Mike Rhoades Show 1-30-18

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, January 30th
VCU Associate Head Coach Jeremy Ballard joins Wes for the Mike Rhoades Radio Show, along with Seniors Justin Tillman and Jonathan Williams.

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This isn't right M radio strongly you feel welcome to the Mike groves radio show. Broadcasting live from the buffalo wild weasel currencies tracked. We'll be sure cold. We your own location to deliver sixty minutes of straight VCU basketball talk now let's go live inside buffalo wild weeds with coats were. Oh thank you host what's McIlroy yeah. And welcome back on this Tuesday night from Buffalo Wild Wings did shore public packed house tonight. Remind us why netbook we've multiply it by three joining us little bit later on just domain Jonathan Williams there are near Buffalo Wild Wings. And stepping up. Coach Mike Rose to root out somewhere I don't know if we can reveal his location but associate coach that he's on the Jimmy Ballard with his buffalo wild way. Your radio debut right you've done this before average and that's what they view this is your radio debut. Let's just do and I taught him that much people as the rocket adults and hoops for the next hour. I definitely you know how to do that so let's go to three in a row to on the road piece you geared up the big game won't fight and gets real about what we look. Word let's look back what's happened here the past three games your observation about is the what's happened over the past three. We get obviously just 12 game stretch there with Dayton Richmond. Our guys regroup and learn from it. I think we. Are choosing your leaders really. Yet he team together and regroup from mad. We've really trying to promote aggressive mindset approach these last three games that. It showed in the results you said aggressive. Describe the things he saw that we're aggressive with things that have not been there. Yeah we'll defensively we really try to become more disruptive especially I have worked and try to take teams out there comfort zone take them out of what they wanna do. And get more reflections just be more aggressive. It's beat temple or even in the half court. That effectively sustenance and the mentality of the guys has been queried him. And it's that translates over office as well so we've been pleased with that and obviously there's still a ton of room for improvement on the defense and then it's up that we are on each and every day. The Gaza bought and try to be better with that so hopefully we'll continue to keeps you from what kind of go backward here over the last three games in the timeline it. We saw the team could not against GW and it took the ring to it took some time and I knew GW shot at 7% the first African defense buckled down. I look back on look at the seminal moment I'm looking at the transition what happened here at Saint Louis game. You're on the road you down that second half right about that sixteen bit market since you lose that riveted it targeted the issuance. And you guys seem to have been aggressive tactic here in the defense it did and it played on the boards kicked the game. And it took everything to get overtime were you guys prevailed. With that in my right here is there something about what happened that second half against Saint Louis. Not think you're exactly right west that was really character building win for us. I've been fortunate to be here for years now and be apart special moments here and felt especially force and one with what the gossip gone through. You know the previous week it in the post losses that we and and be down and out against Gary physical and gain Saint Louis team on the road. Mark national a lot of toughness and just mental fortitude. Come back from a double digit deficit plan. We didn't have much momentum going we created our own momentum well we created owns market. To come out with a win there was huge for everyone in. We've really built from that moment and continues jungle seeker of truth talk about look at that mental toughness how would you describe. By some of the observations you've had what the mental toughness is as rent now want to enroll the road. Well this team's always had mental toughness. But we're trying to build it from the beginning and so sure all our friends. Can attest to we haven't had the content source that would like to have this year but. On the beginning of the UEFA we shall fight which showed them the mental aptitude he'll respond to deficits. To feel this respond to kind of get hit in the mouth. And one of the things we talked about last couple dances that we wanna come now and we don't responses and it keeps going it's that a bean counter puncher that's always have and a come back him. You know gain victory late itself but to be able to I think it was our third. Double digit comeback. In conference play. Which which has a lot of well the character of our guys. Toughness. The club about coach rose leadership as well and you sit through the first punch we saw that Saturday. Yeah we we're really proud of the guys say they came out swinging and John Upton and Justin they really took it upon themselves. You know that they said that we're gonna make sure we have got great play from the opening tip. And we really came out were the aggressors and it showed in the in the rebound margin that we out rebound them like when he found rebounds in 52 rebounds you know you guys had memory serves me right you guys had. More offensive rebounds percent in two rebounds for that right and that's all mines sentimentality. And and really