Mike Barber interview 1-29-18


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Here's the call of the knocked swing and I'm sorry. It's. Everything. On fox sports night attack. It's 23 year. News in the making but you can pull another particular box where Tony Bennett and company. The second ranked cavaliers have taken down number fourteen here at Cameron Indoor Stadium. What else would be to call tonight. The third is the call tonight as the called the as we get this Dave Kane junior Sports Radio network as the boos. Beat duke the first time since 1995. That is the call the night brought to you by coal federal passionately local banking and we gonna go with a couple different ones they were to go the final call. We go with Kyle guys reported to make it 6055. We can golf with tiger rose three pointer with 39 seconds left. And that was bring in Mike Barbour the times dispatch who joins us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline we discussion last week we're having the topic of what would be more of a thrill to be an athlete. To make to do something to make the home crowd go wild and crazy and cheer your name. Or to be the villain on the road to silenced the crowd and tie drone did that was seconds left. In Cameron indoor explain what it was like in that building with the crazies when he drops that three. Yeah you know so little interest and into the neutral player on the road it's a particularly special road environment. And that crowd was particularly amp up for that demons and I talked to a couple of students so they actually let extra students into the Clinton section. There were slight and why it was so. Crowded told reporters whether or put up against the bill that would even beyond the normal. What type you'll get that shot that it was. There was of this palpable tanks of it's not there are right you can't come here and do that to. It was such a great basketball played. That person it was still on the other hand and then we'll walk it up and and that they app is just important to have a defense. In that crowd will. He goes beyond started the it has as viable the steal of this can't be happening because it doesn't happen. Well you can send in your piece yesterday in your ass sports plus that some fan and people don't realize how close the fans the fans are on top you guys something I was giving you the business because your story was already starting to go that Virginia had beat duke and Cameron. You know after child I hit that three from going in you know sports star. Writing a story. And there's always a possibility you're absolutely right bitten. Are not that you write isn't stowed it until we will put it in the paper but I wrote my lead something along the lines of ECC's best team went into Cameron indoor and he'll be the toughest rival apple whatever the league by storm it was. And second start yell about eight big news they didn't. It is and that. So I thought that was pretty good and then another privileged over my left shoulder and tried to. Type up my extreme and so in the past it was like it was a usual under the camera number of times it's a brick red. Others will use this was even more than usual. He's Mike barber of the times dispatch Richmond dot com joining us. Yeah I have a discussion every Monday we talk Virginia basketball we've talked about this team being good we've talked about this team coming together we talk about this team coming together quicker than we thought. After this being number two is one thing but after gold and Cameron and beat number four duke we think about this Virginia team now. Yeah I'm not fully soul. 100%. A believer now and you know I've been one of the slow people would come around I think. I've been saying all along they've been playing great basketball. And that's a testament to the coaches the players ever figured Starbucks. I'm done saying that they're great basketball team now I believe that you don't vote into that arena and at the funny thing about it web. They did not have a great day they had a horrible shooting day I re watched game when I got home yesterday and the number of tile guy shots it would doubt. The number of calls didn't go there what they did not have a particularly. Good day. And they went in there and ended that streak in deep incredibly talented Duke Team. Automated back it was just phenomenal you and so on double they're playing great basketball this is this is a great basketball team and it'll be on the seat up or they can go to. Always ask Barbara your poll question of the morning. Mike if you had to fill out an NCAA bracket this morning where VA as sweet sixteen team alleviate the final 44 in the national championship game. Thought that you have to at least sort of in the final four at this point. Beyond one of those guys who once you're in the final or. Anybody can go anywhere in but this is busy over the four best teams in the country right now needs. No he's playing better basketball than Virginia I don't know how the polls shake out when it when it comes out certainly Villanova. Still deserves a lot of credit but operative is the best in the country right now order form. I see I think Villanova will hold up is number one team today but I can't we see is Tommy first place votes Virginia gets because I wanna see how many people got converted having people thought you know what. This team is a national championship caliber team Alec people assuming people think that after Saturday. Our big bet there'll be protests really what what junior BCU they lost to West Virginia negotiate that but. That was sort of thing that is people holding back. Yet to beat duke to beat duke of about it or backwards and probable ought to be duped oven but frankly shots aren't born. I think a lot of people of this when they're collected Villanova stays warm. But I think we're giving investors in the country. Any update on the hundred hunter. He told us that he thinks it was just a mild sprained ankle and actually bid earlier in the game and the reason he wants down. To collapse and it was up it was it was a working injury although you never know total more than actors or which has stopped urged better today than. Hopefully get more ordered but yeah hundred thought it was not a good if it'll. All right we'll find out a bit later today states and Mike barber at times dispatch in Richmond dot com thank you buddy appreciate it. Actually Rick you've got it and I should put this in your by the way Mike barber joining us on the he deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.