Interview: Tim Hightower (6-22-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 22nd
Former Richmond Spiders running back Tim Hightower joins Wes to talk about his comeback from injury, the effects of CTE on football and his fitness initiative for kids.

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Joining us right now the NFL veteran. Former Richmond spider running back Tim Hightower putting on a physical fitness clinic tomorrow for your children. At eight CAC in short pomp and he's joining us now Tim good to hear from me how oil man. What brigadier you're gonna Dolores I couldn't help but see you in the news for of course all the right reasons. Back with the saints last week for a tryout what is it with you. What is it with you want to have another year another crack at the NFL my friend. Minnesota got them. Unsolved bitten vinegar you can say well and it becomes stable code based Coke looked toward the top of the. Our I got to know man you suffered big knee injury you rather game from us three seasons you fought your way backe got back into the NFL what is this unfinished business that you feel you have out there. You know some of his statistics so good now won't you won't reject the ship. You know. They're there have been a lot of thought the government operative again for the game you know word got an Al Golden. You know younger gas and whether this contributed much so I'm still afford them fiscal year put. A body in good shape of critical so not. Editor comfort like that quote came to collect their they'll close last year you know and then they they're impeccably cracker this year. And I would be a part of a run. Well New Orleans is a good place first of all they have a running back absence for a couple weeks they have a young running back and now the Camara. And you you did have your comeback and he did have some impressive. Weeks in that season with New Orleans what is that we view and Sean played what is that connection where is from a what is it like. Powell sort of obligated you know their organization did an opportunity to chapel no paper you're out it's. It's rare to get an opportunity come back in you know they solved sentinel. And you know to bring me back in in you know and force that is a good enough job to make an impression on them what it is just a mutual respect me. Jumper nor look at where you know he respects. He values and respect you know veterans in the locker room you know bring in Baghdad like Ben Watson ops they have a guy like Drew Brees in the locker room. So you don't and in that game you gotta have a good mix of young talent around the middle aged and you also get that record veterans. Kind of you know control simple as that total and I think it just took a mutual respect level on a bit in Ireland that reminds. Well he's a well respected veterans tonight job with this on the indeed Mercer wrote cleaning up by rookie by AC AC will tell about what he's doing tomorrow it ACC. And jump in on this conversation I. I don't know when you started playing football but Brett Favre has come out and said. He's trying to support an act and Illinois the state level that would not allow tackle football until after the age of twelve. I'm curious what age you start playing tackle football. Out starting the Kimberley you know I have been. I don't know much about that you're the new you you know you tell me about the sport are. But I would net so that you post you wouldn't what I think at that at the young level. Home. The important thing it's fundamentals. On the middle and it and you can teach or you know contrary to popular and sometimes you can teach from the middle without actually getting. Having that most important part of football on to get it there unfortunately you do not develop a little early on it's harder to develop a greater role. So I think that's what should be stressed you know at at at these you know let the younger level. A home is most fundamental how to tackle. How to you know how to block you all those different techniques. To let you get older you can get bigger stronger and faster and so it's important have bet their foundation. I your dad having kids too. 040. Man. We'll look so good we accrue when I do a better job of keeping tabs with him estimates ought to think it was settled down 40 I'm sorry and be personally don't have to give him OK and I saw it. I thought I was gonna say to hasn't been that long since I talked I don't know how -- you don't know I don't know if not when we're known addict yeah. Well look children wanna emulate their father and you know what what happens when they say dad had like take a look at both wanted to play football when you set. Man. You know you you look what look what my father to mobile platform that he soccer player. And that he took Irving he could to keep up the football field where they were comfortable football and track be it. If they if they love they love it in the gate you look at political liquidate. At this point. They created it release at a restaurant put secured about it you know we put the Obama on the run around the football and let's not try to. You know I don't want them to do whatever pain they're going to be attract what they're gonna attract throughout the editor of the law so. They're the important thing is really got done about it there until about to put the carpet it is that something they wanna do want term. To make sure I depend upon a little complacent with the proper people put the so that they can you know given that chance to beat up. I've mentioned this before and I'm nice and close the level you play that they have and a daughter thought there was some stress off me because. Knowing what we're learning about concussions in CT the same time the UN's that I learned playing high school football about. Hard work respect and I always said I've never had a never have a boss tougher than Michael line coach in high school just the sort of things that I learned that. Molded me from playing high school football I. I know would be real dilemma having a son. And that they came to me saying I wanna play football because what we know scientifically the same time what I know about what it did for music game. It's a big conflicts now. At least he got a couple years to worry about that Tim hides our joining but as you said he believes in the fundamentals of it and also believes in the physical fitness. I can you tell us about what you gonna do AC AC insure upon tomorrow. Well mannered. Particular ethnic awkward door in the fourth you're regarded excuse here shall all. They're fundamental today. And look we we wanted to get back to it there's so much reassert the show. Are more likely than not being you know they're not getting enough activity to this. These days and I could not rest I don't really understand nutrition. So. What we really wanna do it would be cute to act it would it would have them. Claim we went to their it's not about football is not about sports necessarily are both sport is very important be. What he played quarterback there ever want to be active complete simple ways. Reactive thing gates and also senate seat since some. The middle of nutrition and open the court sleet. Other important so gold setting have a problem aren't that we got it some of those things to the minute on setting in and it's a challenge them. This anti war drew. I think because there to be pleased that the because we are pleased about that equipment a big currently. Parents to be pleased pistons go whereabouts more honestly grade on Saturday and nobody ever gonna see that's what parents are not that fit fundamentals day at AC AC ensure poppy good AC AC dot com to find more information. To get your job registered and signed up to Mars the fourth year. Jamie do a great job witness I appreciate you come on every year to talk about it. Good luck when New Orleans good luck with another year in the NFL you know we're always pull for him man. There are everywhere you well Tim hides are joining us on the the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.