speaks to the aggression that we had. And it's it's our with our with our senior leaders in and they set the tone for that and they had everyone else ready to go. You're regardless that's assistant coach who beats you in the diaper bike routes he's joining us we are here Buffalo Wild Wings on fox sports night and was McEnroe that would yet and it. Is this I'm gonna kind of bounce around here but we're about these three games it's about the evolution and the growth of the team. Let's re like all the way back after that it be game. We hear after the Stevie JUW. Johnny was post game talking about how this team have an airing out session they just leave everything out they can talk right after that Richmond Lawson. So probably tell me it's not that go edgy got a little reopens the thing that had that happen. When you heard that went down for me that was going down what was your response knowing the state team at that time. A loss proud of the guys for understanding the moment I understand that that needed to take place. You know popular part of adversity here and BC program for you know it's. Ever since I've been here we use there's been ups and downs this season and subtleties and you know it's not the first time I've been a part he's Eugene it's loss of Richmond home. It's not the first time been a part of VCU team has been blown out on Friday night he has been games so we've been down these roads before we've responded before. And we got the senior leaders in place them in the town play it's not that we can respond again in which government run here. What's it like a coach ticket especially your position really associate coach. There's sometimes you wouldn't be involved sometimes if you need to say something without me feeling like I gotta back off and let. My guys to care certain things right I think it's really a field type of thing. You know you really try to put in the time and with these guys away from the court. So that they trust you know what you believe in them. And got to trust him to. Understand what we're trying to do what our culture now and got to try to help them along the way it helped them with leadership aspect. At some level constantly plays out there on the court and as great of a player's coach wrote once was and is greater as group coaches he has now he's not one up there shoot baskets or tourniquet stops though. We we understand it you know we have to lead them to the water. And it didn't want to gonna make plays reset it I've found to be interesting and I played count what's the cover count towards. You guys know about this there is something about that groups say something which should have a lot of need to work within isn't a factor of somebody called you out yet and it's. Where you wanna say we think we'll know it should mean war with your teammate mr. that the guidance what was in the suburbs who one point you account. We you know as you grow up an analyst and execute your a lot of peer pressure and it's you to talk it is. Talked about negative way but peer pressure. When it comes to sports and building culture doing the right thing to the team can be very helpful thing. So when you had your peers calling you out and hold you accountable. There's nothing more powerful than. Jimmy Ballard witness and coming up in Dixon you know three to coach. We're all pretty joined by you know 810 players who we just Tillman its most Jonathan Williams. And I let let's give you some of these players here who were eight minutes it is not well. Just tell what you got extreme basketball mind when watching this guy right now Hillary gets the other guys that cannot. Just tell us getting all the focus we know obvious point eight every scouting report. At a guy's still going out in averaging double doubles you speak to receive justice right now. It's really amazing will receive from Justin. That's what we recruited Justin to do and it's what divisions all from its its unique situation. Although that's our first year olds now you know puts roads and stamp that particular. And spent so much time in Detroit and I made residence tax tax residency in on this itself. I'm very proud to see what he's doing he's worked very hard on this game. It's it's truly a testament to Justin. The time that he's put in to approve the skills. To prove its IQ and and to really be ready to take agrees that this senior year in and be a leader out there or it. And Justin. Overly talk about it just talk about what he's grown up he's been a lot he's matured he has let things get in the games. And now more than ever it's over at the thought about your votes at times he's not there. He's lucky focusing as we have to do well this can't say enough about just what John. This is their third coach. And they didn't come to receive plea for the coaches. So what these guys under persevered through it's really remarkable. It's a testament to their care. It's a testament to the people that fail we fail. And so let's see what they're doing it in their senior year. They the guys that came in with our galore with them. A lot teammates that transfer away here graduated. Coaching staff changes. Itself embassy so you know they've grown up a lot they've been forced to grow maybe quicker and it was needed it. What justice to an author is also mean he's he's been machines corn ball he has literally. The most efficient player he's history it's got the highest percentage of any player that's ever played VCU and he's doing that with as he says he's been the focus of every defense that way. So it's pretty awesome to watch it coach wrote this book about this when it comes to nine. He said