you guy Tom of their own joining us from The Washington Times and you can listen to. He had any Poland on Saturday mornings in the radio dot com apple 1067 the fan.