Show Highlight: NBA Awards (6-27-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 27th
Guest Host Danny Nokes discusses where LeBron James will end up in 2018.

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As Michael will bon couple weeks ago I think. When he laid out why exactly LeBron to DC makes sense I don't think it's gonna happen should a prefaced. This conversation by saying that I absolutely do not think it's gonna happen my money's on the Brian going to Los Angeles to play for the lakers. But you know he wanted to stand toe to toe with trump what better place to do it in Washington DC. Any wouldn't have to leave the Eastern Conference. He'd be playing with John Wall on Bradley peel problem there is. Much like Ben Simmons. John Wall cannot play off the ball. Has no jump shot. It's better than Benson's. Lead does that mean it's got. Mean John did hit a pretty big jump shot against the Boston Celtics in game six of the playoffs not this season but last year. The size or he can't shoot. But c'mon Jon camp play up the ball LeBron can play off the ball if he wanted to. If he can shoot pretty well from. The perimeter but. He is likely get a ticket to the ram. More swing man type deal. As that flag I don't really think that system would work as well but if you stay in the Eastern Conference erodes the finals is easier. So I could see it from that perspective in the last thing that wasn't brought up and is in its eighth in any conversation. About LeBron going to the wiz would be the school systems that you've been up there before. Fairfax loud and counting. Public schools. Those are great. And regards to the rest of the country but I'm talking about the Debbie CAC. The Washington Catholic athletic conference which sees one of the most difficult places the play basketball in the country. The Mac that. Saint John's O'Connell. Good counsel and zagged all those teams. Are among. The nationally ranked programs in high school basketball LeBron loves his kids he wants them to succeed as well in be set up for success in the future. So there's some things there that makes cents. I don't he's gonna happen trust me I'm not that stupid. But it's possible in a lot of these teams are willing to think that far outside the box go and chase somebody like that. Part of it also has to do with what they think LeBron ones. Where he might go. Or where he might want to go and want his family to go so that there happy. It seems pretty up in the air right now. Because there's so many different things that could still happen. Who notes notes. I tend to think that LeBron doesn't want another finals loss on his resonate. He's three and six right now. In eight straight trips. No one's ever done apple for. But at some point. If he just keeps taking Els is in the finals allow all adds. As good as it is just to get there. Lot of losses if they keep piling up that's not gonna look so good especially if you can't get another week. Sophie went out of the West Coast and played for the lakers next season. And maybe pulled George and coli both don't go and he asked to go out there alone. And he's there with who's ma ball. Ingrid and I don't think this happened. I can't imagine that LeBron would go out there alone I I I really feel like he would be able to at least bring Paul George with and if he does decide to go to LA. This upcoming season. If you lose. To Golden State. In the conference finals no maybe. Your streak of consecutive trip to the NBA finals is over by. Then you don't run into the brick wall that is Golden State in the finals. Thereby nearly guaranteeing that you'll have another loss on your NBA finals resonate. And we know that LeBron is very legacy oriented. He is flat out said I want to be the best. The greatest of all time. These were about as likes. But is also worried about his kids he does care very much about his family. A lot to LA and they've got great schools for the kids as well. Great sports. As they're growing up as well. Not to mention its LA. Hollywood. There's all sorts of different stuff that it he's already got homes out a home out there. We know that. He's trying to become a mobile of sorts. He wants to be in more movies. Which by the way I soul train wreck for the first time a couple of weeks ago I was Memorial Day weekend. Train wreck featuring LeBron James. Actually pretty prominent character and then. Bill here Amy Schumer. Leveling up my favorite flick. I laughed though. The bronze character. He plays himself. Actually pretty funny. When he's not in basketball Moody's. Pretty likeable guy that's me. And as a wizards fan it's got to them love hate my mom's from Cleveland. So when they drafted in it was a massive deal he was their savior. But when they started playing the wizards every single year in the playoffs. And get beating them and then started talking smack to Gilbert Arenas on the free throw line. He started to try to develop. A sense of arrogance. And I think. When he made its first decision to go to Miami. He was much younger obviously but. I think that air against. That immaturity. Was there and it came through. In the way that he handled that whole thing not saying that decision. Was a bad idea because it did raise a lot of money in case you didn't know. Person charitable organizations. But not telling any of the teams that were involved. About. What decision you were going to make. After meeting with so many different teams it's kind of a low blow especially. To your home state of Ohio to Cleveland. A team that. You had spent so much time with previously. Love hate. With LeBron. It's just fascinating I know everybody's locked in on where he's gonna go it's kinda slow right now because. We have to wait until Friday to find out whether he's opting in or out back contract with Cleveland. But a massive shift. Is about to take place. Or maybe doesn't go anywhere. Maybe by some miracle Cleveland is able to hang onto him for one more year. Or maybe he just sticks it out for another year says I'll take another loss in the finals because I'll carry Cleveland back. To the NBA finals. And then go to LA and trying to bring PG year coli with him next year when both of them aren't restricted. Who knows what ends up happening.