that really replicate can be duped him he wanted to be a leader and sometimes groups that he had in what. But we're not sometimes you don't want to be so we're not everybody else you need you worry about John Williams and that. That's a reflection to other guys. I'm sure you saw from day one John Williams do it and it went to beat the established leader this team. While I don't know this it's now it's enough certainly that's. Let Johnny Williams it's east. He's from Richmond. Johnny Williams committed we beat Butler home game so he's seen beats you at its highest we beat Butler about 32 points on the SP in he was there. He he's seen a Santa and our finest moments and that's what he came here to be apart. He's a special kid. He's a great leader he's a great teammate everyone loves to be around them and again. This is third head coach for years crazy and he he's and he's embraced the coaching from day one. Coach wrote personally recruited John at the same way that I recruited just so. We've known him but to have distrusted. And in knowing that we have our back for more poorly us willingness. He has our back in the locker room back in his dorm room is of the utmost importance and we rely on his leadership every second of every day. After that game I think anybody would committed I still. It's been able to I still think that he announced I had never heard this news could smell these athletes including what it will be like on Friday night in Rhode Island comes down. Who gets that would hurt now are coming up and next not talking about then we'll talk with them. John Williams and just someone will join us here at Buffalo Wild Wings. We are targets for my birthday this particular fear be our coach Knight. We have Buffalo Wild Wings is short pump west backed ruling this is rated radio from Muirfield on fox sports night and it. We are back at buffalo on planes at the Mike roads coaches show in the night for coach is this is ridiculous here meet our lives back late. To get rid of buffalo wings into you're 7 o'clock tonight. And we're joined by special guest is jumping you around applause from work the seizures. Okay. I kind of person blind eye opener for everybody here piracy occur in the text. The text. From coach Mike roads. Informing me that Johnson you have to save more than one word on every answer. Hey Johnny at some point and except for now aren't we are supposed to impersonate. Michael Rhodes yeah impersonation through truth that you don't. I was more like Gertrude says it is quote hilarious that give you let us look good don't believe it indicated junk that was the others are. Not John I guess you could say that's certainly and milieu from press conferences and it was just we're going around immediately are. I really the Clinton team funny guy being the comic relief sometimes you. I was in I am. It is. You know you want people only aid which you don't lose when newbies those. Let that this kind of arena everybody and Wes Clark and he's human I I indeed these. Are you really he can tell you a quote from the most random movie. He loves to. They comparisons that people at random character actors love I'll say legs are giving you me like you're coaching movie you're gonna quote something here you're gonna drop reference give me. He vehicle movies that you go through all the time. Home. Training day. I. But on the mainland today. Comes to America come to America. A that no blue. It and I am here simply overlooked here. I can't get to know what my wife was gushing over here but obviously a serious supporters closing up forty how are you. Including the fact that you respect coming to America I think when you get around most of jocular that's dead. I Saddam is that with just that little spot what what does justice roll it Johnson's I was the comic relief what is just tell. Coach noticed you all he's funny in his own way too yeah. Don't let the the quiet this fool you. Justin is also I would say maybe the best natural anti easily. It's he's got the victim of this entity to bust out. Obviously being from Detroit you have to have a lot of rhythm so. It just that. Can attest that that is good enough soon if ever Dancing With The Stars looking for consistency the tenant. He would go to Carol agent let me just tell me guys ask me that in all seriousness. Let's go back it we've just about the past three games and struggled don't use you ought to the press conference after that when he gets to studies that look. We saw this airing out session we talked about a lot of things to Yvette what prompted the team sit down and have to have that moment. Hmmm does that out. Played within acceptable in the previous two games we know it's not. Who realize plea is. People right. This is not accurate is we'll go through that seems you know who they loan problems. When they often fluently. So who's that we gotta you've BetaNews. Median Grammy players in the scrappy. And is being movies you've been about did you call to you to called together at a parody. Get the wheels in motion to have that sit down didn't you leave we both felt about it CNET and a Wii and on me now room. So it by knows it and he would news citizens anybody and don't do me. Two and a tendency is not in the whole day. And just. Having that moment but what was it what did you guys have had that. A lot of people who will some people and I think was comfortable that we're aware of that and I. We need is some people were everywhere to be right. Pointed out in my you know but on the hear it would it values he. And I distant from their phones so we do agree to showboat with Tony got hot meal. Things happen he