Jon Laaser interview 1-3-18


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McIlroy bucks. Sports nightstand and the new radio dot com app downloaded today. Listen anytime. Anywhere. Brian Wilson CBS sports dot com we'll join us in the 8 o'clock hour. Get back to our poll question and also we just put up the list of the pro football hall fame finalist you can go check it out I got my five on my ballot you tell us. Would be you or five C DeForest fox sports Richmond dot com. It is a Wednesday it is seven there that means we get to visit my friend John lays at the voice of the Hokies. Tonight Virginia Tech taking on you VA in hoops within that coming up John has brought to you by cal and gates eleven attorneys and staff. And there for you in any case before you look at the basketball got a clean up little football which isn't this is the first time we've spoken since the Camping World bowl and I was coming earlier a lot of criticism forward Josh Jackson after that game so I ask you have some time to think about it motions come down. Looking ahead lays one being the sure ten B and brochure. Where you would Josh Jackson and he being the guy moving forward with a year under his belt. Yeah I'd I'd I think that the that a five right now last week. The competition. Going to be an open competition like in the last couple years where he had no idea who the incumbent closer who the starter was going to be I think it's going to be a job to lose going happen at same time it's not so much an indictment on jobs in terms of him losing that job and banquet with what you have coming in. In terms of did occur to Paterson that you owe it to yourself. A program to make that competition it. It's not because the criticism over one game over the camper Opel and certainly doesn't goes banking unit and obviously probably didn't have his best game that that the same that I just think that's gonna be where this program and you want active competition and every particular quarter rec group back at it that it abuse case go into the spring and on into the summer so. I think right now at a five. Okay maybe you've talked to Justin went to about this maybe it's your own personal assessment the biggest area for Josh Jackson to improve who is where. Yeah I think that the problem with with just Jackson actually going forward is that they eat it really well from a mental perspective this these terms of valuing the put followed at reading through this it. Unfortunately. It's the areas were physically lacks in terms not necessarily be major out of a paper PE did cooker type with the figure are. Faster because industries science. I think try to overcompensate. Beat well then think that's such. This year so you know it it's not necessarily areas where I think that he can't prove all that much and I think the areas where he can excel he RD. Yeah article is key to winning level. In a lot of ways so. If you are gonna talk about what he can work guys it's good to the football quicker I think it more accurately. And that's particularly in the intermediate throws which was an area well like repressed a little bit as these monologue. In he would make again spec allows them or he would love India look other people better. But you just don't know if that's something that in his in his tool of Allah those speak and that's what we'll be monitoring at. Call or. He's John laser was the Hokies joining us Brooke you buy callon gates give me an area or player this party gets excited for next year. Yeah how excited about trade term but it also excited about Q partly it is the receivers that. One you expected to have a filing this year and the other that you terms of transferring look at port watching this a ball more next year terms we have on the orbiter. And those two guys are being part of that term course. Forced academic coming in out of North Carolina is a in the transcript Ball State that was eligible this year Farley. Gang who unfortunately got hurt the first practice. Well camps so. Yeah I am looking forward to distance stopped them all but the reason for that is so little wide receivers that he did at your disposal this year. Used it to sign off the bowl game you you said Tim Mike Brett you. You still feel that you have not seen this all fans run even at at a level close to what Justin Puente wants to runner how he wants to Iran gimme the image it's in your mind when you you foresee what this offense could be. You must Oklahoma State body that's exactly. The yeah. Yes that's fast with that many options that balance the terms are running on the football. Having that many if wide receivers in terms of guys that can contribute in yeah I'd I stand by that I'd I'd and I know that. Or for marketing and talk Brett you know actually dealt with. Having them. Very talented personnel but not necessarily a person now that they would recruit to their system in terms of the lake will be outside it Bucky hey Gary it's. It's got chuck it up to. And go and 5050 balls what they would be ideally wanna have that that probably won't even next year. But I think you get C steps in that direction but over the next couple years as. At a 789. Or seating options that you don't like or who Utley. Out to bow of the running game and then also features. Maybe a bigger and smaller back in and a quarterback who distribute the football knows their replaces. It'd they've still got work to do in terms of the recruiting class has let them or at two recruiting classes here at Virginia Tech to full ones so. Yeah it's not. Also person now not all are now is also scheme in style of speed that like to do it so that definitely were the progress which is exciting week that had success at 190 is about a having all the pieces and put. John lazy joining us if I'm on Twitter at lays beats he confide in tonight 9 o'clock calling Virginia Tech and you VA list transitioned to hoops. Where begins in Blacksburg and of course everyone's favorite at 9 o'clock tip. Going back to how the Hokies started this thing off in the ACC ON one bad shooting turnovers Syracuse zone got Virginia Tech on Sunday. Now I get you VA the pack line and other defense they can frustrated team after seeing them in the first game of conference play. What are you focused in on game but the two. Yet adjusting because he caught that game against your keys and I think they're pretty epic concerns about the off that you know obviously that's a storyline Syracuse on stifled the Hokies and then certainly Europe to get streaky a lot of credit for it out of bank. Some of that rests on the shoulders and attack offensively in terms of what they weren't able to adjust to invent gaming it to the basket and you know he's not need to respect it or maybe they're club this year probably that. A so they'll edit shot or all it will open up the three point arc they were able to react like getting into the paint with Kerry lectured foul trouble did have that last mortality I think the Hokies carries some responsibility. I'd of that game offensively I don't necessarily worry much. About the pack line he would not that I'm not worried about it and not as worried about. Hope he's not responding well but with and I think they will let it go play better I think they'll challenge more bat the bat well up the tonight at home I think on the other end though Virginia Tech well it its lot with that leading the nation defensively for two years Al offensively efficient they are out they are yup Kurt accurately shot clock if that's coach look he could accelerated particularly. As John Paul junger in a lot of yourself. I want to see the Hokies be able to make some defensive stops and speed up Virginia which it which is something even their wins. At home a lot of leaders haven't met sort of an able to do and an image to see if this team can do that. There's a number of other little things in terms just plain. A little more to your personnel on being able to be that consistently it would carry blacks here on the floor. They gonna need to have happen battle tonight but also look shorts so there were a number of things that fortunately what's not politically she wanna be. Coming ID perched ACC contest because you'd like pretty you know ramp up through the nonconference portion dispute common when you're out what's playing unfortunately that Syracuse game. Surest at Virginia Tech wasn't necessarily about place. The in the posited that though is that the team as shown as her election there at coach that they can. Ramped back up quickly sometimes make it run a little hot cold milk I'm excited for tonight is going to be a problem that I hate that the game as well in the dark here at that would that they could do something about that. Mac Pro am ACC schedule of the export the sound like our coach. That there's going to be in buyer. It's tonight 9 o'clock you can check it out on 961. FM. On news radio 1140 WR VA John laser Mike burn up on the call say those pipes and we'll talk again next Wednesday buddy had a great want. Vote Democrat happy new year happy new year do you John laser joining is brought to you buy callon gates eleven attorneys on staff and there for you in any case.