Levar Stoney (7-27-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, July 27th
Mayor Levar Stoney joins Wes to talk about his recent conversations with the Redskins regarding Training Camp in the RVA, the future and his vision for sports in the city.

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Let's get to someone who has honorable he is the mayor of Richmond the bar stony joining us on the indeed Mercer road cleaning hotline mister mayor Los there. Where reporter's query or I'm I'm here with another partner in crime and viewers missed a par now what's happened I viewed June girls on this show this morning. Oh you know report. I don't think you're wrong. Are. Not good to be talked to him and see what. And bear story it's football season is baseball season legalized sports going here in Richmond we we thank you for joining us first let me start here I know you're excited to football's back also excited. That you rejects your beloved jets will be coming up Jerry did you just took just just. How did you become a jets fan. We don't all our family is. Or more. New York. I was born there might dabble with that Marc expand if that are back there like many log out they're. And you know it's routine that I grew up whether it's so like you don't work three and thirteen no one could you avoid projecting an. I'm Rob Lowe will fall. It you know when you're jets that. Europe you're a glut of punishment yeah. That's when I was I was gonna that night and you that it was a blunt talk was the blood fumble your favorite player of all time. I would call a but Palmer and Mark Sanchez and Emma yeah but who was realignment. We are there Ryder Covert but isn't there a commitment from from a genetic you'd hear mr. mayor let's jets Jersey that you purchase most recent gestures senior closet. Our character over mr. Brodeur and some guys that got here I got two out of a white one degree or I was wanted there is a sand Arnold Jersey and there may be some time soon. I got to perform pertinent or acquired the got to earn a I'm merit of our -- who it is that there's multiple reasons I wanted to have you on one because the Redskins are back and hasn't been talked about there's the on field topics off the field. And it is of course now on years six the future of what's going to happen with training camp when was the last time you sat down and talk with the Redskins. And visited asks her in May of this year. And we had some Franchitti conversations about the future book. The registry and kept this year the city and I don't know the reckons the franchise goes or I can't Wear it. You know the future would leave you for the ball go just constitution of the city. They're so I hope you right now yeah AF. A local contribution to me I think you know if you're the wealthiest team blue book used in oral. There's no need for the secrets from the Kapalua Cowell being a cab subsidy to succeed. And their response to that needs. Well the dialogue continues this year this year people ward joined them but the contract is rules are weird expire and wanting to curbs. The region between the seat in the franchise so they'll be. Let's say the bulk of their status field. To happen for them to stay because there is an element of exposure that is received when you football ESPN or the regional sports network NBC sports Washington. What reasons would you like for them to step. Oh I think that no I think our children. The joy of being here and there were no world record and that's right here in this market. I do believe it is in the it's an attitude. It is that it is to the city elected its. I think the fact of the rest consumers and it appeared oil during those numbers acoustic. The pocket instead of what the whole Bill Brock so folks can do is go down terrible. Yeah it and don't competition. Well pretty easily. However I think. We need Gaza City is not but it is still have a deal that I would have negotiated in years ago but that's. And it happened in the past what I could work over here now that you're now for me is. This kid should not be handed over thousands of dollars to order while he is where exactly people won't. Men of our stony witness mayor of Richmond on fox sports 910 could you see a situation where they did not return for year seven a year eight. I don't foresee there I think there. That they they keep their commitment. Now we have a commitment to keep near the city as well idle or eat them departing earlier than other cut current contractual deadline I think. A lot of teams around the country oh in the league couple and their. There could their contract with the proceedings it our force it do the same thing here. How much time you have to work on this is this something that needs to be done and I don't know pursue the contract is this something. The Dave got to decide the future by the end of of this camp by the end of this month by the end of the year. Not I think they have all capital 20/20 you know we had a contractual. Review are slated for this year we did that in May. Our own but it's our hope that they will continue the dialogue is. And consider. Consider the that the change. In the agreement which would sure of that they really care