said you guys agree with that it becomes volley just lie. And it could be good news lately was that values because you can south lake front and at the same time announced late. Subprime lenders that it is. OK so now it's Florida coach you can jump in here if you want what's best for the next day it's not prepped for GW. What happens because you got hooked on the floor. It obviously took the second half to heat that's locked up what did you guys see you too believes the team seemed right away at that meeting did jump. Policy that we brought down. Back brought back the competitive is that we definitely ahead. In the summer and into the beginning of the season. Oh win over stupid he'd vehicle we losses that we want to like look at each other so me. Like good matches and both teams you know people that it took them to go with chippy. I was supposed to be so it was the day of I was competitive and you see then the thing that we told what is it who keeps my cane you know who do about Dave's vote to keep. Just don't see guys carried over dislike them but incidental. I've seen it in his view that many had it in morning through it inning is one of the loosely they bugged and when it finally demand the most I think June talking France's. Is being aggressively do the very practiced in the room. I was again and I should probably put this out some talking trash if you think we will take your questions for coach Fowler. We're Johnson & Johnson only news media outlets fox would not once you growth and you'll ask me including this question let's go right here's Catherine. Do you think trash talking helps or hurts during the game just the start you. This if you thought you spit. Not shut if that talking doesn't mean it bowed out of a news conference yet. I think you know. John have a new song. You talk like users who don't talk too much do you own not the Madrid alumnus Desmond. Duma. That you are talking it's just it's isn't anything you do it is that's not only start them myself fantastic today. So you know the scene goofy to me to have my duty put my teachers who. So when none of them doing a lot of talking now is serious. You've gone like Denzel in training day are you get solid or are you pretty maybe throughout a joke we're taking jabs. Moon. I do that I'd love it. A lot of jokes went through. I'm playing my game love you. I also is back on me you know we don't discount we're definitely definitely a wing can listen in a written movies and everything. Necessity so proudly now can it not only does this trash talking it's evolved from Christiane this that sells a lot eightieth. Well. We will take your questions atlas fives were not once you know so fifth we're here let let's talk about the last three games it was sad because it's evolved. Is that and I thought with coach about this I saw something that. Maybe it's that road toughness to improve talked about. The defense. The ability to crash where we saw that seamlessly on and and we saw and it George Mason got him flight up shoot with it. Jonathan if we could start that the list three halves of basketball what do you notice what's been your biggest observation about your teammates. Moment never say die attitude. One deficit Ruth you know build interest in each other. Not even just. I didn't know that with people beyond fluent offensively and pieces of me knowing even if you Minnesota. It deviated to help you bites on the team event right position. So does that because effectively to then you've really got people. Come in films that promote. We only know the people who. It doesn't goodness. Just like we we come out Michael exclusively every game we come home. It's the the greatness of the severe things they have an upward it'll start this team so we come out and start making would unity teams don't follow and and also to feed on each of his success. I don't single anybody out I think it's worth seeing relatively young positive light coach about who could start with you. To see what's happened here over the past two games with Presley is the guy who was in the starting lineup. I'm starting lineup but I he came back of truth in them and so that means we're down three minutes. These past few games what's been going on with Chris in the game with the auto personally behind the scenes. Well thank you see perfect case that that your hands that you're seeing here that's been the lot. Let's start stop. So he's had a lot of downs in his career and he he really showed his character he's been great teammate in our Chris lane. In moments when he's been on the bench extended periods that's he's always been supportive of his teammates he's never once had an attitude had that body language. And I stay the course and he was ready when his time came and and these past few games have been huge force from twenty well obviously towards races. But the game against saint louis' is that she really just children the true tale of what he did the game and he'll bring an edge in toughness that. To go along with what would go with our with our seniors really huge and look. But let's not. Yeah make it's so easy you get around it long enough you guys can check out you guys becoming cancers so Chris did it doesn't always happen. No way it takes a special kind of kid to do that he has such complicated. He's got a relationship that goes back. With coach roots are caused by our staff many many years you know they they are located that we've got a high school. He's no Johnny for most of his life he's known to kill so that you know there's there's real bombs there and although this is his one and only year BC news. He'd also be seems to export Eagles beat well. He takes pride in it one week that would tradition so although maybe he has been programs and a that it wanted to level things who has. Obvious coming here and these wanna an exit when coach in waiting game even when he wasn't always help. Jonny what was it like for a guy and go to see him go through that and it. Estimates would you guys who keep Chris in gates' home is nibbling at confidently. Even non practicing you know. Building when the time he was being aggressive off of my name. Uniqueness that it. Mr. Fluor. He's possible this. Who. We've let me just an immediate so much easier for us some island just need. There beyoncé he's living room floor but you've got it back to you theory it was so and I know on those that and I flew monopoly glow of the plan. Once I'm not going to put them on the on the other you know being here. You know as Lyndon like do you think is good and I didn't seem to me we do. He's thinking of with the victory but to give back through just keep doing. He's done it Williams he has just zone could hear me now are associated coached every ballot joining us here. He's the Michael. Gonna stick around for him to stick around we come back and you'll think mode word association about certain players. And we're gonna talk about the one thing that a national analysts say he's here is the best that. He college basketball do that next Buffalo Wild Wings in short haul. Let's Matt little Mike Ruth regular show this is written radio interview on fox sports night it. Welcome back to Buffalo Wild Wings in short Paul and his team might roads radio program. Tonight filling it goes through its decision makers Jimmy Ballard and we're joined by just so many. Jonathan Williams who I would apology tonight. Probably shoot well microphones in your books business that not not working out well with the hair tonight I got to make it network. I don't have to go I mean look we. Johnny let's I mean you look at this had a hairy enough product in this. I got to know where Britain is unique original here come from jingoistic you guys have the best player in college basketball. John Allen even like Accra. It's just finally the settlement absolutely it yet he is. Good. Now we've got the conversation about years here occasionally it's true. But the hair does not know it does get to us. Justin. Obama is madrassas it's first year in on this that the literally read we're close mother goose goes leave rivermen that in Kansas. OK so that's that's bull test is out if you guys can imagine Beckham might really don't acknowledge is this blossoms line. We're not gonna go to. Black who is a lot yeah it could not you don't see that make my listeners don't know you know incidents but. Lot who inspired just until it must not that guy. One to present their power like Philly keep the same without food for. To loan but I like it was subsequently. And an estimate that the with sweeteners though it was late inning. I don't wanna do and and then they don't do victim but I would like home Cleveland. This elephant is their name it's now the break up it's not about what you do this yourself. No not execute your Johnny art it definitely breaking out over your hair color. I was just it will go well but yeah we take your questions. At west fox sports not 10 I was asked this question from your record athletic as most top on Twitter. Rick Christie and please come from. A real photographers on the radio you didn't balloon. Chris you really need from like. In Detroit and mean that you flew but he finished ninth. So my you know he came in and for the community you know you've just been amazing in view he's the only see. You know mental health and peace he has only that in essence we do is flip. In the Chris Tillman. And please. Respect for. Terry and they came only because. Like some people who practice like you know like for instance groups. Goose money so I think I'll keep history. Even move. In game you know. We've done in high school you know moving and I feel a pistol event planner quite so mean Terri got the the closing unites us like CC faces the winner advances due to a mean I think flu you'll lose grave illnesses like this fancy these fancy. Hi nice crispy and blades we could see were both comes from good question whether another question you guys individually. The toughest matchups played in the Tank Johnson who pops your bikers would doesn't get much attention right now. And eight in NBA today. This year it's not leave it open question forcibly back to that really stands out you were screwed up. I don't really new on it. Johnny going. Come on O'Brien's who's who keep. Tennessee. Your own commitment to balloon went on the food to. You're gonna put that you watch film and break it down to be a good matchup with these guys apparently they really tacitly really stood out. Home well though they'll be really tested on Friday and you know. What I don't get it really deep backward this play about 667. Guys backward so. Plays will be tested with them and obviously is he's seen all season long him and certainly VH. Brought out in defense of your chops not just so. That's the next game that's really got a little focuses on him and it. It will be the biggest game of the year and that would be the biggest challenge just an addiction and abuse is currently ten player of the week from carrots are about this. You're getting you're right up when everybody's got to work. You're still averaging at WW getting banged up and getting double teams. How are you Rhode this year how you were involved and patience and takes the group game knowing the focus on utility