about being here Richard and who eat the cash subsidy that the city who what is required to provide. Biology off the hot seat you know let's not let's let's make this a little bit more kinda I don't know where you can sort of a starting point is I blame it where's the fun stuff in when I was this spring. Paul put it up. Is there it's very important though that could that it that it no. Am and what but all star game to me just west of forgiveness question the mayor and I had a very very great meeting were with leaker or his staff and we have some really really awesome plans. With the mayor himself. For the easily all star game in a July 7 through the tenth of 2019. I'm very appreciative of news. Personal support for what's going to be an epic epic epic week here in Richmond Virginia. It's another another another moment to put the city Richard all book back. Mr. Murase businesses that politics aside like whatever but this is more passionate I have plugs you I appreciate you can see you see the big picture of a lot things that could be in this down. When you look ahead your vision what we're Tom out. Look at view the Redskins down the road and I know that your revitalizing. Revitalizing the C in the coliseum idea and and talk about the ballpark like big picture. When you walk out of office whenever it may be that what you what this city to look like. I want this could be a 21 century world class city. In orbit that. Leading mid markets in the country and that means you're gonna. Certain items in attract people who live here who long term and so. Obviously we want people have great schools. Were built schools when you look at the start doing that we're perhaps those go by want twenty I want any. Have a vision for the neighborhood downtown Delhi to most of what. View of reader and it also you know how they. Also want to see ya but baseball stadium as well overall the political. Bobo or at both arms of the big items I think that the city should go to report I'm looking at Dudack. Lot folks in Richmond who say the work hit a lot which you can't do this certificate either. I just you know probably the other camp tell me it on the kittens out of things like this particular. We should put aside as the most of the all the way to the starts. What's your next big date that the coliseum the revitalizing that that plan what's your next big date the look and Ford and targeting. I would know where where is in negotiations now what this looked that the developer who was oppose the idea. Building to create a downtown are obviously. Bottom block requesting. A lot in this in this process I had a high bar at the request could also process and I have a high hard negotiations. That they don't lead goes that partner that will be no green and I collect. It okay for the seat to walk away if they're not receive the benefit that they that this team deserves so. They were the negotiations hopefully we'll have some liberties or City Council buckets get reported that doesn't work out that way you know one won't won't won't walk in the next budget right party. Yeah absolutely. I'm a little mend on this on this is off the record as an elegant and any trouble I would say because I -- always there's always some people listening anyway and Ranariddh on record fairways here tonight and one question is why a woman whose time is gonna have a recurrence of movement and hospital I don't forget about the tens and tens of women atlas in addition to the some mr. mayor Wynn though. That whole survey came out about Richmond being in a city that was top five to someday host a professional sports team we put it out would you rather have an NFL. Major League NBA or NHL team if the day ever came. If you could support an adopt one lead in Richmond you what I guess what our poll question the winner of the poll question was. I would sit in a telephone water and why did you guess that. Because. We want leading markets in the the biggest night sources. The cap this passenger what they're part of the report consistently. Around the country in on the on the Stanley Cup finals. And it looked huge hockey. Well the problem in this city about it. It was routine that we could support. And sustain it would probably a hockey. They go folks mail bar stunning effort in to get an NHL team to return to hurt or hurt us more snow or not but yeah I. Not that I actually overwhelmingly won the poll question and it surprises it just it really stood out. And I hope they'll be the case to all of you are a one party with a medley when the Stanley Cup goes over in those guys really got after I loved that. It's pretty funny joke I was talking to our friends and accounting side and write code tester selection and it was all the success. All the probably happier if you let up and eating outside once the Stanley Cup finals. The caps wanted to wait til early that we every immediately gained seven. There's so that idea fell to the wayside but in the future bills. We can do the ball park mr. Merritt a counter nighttime we hope you see out of camp thinks are jumping all those appreciate it threw the ball our road work. It marked as mayor Lavar stony by exports ninths and and on the radio dot com that.