attention. You're still put up a double don't want me. The assistant in my garden on that they don't really give it to blow an avenue to move well people. And sitting this evening. Most of the par run forward and they want to do those things feel they hope that clears hoopla that Clinton fund please mute people. Would ask you guys what would not gluten player and we're really gonna national emblem. Coached that coach routes that he might have the highest just like you any freshman at UC. Just your smile what what has stood out soberly about Saddam. Plus clearly you know like his positioning was bad and I did see his growth and from the Kennedy Nixon now is like I'm very very impressed with them anyway. Since do you think with the payments to lake planned run around and think how leg is yet to practice them. I subsequently. Room to get some legitimacy in the new advice of a play which you do he's done trying to give them. Good to see him if you were economically sound and proven through movement John. We have seen strong policy you know he's working a lot harder on his own Soviet games body. He's listed really live he's extremely patient. And as some. That he was different you know. I think pitches in high school you know to go whenever you want to he's learned you know. And colleges look differently than PC takes its you see people who live. So deputies season. I think. I agree that's question before we go to break this last stretch this last Friday February and march what's it like and I thought about it and started races. Yeah I mean we talked about it. A lot of time you know being. Locked together. Sort it out together. I would say. We know it's a woman chooses to get it let me. Don't look forward. Certain other things like you know even though before my last game console only flew Allan thanks Lee thank you can't Wear it let them know we about her recent releases. Indian do we need to do today came in didn't have today carried over to learn anything so I think TV diva being. Just cherishing the moment to be honest. The answer. Chris being. Graves laid down it. Stick around we're probably it's. To a halt as we argue with you Mike roots radio show. Will be back on rim radio from me if you don't fox sports night tonight. This is the Mike wrote radio show it tonight associated coach Tierney about the VCU rams. Let's actually here's buffalo volley drop off thank you get the job lives adjustment summoned for joining us. You sit at the top Q coach you America's guys you recruited these it's been a lot of them through it adjusted. Stop look reflect with the likes the guys the bed he turned into now. I just get filled with pride. These guys have matured so much they've been through so much. So much that they didn't sign up for. He knows the adversity that they dealt with that what did admirably. And to see them both the leading thriving in the C here is filled with pride consoles especially young man right there it would percentage comic about a table and then he said welcome thanks for not even. Because it could have been really. You can really easy after the first coaching switch. An epic sic coaching switch but. It does go back to it to knowing you coach rose what's the let me you'd be back I can skip right over that what's it like for you back here. Does it feel like you're you're never let does it feel like version 2.0. The war in a word also feels ultimately that I feel very fortunate. That coach rose. The media partners. In the administration welcome back. And to be back with these young man you know to come full circle with the justice Tillman who are recruited him. And and Jonathan Williams who last coached his freshman year it would be here for their senior year and last year special. You know specialist just I can't think of a better word then. What to say about VCU and these universities community especially via via part of it this extremely fortunate. Is it surreal sometimes look at opened up management's microbes wanted to show. Your back is associate coach. At Joey Rodriguez guys now hopes not he's wearing a suit. Not that type it's what's that like the currency opposites. Kind of crazy how it got back here I mean I thought topic the point taken it in play in the can be hard things. Moved so quickly and they're so what's going on but. Not a special feeling I mean coach roads as we see you through through. Boo boo is a legend and to have him on the sideline and helping mentor these guys that's where incredibly fortunate to have him. Don Brown let's let's go to Sears GA Mike Venezia our our director of player development was yours GA just some of the art video coordinator was here's GA. So you got. Yet strong strong BC you guys on the staff and guys are really understand what this tradition is all about this culture's all about self. And it's just so wonderful opportunity to be a part of the game and try to continue to make special things happen. And I wasn't joking earlier I did receive a code attacks coach roads about certain things they ask you just Tillman. And Johnny was also has as coach now are about. Your favorite ice cream dessert and milk shake spots around it seems that you have a craving for dairy products in the idea. Above all the big ice cream comes sewer yeah. Dessert congress who are as you can probably tell Manama. Love I don't know response to. Ruby much on the sponsor any place else fellowship digs. There there's salted caramel Kate got a response here and so quite so. Let me let you know. We do a segment you're caught rank it with roads he. Okay he's got to rank certain things that's OK you're it you're at the the dairy barn you know you're right there's milk shakes its ice cream that's right UK. Top four things tear it down ranked. Cookie dough ice cream at all number one and two probably the doubles to the bill takes a love milk shakes. Album early of the cake but there's in Gates's one meal there salted caramel chocolate cake. I think I lead the country and eating those. And I'll look cookie cake you know you'll see that that very often. Certainly the big shot that would let him lots of it. I love it. Outstanding product will fit not to mention that lactose intolerance affects the effort through that out their countries and that don't give it to me to revenues nuts and I had a such habits all right now you're you're eating Bashir for war. He's coached to everybody associated acre QVCU we come back. Not not says not funny business would get down to business that business Friday night it's Rhode Island coming to town. Close up segment was not shown talking about back. One with this as their coach Jeremy about west Bakalar from Buffalo Wild Wings into apartments rent radio newfield fox sports night today. Backyard Buffalo Wild Wings in short pump west back room along with an associate coach Jeremy Fowler noted for Mike wrote the piece you've coached show. And what's it would you'll effect just noted Jonathan let's hang out with us tonight. We're sitting here in doubt we're we're gonna get coach here because really applicable and it's we don't lose because we are both watching Rhode Island that you massive amounts struggling early. If you can sit in the during the break. Though. Round of applause here. You know the road I'll get everybody's best shot we it was a Friday night. Yeah wolf they've earned the top 25 ranking. Great season thus far. They're well coached they have great talent. When you earn that that ranking here in the target on your back to. These U fans here know that we we know that you know unity that the hunted in this league and that's a Rhode Island is now they're gonna get everyone's best shot and they just had they just took two games best shot this past weekend and and they responded and were able to gut out a way and in. That's why they have a great team so we're we're really looking forward to every game product what you put on that video would you do this gal what does Rhode Island do well what would. About giving game plan away. What do they do with some with some priorities right. What's a little bit different in his traditional morality this is high powered offense to. They really score the ball well there the second. Higher scoring offense in the conference on the really get out Enron. And I you know they've been super fits a cool kind of beat you up inside. Junkyard dog kind of team. Under coach or at least in which rose to near. And this year they're still tough they're still hard nosed and everything but that they start for parts and and they played most of the game with four or so they try to stretch now. Really wanna play fast. They to a great job force turnovers forced seventy turnovers name leading the conference. And they try to get after. What about you guys right now get this break you between Saturday and Friday at this point is these role in February. How has practice changed where I imagine the bumps and bruises are accumulating. There's still prep work to be done how it's practiced it we changed yeah it's unique week not have a have a game so you know we can't. So we've approachable bit differently. We kind of what's a motivational. Documentary last night. We. On the scrimmage have be practiced yesterday. Guy got a lot of skill work and all that I've worked today to go along with our typical defense of focus. It's. These next few days we'll have our our our general today for a will be getting after we John Locke you know prepare for a while. And you know the place will be bouncing on Friday night you don't breeder owner superstars like in the right direction home crowd Friday night national television. What's it like you were you reluctant student crowd is. As electric as it gets. Again this this year fourteen for me and if there's one coaching and you know players well you know seventeen years of division one basketball and there's no place like VCU country. It's just. Truly unique environment. We have a rabid fan base that's. Incredibly loyal they understand the game they understand what he's used them now they understand what we're trying to do out there on the court. And we really feed off all of the crowd more players feel. It really affects the our opponents. So it's just awesome to know that we have. That a lot of fans care so passionately about what we do care about our young men and access this system grow through. Folks who came off the bench tonight and I asked him the first breakers yet ready to jump Lawrence reverence that really he did a fantastic job coach thank you wait for it to. So coach and it's not he got his work out. It's doing its. Its job and what do you think specific makers derby Ballard and just double row most just killed at Johnson lives jumping off. Some housekeeping notes if you miss any footage showed what I hear it again it is available at foxwoods Richmond dot com. Listen suit my kids that are and we will join you Friday night coverage beginning at 630 from this do. I'll pregame that rob Robinson Michael vetoes it rowdy at Latin call Rhode Island and piece you thanks give everybody the Buffalo Wild Wings shortfall. Thanks for coming out. We'll do it again next month check out decent a political backdrop for more information outlets Mac like this rant radio from the field.